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Is this the end... no its the beginning

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NEW CHAPTER!!! see how mcr is related yet?

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there is self infliction alot in this sttory. i warn you all now. hope you enjoy :)

He takes my notebook
And holds it above my head
"What are you going to do?"
He opens it to the middle

"No!" I scream and jump
He drops it to the floor
"You can't touch that!
You can never read that!"

* POV changes *

Her eyes... those pleading eyes
She thinks I know nothing
She slips the notebook into her bag
As I take her hand and we go to her class

I've always loved her like a sister
I'm always by her side
We have no secrets
We never will

* POV changes *

He drops me off at my class and goes to his
"Hey you need to go to the office."
The teacher looks down at me
"What? Why?" I asked so confused.

He takes my wrists and pulls up my sleeves
I flinch and pull away quickly
I back out of the room
And run for the bathroom

I hear the teacher call for me
but I ignore his words and go to a stall
locked so no one can enter I dig into my bag
finding what im looking for I take it out

the pill bottle answer to all problems
I pour a few pills in my hand
toss them into my mouth and swallow
finding the razor I start making lines

* POV change *

I knock on the bathroom door
when the teacher ran past my class I knew
it was her teacher and he looked mad
I already knew where she would be

a girl walks past me into the bathroom
I stand against the wall and wait for her to return
“is there someone else in there?” I ask.
She nods in response and walks past me.

I knew it... she needs to learn to talk
I slide to the floor and wait
hearing the water run tells me shes almost ready
the door opens and I stand

“Hey there butterfly!” I smile as she jumps,
“what do you think you're doing?”
she flinches and takes a step back, “just...
I don't know Ben... living I guess.”

I smile and take her hand.
I'm sure shes done something bad
the tears in her eyes tells all
but I never push anything

* POV changes *

I expect him to take me back to class
but no we go for the main doors
“are you taking me home?” I stumble
but as always he stops and catches me.

“No my house. You seem stressed.”
hes right
I wont admit it
but he is

we leave the school with no problem
its cold outside so he puts his arm around me
I shivers and try to step away
“you have to trust me. You know me.”

thats what he always says
trust... him... hes a guy...
good friend or not I don't trust them
so sick and tired of all the needless beating
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