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Twist My Rubber Arm

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Eli's POV Interaction with Claire.

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Spotting Claire in the library I sneak up behind her, "Hiding from the po po?"

She jumps at the sound of my voice, "Just looking for a book," she states shoving the piece of literature she has in her hand back on the shelf.

"Saving the world one stink bomb at a time," I say with a smirk, knowing it had to be her who set the one off yesterday.

Claire looks up at me underneath her eyelashes, blushing strongly. My prediction is a hundred and ten percent correct, "I knew it was you."

"Someone had to stop Fitz from fighting Adam. One second more and he would have kicked Adam's butt," explains Claire, trying to justify her actions.

With a chuckle I respond, "I was the one getting killed."

Claire rolls her eyes, browsing through the bookshelf. Suddenly, she turns to me; a look of fear in her bright blue eyes.

"Simpson's coming over. He knows I did it. I'm going to get expelled," she panics.

Suppressing a laugh I explain what will really happen, hoping it will calm her nerves, "Three days suspension max, and that's if you get caught."

"Maybe I should just confess. Throw myself at his mercy," Claire continues, glancing over at the principal.

"Or…let me handle it," I offer before walking towards Simpson. "Sir, I hate to be a rat but I think you should question Mark Fitzgerald about the stink bomb. I heard him bragging about it."

Principal Simpson sets his gaze on Claire, obviously not just going to take my word for it. "Claire, is this true?"

"Possibly," states Claire in a low voice, not looking directly at Simpson.

"Okay," the principal says, sounding rather pleased, "I'll look into it."

I wait till he is completely gone before turning to Claire, a smug smile set on my face, "Justice is served."

"If Fitz finds out…." starts Claire.

I roll my eyes into the back of my head, wishing just for once Claire would trust me. Brianna almost always trusts me, that’s one thing I like about her, "I'll handle it. Now, let's talk about something more important, like how you are going to thank me for throwing Simpson off your sent."

Claire blushes, "What do you have in mind?"

"Well…" I start, backing her up against the bookcase end. "I don't know." With that I press my lips against hers. After a second I step back looking directly at Claire. "I have a French exam." I state.

"I think you just passed it," mutters Claire, sounding a bit dazed.

I walk from the library, a smirk finding its way to my mouth. Kissing Claire is nothing like kissing Brianna. Don't get me wrong kissing Claire isn't bad it's just…different. Claire always seems surprised when my lips meet hers.

Taking my seat next to Brianna I glance over at her, not saying anything about the exam; she wants me to leave her alone about it so I will.

"I saw you in the library with Claire," she announces in a low voice, placing a pencil on my desk.

"And…she is my girlfriend," I reply as the teacher comes around with a plastic bin for cell phones.

"Of course," Brianna says before placing her iPhone in the bin.

"Jealous?" I question, partly joking, partly curious.

"You may begin," the teacher says, standing at the front of the room.

Brianna glances over at me, "You wish," she states before putting pencil to paper.

"So how was your French exam?" asks Claire, leaning against the locker besides mine.

"Way too long," I state as I lean in to kiss her.

Claire puts her head down, stopping me, "Does this mean I have a date for Vegas Night?"

"It depends," I answer. "Do I get a corsage?"

Claire laughs. As I lean in to kiss her someone slams their fist against the locker behind me. Who in the world? Is it impossible for me to kiss Claire twice in one day? I turn to see who the interrupter is…Fitz.

"Just spent an hour in Simpson's office, someone told him I set off the stink bomb," he announces acting as if I'm really supposed to care.

"Me and my loose lips," I say wishing more than anything for him to just leave me alone.

Instead Fitz grabs me, pulling my head up under his arm. "Not so cocky not are you?" he questions.

I struggle, trying to get air to my lungs. How am I supposed to make a smart – ass comment if I can't breathe?

"What's a guy got to do to get you out of his grill?" continues Fitz, tightening his grip.

Stop bullying me and leave my friends alone I think to myself. As I continue to struggle to get loose I hear footsteps.

"This isn't over," Fitz says letting me go.

Slamming my locker shut I look at Claire, "Dudes a menace. Someone needs to teach him a lesson."

"Because that worked so well last time, can't you just kiss and make up?" she asks, giving me her 'don't do anything stupid' look.

"He's not really my type," I respond with a smirk.

Claire gives me a stern look, reminding me very much of my mom, "I'm serious, Eli, someone is gonna get hurt."

How am I going to explain this to her? Claire simply doesn't understand how these things work. All this stuff is so much easier to talk to Bri about, she just…well she gets it. Claire is all for the peaceful way of solving things, sometimes that just doesn't work though, "The only way to avoid a bully is to keep him scared."

"Or…you could lay low with your girlfriend," suggests Claire with a smile.

Unable to say no to her I return her smile, "Twist my rubber arm…girlfriend."

Note: Um, so yeah, another chapter. I really do hope people are enjoying this. Leave a comment to let me know what you think. It's greatly appreciated.
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