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the knifes never sharp enough

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if youve liked the story so far please read its amazing i think

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the cold fall air hits me like a ton or bricks
why cant I just keep Ben's sweatshirt like I want
as I walk a ford pick up pulls up beside me
“get in now.” I quickly open the door and sit by the driver

“what do you think you were doing?”
I tense and he smacks me across the face
“i haven't done anything to you yet!”
that was a sign to relax or it would get worse

I take a deep breath and hold it in
trying to keep from shaking
he grabs my wrist and squeezes my cuts
I gasp and bite my lip hard

“What whore?! Did I do something to hurt you?!?”
he pulls into our drive way and glares at me
I shake my head and open the door to get out
“you wait here! Sit still or I will hurt you!”

I lay my hands on my lap and sit as he gets out
he slams the door and goes inside
I hate this... just sit... it seems easy but it really isn't
my eyes start to close and I jerk

no if I sleep he'll hurt me again
they fall closed again and I shake my head
“Ben why cant you save me?”
I look beside me at my bag

I can end this... this ongoing treatment dad does
it would be so easy
but Ben would be so mad at me
I look at the door and theres no sign of dad

the lights in the house go off one by one
hes leaving me in here again
I shiver from the cold and slump forward
I have five hours...

I take a last glance at the house and reach for my bag
I search in the dark for my razor
“where is it?... I put it in here.”
with no luck I took a safety pin off my bag and started at my wrist

the burning started after a minute or so
theres no way it can end this time
watching my work I hear the front door open
no not the front door... I look at the person at the driver door
“what do you think you're doing baby doll?”
my dad... drunk... takes my arm and drags me out of the car

“I love you so much doll.”
he drags my through the rocks and into the house
the rocks cut into my legs and his grip gets tighter
“no!! please no!!” I cry out

he ignores my please and pulls me onto the couch
he sits and makes me lay on his lap
“say you love me baby doll.”
“i... I cant!” tears fall from my eyes

he starts hitting me anywhere he can see skin
“you do love me!” he screams and smacks me,
“You can cry all you want.”
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