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Cronus's failure (AGAIN!!)

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Cronus's powers are getting a tad bit stronger each week, and Jay tells the team about it. The team is shocked, and Cronus gets the Spartoi Warriors ready. After the encounter with the Spartoi Warr...

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Cronus, who declared that he was going to try to take over for a fourth time, was being watched by the little CCTV that the gods had installed. Cronus declared, "Once this wretched world is crushed, destroyed, cremated and buried (he really meant that he is going to throw the planet into a black hole somewhere near it), it will be like... tens of thousands of those so called heroes at my very disposal and they will be destroyed as well! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Then I will be ruler of this world...... FOR ETERNITY!!!! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!" Hermes, who was the first to watch this very incident, informed the gods. Persephone told Jay to come into her room just after school ended and told him, "I have some very sad news for you. Cronus has made a choice to take over a fourth time. You had better be telling the team to be careful." Jay rushed to the team's house and told them all about it. Archie responded, "That is just really not fair. I thought he gave up already." Oliver, the descendant of Oedipus, was confused. His reaction was "What the heck? I thought he gave up, man. I mean, if I was Cronus I'd give up, man." Dean, the descendant of Deucalion, added, "Same here, dude. I mean, we stopped him 2 weeks ago. Desperate for domination, much? I mean, if I was him, I would stop wreaking havoc, and would have gave up, man." Terence, the descendant of Triptolemus, who got in the team a few months ago muttered, "Looks like this one is going to be a doozy." The whole team was all very shocked to hear this. So, the team took their weapons, and headed to the sea. Cronus had the Spartoi Warriors loaded up, just in case the team made their way.
Patrick and Percival, the descendants of Patroclus and Perseus, heard something rustling and told the team about it. Jay looked and in a blink of an eye they saw the Spartoi Warriors. The team was outnumbered. The odds were thirty six to twelve = three to one in favour of the Spartoi Warriors. Everyone gasped because they were overwhelmed by the number compared to them. Jay comforted the team by saying, "We can beat these meatless gladiators!" Odie questioned, "How are we going to do that?" Dean said, "I don't know, man. We are, like, totally outnumbered, man." The battle began shortly after this. Archie whipped a few of them with his Hephastus Whip until they broke their neckbones. Theresa, who got pricked under her arm by the Spartoi Warriors, did not hold back, and she broke some of their spines by banging them with her double-clubs. Tragedy struck a few minutes later. One of the Spartoi Warriors grabbed Atlanta by her chest, and threw her right into the deep, cold, and blue sea. "HEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLPPPPP!" she shouted, and disappeared into the deep water. When Archie saw this, he took off his shoes, and threw himself into the raging sea to save her. "Whoa! What is that?!" Theresa said, breathlessly. Herry, who saw Archie diving off into the water, said, "I MUST BE SEEING THINGS! HEY EVERYONE! ARCHIE JUST THREW HIMSELF INTO THE WATER!!!" Odie said, "You know, I thought Archie was afraid of the water." Jay told them, "We have no time for watching, you know, but it looks like Archie really loves Atlanta after all." Archie soon got hold of Atlanta, and Atlanta revived after 1~2 seconds and she began to fight again. Soon, the team had destroyed all of the "meatless gladiators". That's when they had gotten a very big, and sudden surprise.
The wicked Cronus had appeared again, apparently with an evil laughter. "MOAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! If you got past them, why don't you get past me!!!" he shouted. The team began to run away, as they gave Cronus cakes. Cronus said excitedly, "Ha! What cowards! They are not a single bit better than me!" Then he asked himself, "What am I supposed to do with these wretched cakes, and why do I get the feeling I am being watched?" Cerberus, all of a sudden, appeared and ate Cronus alive, including all of the cakes. "AAAAHHHH!! HELP!" Cronus shouted helplessly. "I forgot that Cerberus likes cake! HELP!!! Odin! Loki! Thor! Sekhmet! Thoth! Ptah! Amun-Ra! Somebody help!!!! help....... help...." Cronus then said quietly, "Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray that Zeus my body to keep. If I die before I wake, I pray that Zeus my spirit to take."
As they got back from that nerve wracking battle, Dean said, "Man, that battle was a blast!" Oliver responded happily, "Ya, that was a lot of fun. Anyway, I really envy Archie very much, because he risked his life to save someone today. That is what friends always do, man." Jay told him, "You know, you don't always have to save someone to be a hero."
Back at their house, Atlanta and Archie was hanging out together at the courtyard. Atlanta said while she stroked his left ear continuosly, "Archie. Thanks for saving me again. I thought you were acting like a helpless dork most of the time, but you were so brave today. By the way, you weren't worried about me were you?" A surprised Archie sat up and stammered, "Yeah I was worried, and I...I...I love you." Atlanta softly kissed Archie's left cheek. Archie turned bright scarlet and said, " Aw... stop. You are making me blush." After this all happened, the whole team went to bed at 11:15 PM.
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