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its that time again

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sometimes the worst parts of life can teach you the biggest lessons

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I stand and go to put on my shoes
I know how this goes
he walks me home
and I watch him leave

one of two things could happen
either my dads not home and I run to the cemetery
or he is and I run to my room
either way ill be alone... I hate being alone

he takes my hand and we head to my house
no car in the driveway
this means I have time
“ill see you tomorrow okay butterfly?”

I feel a squeeze in my hand and snap out of my thoughts
“I will see you tomorrow... right?”
“yes of course.” I answer and yawn,
“ill try and sleep now.”

* POV change *

this is the worst part
leaving her here at this house
I kiss her cheek and start back down the sidewalk
knowing her dad isn't home yet helps

I look back and she waves
that same smile pasted on her face
its always there when I leave and at school
I smile and keep walking.

Shell run to her mom I'm sure
she always does when hes not around
hes always so harsh
they're both hurt by the loss.

* POV change *

I run
I run as far and fast as I can
my mom always helps
she used to keep him away

I always thought we were all so happy
we really weren't
well I was but only thinks to my mom
I heard them yell once but only once

I go into the main entrance
and go to my moms grave stone
I wish to stay with her forever
why cant I just join her?

Everyone would be happy
well no... thats not true
Ben would hate me
he'd be so disappointed

I just want to be happy
sitting in front of her grave stone
holding my knees and clutching my bag
this is my happy place.. dead

he will never let me end this
I slowly stand and walk as shadows start to form
I don't understand why wont he let me go
I won't stop dying, won't stop lying

so sorry its been so long since ive added anything but guess what?? i have this whole story donew so its all being added today! please tell me what you think
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