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Mister Sister

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What happens when Frank's world collides with a girl who has a very similar story?

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Penina's P.O.V

Molly and I were currently running for our life. I can’t let Molly get taken away from me. If I had any money at all, she would be in great care. I have to steal to be able to eat. It’s not long now until we get to the centre of London. We’ve been there before, sure, but that wasn’t since Mum left and Dad became completely useless. As long as we’ve got each other though, we’ll be alright. She has Dad’s blonde hair, except hers is shoulder length and wavy with a sweeping fringe. She inherits Mum’s blue eyes though.

Molly’s perfect. She’s already 8. We’ve been on the run since she was 5 and I was 15. I’m 18 now, so it’s easier to get a job. Hopefully London will be an amazing new start for us.

‘Are you alright babes?’ I asked her. She looked up from her paper which she was colouring with crayons and smiled.

‘Yeah. How long until we get there?’ She asked.

’15 minutes, so once you’ve finished this picture you have to pack away okay?’ I said enthusiastically.

‘Okay.’ She said. She finished her drawing quickly. It was cute, like all children’s drawings are, but they’re also beautiful. I think she should be an artist for a living. She put her drawings in her small rucksack, and when the train stopped, we got off.

‘Okay, we’re going to another motel this time, but don’t worry. This might be one of the last we stay in. Maybe the last.’ I said. She smiled excitedly showing a gap in her mouth from where she lost a tooth the other day. I took her hand and we went to the cheap motel. I didn’t bother learning the name of it. But once we were in, I went to the bathroom to freshen up.

I brushed my long, straight, chestnut brown hair with a full fringe, and admired it with my green eyes. I then went into the main room and took a small picture out of my bag. It was a photograph of My Chemical Romance. They’re the band that gave me hope. They’re kind of new, but they’re incredible. They stopped me from giving up. I love them. Especially Frank Iero. I don’t know what it is about him. Maybe his skill and good looks? His personality? His tattoos? The cute chicken pox scar on his forehead just above his eyebrow? I don’t know. He’s just amazing to me. I’ve heard he’s raising his little sister too.

‘Penina, I’m hungry.’ Molly said.

‘Okay, I’ll go order a pizza.’ I told her. I rang the phone number and a margarita was on its way. We were in our pyjamas and cuddling on the sofa. The door knocked so I answered it.

‘That’ll be £15.’ He said.

‘A bit steep don’t you think?’ I asked.

‘I don’t make up the prices.’ He said. I sighed and handed him the money. Once he left Molly and I dug in.

‘What job are you getting?’ She asked.

‘Whatever’s available. Maybe I’ll work in a pet shop or art shop, maybe I could babysit and you could meet lots of new friends, or, there’s a slim chance of this, but I might become famous and rich overnight and we could live together in a mansion. Or we’ll be with The Doctor in the TARDIS, or we’d join Sam and Dean in the Impala. Anything could happen Molly.’ I told her. She smiled and we continued eating until we finished the whole box.

‘Do I have to go to school tomorrow?’ She asked. I giggled.

‘No. It’s a Saturday, besides, we just got here, and I need your cuteness to get a job.’ I told her. She smiled again. ‘Okay, it’s bed time. Brush your teeth.’ I told her. She did, and then she sat in bed. I read her a story and then tucked her in. I went to sleep shortly after too. Little did I know that when I woke up, my life would really begin.

Here it is. Ah man, writing again feels good. I hope you liked it. To be honest I got inspired by it a couple of days ago on my ride home from school. I thought I saw a girl walking home from school crying. Her face was red and she was looking over her shoulder and I started thinking about lots of things until this idea popped up. It was a weird train of thought. I swear a rubber duck was in there at some point. Anyway, I hope she's okay. I hope you liked it too. I'm sorry it was so short, but I'm kind of in a rush. I'm hungry too. Anyway, the next chapter which should be up tonight will be longer. Also, I'll explain something that's going to happen to this story in the next authors note, but for now, dinner. Rate and review guys! XD xx
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