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Don't Tell Claire

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Brianna's POV Adam knows

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My thumb rests directly under the part of Eli's lip Fitz had managed to bust open yet again, the rest of my fingers are curled, set under Eli's chin. I can't believe he got hurt. It was Adam's fight but it is Eli who gets hit. From what I can tell the bleeding has stopped but there is still quite a bit caked to his chin and lip.

"Done yet?" Eli questions, facing me on the couch set in front of the great bay window in my living room.

"Sure," I say rolling my eyes. "Go clean yourself up."

Eli salutes, giving me a cocky grin, "Yes ma'ma."

Not finding him the least bit amusing at the moment I turn to Adam. Even though I know he isn't hurt I look over his face once more. So my plan hadn't worked out exactly the way I thought it would... you can't win them all I suppose.

"I'm fine Bri, stop looking at me that way," Adam grumbles.

"Sorry," I reply quietly before getting up, venturing into the kitchen.

Eli leans up against the sink a wet paper towel held in his hand...his lip is still covered in dry blood. Shaking my head I walk over to him, grabbing the rag. Gently I begin to wipe away what makes his busted lip look worse than it really is. After a few seconds Eli catches my wrist, pressing his lips to mine. I move my lips with his; only pulling away when I feel Eli gently bite my lower lip.

"Did I hurt you?" he questions placing his fingers under my chin, tilting my head up so he can look into my eyes.

I shake my head. Glancing over at the door way where I know Adam is standing.

"I think I might barf," states Adam, taking a step towards us. "What would Claire think?"

"She won't think anything because she won't know," snaps Eli.

"Adam, please you can't tell her." I announce praying that he will think the entire thing is funny or something.

"What you wanna hide from Claire is none of my business. Your secret's safe with me," replies Adam with a smile. "I always knew it would be Brianna Eli."

Eli lets out a laugh, pulling me into a one armed hug, "What can I say...she's too good to pass up."

"Do you want to do something?" I ask twisting out of Eli's hug.

"Is your mom's car in the garage?" Eli questions, a mischievous glint in his amazing green eyes.

"Yes..." I answer cautiously.

"You know where the keys are, right?" he continues.

"Yup. What exactly are we going to do?" I ask more curious now than wary.

"I call shot gun," Adam states with a smile.

I laugh, dropping my mom's BMW keys in Eli's waiting hand, "My mom is gonna kill me."

"Only if she finds out," replies Eli, hitting the garage button before sticking the keys in the ignition...the car roars to life.

Stretching my legs out over the back seats I place my hand on the back of Eli's seat; glancing at how fast we are going...almost 90. I close my eyes, letting out a breath I have been holding. If this car gets one scratch on it I will be screwed, no more than life will literally be over.
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