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the one safe place

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notice how it applies to my chemical romance yet? XD

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every time I swear
we go into my room
she falls onto the bed
I put on music and we sleep

she doesn't sleep well at home
shes told me that much
never the reason why though
I know its her dad

she lays on the bed and pats the spot beside her
“can we listen to mcr today?” she yawns.
I giggle and go through my cds, “three cheers it is.”
I put it in and hold her

* POV change *

hes so warm
I know we don't date I wish he would like me
he holds me like he does
and whispers nice things to me too

no one else does that to me
I let my eyes fall closed
as he whispers,
“you're beautiful... never forget that.”

I feel his warm hand on my cold skin
as it slides under my sweatshirt and over my side
I shiver but I love it
I never want this to end

slowly I fall into a deep sleep
the nightmares begin and the warm touch ends
“Yes keep running brat!
She never loved you anyways!”

* POV change *

shes fallen too far again
she begins to shake in her sleep
I take my hand away from her side and stroke her hair
will these nightmares ever end?

She shakes worse and turns to me
she curls up and holds me
this isn't the same... shes never like this
I shake her to snap her out of it.

“You okay butterfly?”
she opens her eyes and nods
I can tell shes still distant but slowly coming back
“you know you don't want to leave me.”

I never said I'd lie in wait forever
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