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No Talking Him Out of This One

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Brianna's POV Adam's mind is set, now it's just up to his friends to decide if they've got his back.

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Elbowing Eli in the ribs I squeeze out the door we have both tried to exit at the same time. Eli laughs, following me out into the hallway; punching me lightly in the arm.

"You punch like a girl, Eli," I joke, glancing over at him.

"Well, you are highly fragile. I wouldn't want to break you," responds Eli, his adorable smirk set on his lips.

In the beginning I wasn't positive about my decision to date Eli behind Claire's back, but it's not entirely bad. He had driven me home last night and staid over for almost two hours. Mainly we talked; acted like idiots, much to my brother’s displeasure, and Eli helped me with was normal.

"How did you do on your exams?" Eli asks Adam.

Instead of answering Adam continues to scan the hallway. What in the world is he doing now, giving Eli the silent mature of him.

"Waiting for someone?" Eli questions, trying once again to reach the now statue still Adam.

"Yeah," responds Adam bluntly, "Fitz."

"And how is Fitzy boy?" I inquire. "Still your super awesome bff?" I continue using an overly excited voice, sounding nothing like myself.

When Adam does not respond I look around, there standing in the middle of the hall is Fitz. Upon seeing him Adam balls his hand into a fist, beginning towards the bully.

"Adam, what are you doing," Eli questions taking a step towards him. I can tell Eli is genuinely concerned for his friend.

"You were right, Eli," says Adam, continuing on toward Fitz.

I watch in horror as Adam punches Fitz in the stomach, hard enough that he falls to the linoleum floor. Adam has no idea what he is getting himself into. As he goes to assault Fitz again Eli and I grab Adam by the arms, holding him back.

"Let's go, Rocky," Eli says, "before a teacher comes."

"You better say your prayers, freak! I'm going to fight your ass after school!" hollers Fitz, still crumpled up on the floor.

"Do it!" shouts Adam, fighting against our hold on him.

"Adam, let's just go. He's not worth it," I say in a low voice, trying to talk some reason into him.

With one final tug Adam pulls free from Eli and my grasp, "I fight my own battles."

Eli makes to go after him but I stop him, placing my hand on his chest. Going after Adam will only make things worse between everyone, "Just let him go, Eli."

His eyes boar into mine, causing me to lose my train of thought for a moment, "Wait for Claire. I'm going to find Adam before he does something stupid." Eli says.

"And how am I supposed to know where you are?" I question, not ecstatic about Eli not letting Adam be.

"I'll send you a message," he replies, patting the pocket in which his cell phone is in.

"Fine, just go," I answer, trying not to be too sharp with him.

There are certain times when I allow my temper to get the best of me. This of course is something I have worked on for years now but Eli drives me insane sometimes. As I take a deep breath in, trying to calm myself I spot Claire.

“Claire! Claire!" I call waving at the only girl I've ever actually been able to be around for longer than five seconds.

"Oh, hey, Brianna," she says coming to stand next to me. "Where's Eli?"

"In the weight room with Adam, come on, he wants us to meet him." I explain, heading down the hall.

"What's going on?" asks Claire, a confused look etched on her brow.

"Just come on, Claire," I repeat, growing slightly impatient.

Together we quickly make our way to the weight room. Once I have rounded the corner I can see Eli standing in the doorway.

"Claire...Brianna, I was beginning to think something happened," Eli says with a smirk.

God how I love his smirk...the way it makes my heart beat a little bit faster every time it plays across his gorgeous lips. Caught up in his facial features I reply to Eli's comment without thinking, "What'd you think we died or something?"

Eli sets his gaze on me, a hurt look in his majestic hunter green eyes.

"Sorry, Eli, "I apologize, running my finger over his hand. Claire, focuses on Adam, doesn't notice a thing.

How could I possibly be so stupid? I know Eli still feels guilty about his ex - girlfriend's death and yet there I go bringing up people dying.

"Called in re - enforcements, huh?" asks Adam, turning his attention from the hanging punching bag to the three of us.

"Thought I might need some help talking you out of certain doom," replies Eli, taking a step towards Adam.

"What am I supposed to do, Eli?" questions Adam. "I hate Fitz. I want to make him hurt."

Claire takes in a deep breath, letting it out slowly, "Gandhi said an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind."

"Well Gandhi never met Fitz," remarks Adam.

I clap my hands over my mouth, trying to hide the fact I am snickering. Adam is right though, Fitz can't be taken down by kindness; you had to outsmart him or use physical force.

"I think you're missing the point, Rocky," says Eli looking my way for back up.

Knowing there is no way to talk Adam out of fighting Fitz I decided to support him, ignoring Eli's gaze. "Look Adam, fighting Fitz won't hurt him, it'll only give you a black eye and a bloody nose, but I support you. If you're going to fight I'll be standing there right next to you."

Adam smiles at me, "Thanks, Bri," he says before turning his attention to Eli and Claire both who are eyeing me with looks of shock, "The point is when someone disses me I fight back."

"Even if that means you get hurt?" questions Claire.

Without answering Adam pushes past her, disappearing in the crowd of people that now flood the halls. All of us stand in an uncomfortable silence, no one willing to speak.

"We have to stop him," Eli says after a few minutes.

"Thank you captain obvious," I remark, rolling my eyes.

"" questions Claire, ignoring my comment.

Eli stands still for a few seconds before shrugging...he has no ideas.

"What? For once you don't have a sneaky plan?" says Claire meaning it as a joke.

Obviously not finding Claire's words the least bit humorous Eli frowns exiting the weight room he eyes Claire with a look of utter disappointment. I follow behind him, leaving Claire to stand alone.

"You know I'm right Eli. Adam is going to fight Fitz no matter what we say, we might as well be there to help him," I say, placing a hand on Eli's leather covered shoulder.

The dark haired boy turns on his heel, eyes locking with mine, "Bri, do you remember what Fitz did to you? He'll do the same thing to Adam."

"I don't think Fitz will put Adam in intensive care for three days because he broke up with him," I state, not about to give up.

"If you think we should help Adam fight Fitz then I'll be there. But don't expect me to be happy about it," Eli says.

“Thank you,” I reply, kissing him on the cheek before hurrying off to class
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