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Brianna's POV Claire's decision will change everything.

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"So I'm not completely sure," I say, finishing up my conversation with Sav, Allie's older brother, just as Claire walks up.


"Hey, Brianna," she says, turning to Sav. "Two please."

"Two tickets," muses Fitz. "Quite a gamble; that boyfriend of yours might not make it to Vegas Night."

Fed up with Fitz's constant attacks on Eli I step in front of Claire, "Don't touch him, Fitz."

I'm worried for Eli…Fitz can get violent. I've been a victim myself. I have no desire to see Eli hurt the way I was; he means too much to me.

"Careful sweetheart, or I'll have to put you back in the hospital," says Fitz, his death glare set directly on me.

Claire steps around me, "Hurting Eli won't solve anything," she says. Leave it to Claire to try to be the voice of reason.

"Dude set me up," states Fitz.

"Because he was trying to protect me," explains Claire. "I set off that diversion to stop you from fighting Adam."

"Good to know," says Fitz, turning to walk down the hall.

"So you'll leave Eli alone?" asks Claire.

How naïve is she? Fitz isn't going to let things go that easily. "Don't be silly, Claire. He's going to Simpson."

Fitz turns around his eyes full of rage, "Shut up, Brianna! You don't know anything!"

"I'll tell Simpson, just don't hurt Eli. I'll do anything," spouts Claire, speaking rather quickly.

"Anything?" questions Fitz, a sly smile set on his rat like face.

Claire has just made the biggest mistake possible. By telling Fitz she is willing to do anything to keep him from hurting Eli she has just set the wheels in Fitz's evil mind turning at full speed. There is no telling what he will come up with.

"That doesn't break a commandment," says Claire as if that is supposed to clear everything up.

"Got plans for tonight?" asks Fitz.

"Kinda," says Claire looking rather confused, "yeah."

"Break them," instructs Fitz. "Fitzy needs a date to Vegas Night."

Claire starts at Fitz in disbelief; like he didn't think he would pull something like this.

"Or I put your little boyfriend in the hospital," says Fitz.

Claire turns to me; looking at me as if I'm magically supposed to have the answer to her predicament.

"Do what you want…" I say throwing my arms up in a sign of surrender before walking away.

As I head down the hall, looking for Adam, Drew motions for me to come join him.

"What's up?" I question coming to stand between Adam's younger brother, Drew and another tenth grader.

"You're Eli's girlfriend, right?" the other boy asks.

He's taller than me, his honey colored blonde hair, mostly hidden underneath a grey knit beanie. His eyes are grayish and he looks as if there is a lot running through his mind at the current moment.

"Um…no. Who are you?" I answer partially confused by his question.

"K.C. Guthrie and I think this picture says something different," he states handing me his phone.

Looking down at the tiny screen I see a picture of Eli and me hugging in the hall. Who took this? Who else has seen this? What if someone showed it to Claire?

I take a deep breath in, letting it out slowly, "You didn't forward this to anyone did you, K.C.?" I ask, mentally running through everyone I had seen standing there…only Adam.

"No, I didn't, but I do know this has been sent around. Drew got it too," responds K.C. putting his phone away as a teacher passes by.
"Follow me," I say, pulling both boys down the hall after me. If Claire see's the text that is being sent around the school she will flip. Things between her and Eli are rocky already, I can't even imagine how it will be if this finds its way to her.

Spotting Adam sitting in front of his locker next to Claire I quickly stride towards him, my temper flaring. Is this his idea of a joke?

"Were you trying to be funny," I snap, looking down at him.

"Sorry?" he questions a look of confusion etched on his face.

Holding out my hand I wait till K.C. places his cell phone in it before continuing to attack Adam, highly aware of Claire sitting only inches from him, "This is not comical."

Adam takes K.C.'s phone, looking at the picture, "I didn't take this. Someone else is sending this around and by the looks of it it's already reached quite a few people," he says simply, handing the phone back to K.C.

I close my eyes trying hard to remember if I had seen anyone else around, letting out a frustrated sigh, "I believe you."

"Well that's good. Wanna sit? Claire was just telling me how she is going to Vegas Night with Fitz," states Adam, patting the floor next to him.

"Fascinating," I respond as I slide down the lockers eventually hitting the floor. "Eli's gonna have a fit."

"See you around, Brianna," Drew says before heading back up the hall, K.C. waves then turns to follow him.

Before we are able to go on about Claire's date with Fitz Eli walks out of his exam; stopping in front of us. "Okay, tell me that an Ostrich started World War I."

Unable to stop myself I let out a laugh, looking up at him under my eyelashes, "Well…we all know who failed his History exam."

Eli and Adam laugh along with me obviously enjoying the light, joking environment just as much as I am. Instead of joining in Claire looks down at the floor; playing with her bracelet. Claire has never been very good at keeping things from Eli; I guess that's not changing anytime soon.

"Spit it out, Edwards," says Eli looking down at her.

"You know it's funny you should mention World War I because, well, many say that the restrictions enacted by the League of Nations on Germany post war caused the outbreak of War World II." explains Claire, getting to her feet.

Eli gives Adam and me a quizzical look, "What is she talking about?"

"Claire is going to Vegas Night with Fitz," announces Adam still sitting on the floor.

"The words that started World War III ladies and gentlemen," I joke using one of those annoying tour guide voices, looking between Claire and Eli.

"Adam!" Claire exclaims, ignoring my remark.

"It's better to rip the bandage off," replies Adam, getting to his feet.

"Well…we'll just leave you to it then. Come on, Adam," I say before heading towards the front of the school. That is one conversation I have no desire to state my opinion on.
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