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Pure Chance

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Running late isn't always a bad thing...

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Frank's P.O.V

‘Come on Hozzie, eat up. We’re late.’ I said rushing around the kitchen. I put the milk back in the fridge and drank my coffee in big gulps.

‘Ready.’ She said timidly. Poor girl. I know how much she hates going out with lots of people around, but we don’t have a choice. I have to be in this band. I believe in My Chemical Romance. I love it. After our parents’ death, money hasn’t exactly been tight. They left us a huge sum of money in their will, but I don’t want to be a lazy guy either. Besides, I love playing the guitar. It’s my favourite thing in the world, and to be able to play in London? Well, that’s the most amazing thing I could think of.

We ran out of the house and down the street. She couldn’t keep up though. I gave her a piggy-back ride and ran towards the venue. I was just a few streets away when I bumped into someone who was going at the same speed. We both fell over; and somehow Hozzie managed to foresee this incident, and spun around so she was on my front.

‘Oh god. I’m so sorry.’ She said in a panic. I got up, even though my back was slightly in pain, but when I saw the woman’s face, it didn’t matter anymore.

‘It was my fault just as much as it was yours.’ I said. She seemed to be staring at me in shock.

‘You’re the short person from her picture.’ I voice said. I looked down, and there was a girl a bit older than Hozzie, but she was full of life too.

‘I… what?’ I asked.

‘She didn’t say anything. She’s my sister, Molly.’ The woman introduced.

‘This is my sister, Hozzie…’ I said trying to introduce her, but she was hiding herself behind me with her straight, waist-length, black hair covering her bright blue eyes. ‘And I’m Frank.’ I said holding my hand out towards her.

‘I’m Penina.’ She said shaking it. I decided that the band could be without me for a few minutes. Whatever it was she was running for didn’t seem to matter to her either.

‘So, what did you mean by Penina having a picture of me?’ I asked Molly becoming intrigued.

‘She keeps a picture of you and your friends in her bag. Sometimes I see her cry at it, and other times I hear her make weird noises when she’s asleep and the picture’s in your room. Although, the sounds happen other times too.’ Molly said. Okay, the noise thing was slightly creepy.

‘It’s not what it sounds like. I love your band and you guys inspire me. Sometimes I take the picture to bed to remind me that tomorrow will be better, and I’m on a bed that has a massager in it, and I make weird noises whenever I get massaged.’ She explained quickly. I giggled, and she smiled.

‘I can’t tell you how much of a relief that was.’ I said. She smiled again.

‘So, why were you running, more importantly, why are you here in London?’ She asked me.

‘We’re playing a concert here. I have to be there 5 minutes ago, but I thought I’d talk to you. What about you then?’ I asked.

‘I heard there was a job available, but it’s probably gone by now. I’m in some serious need of money.’ She told me. I’m in serious need of a babysitter. One that Hozzie likes. I’m sure that Hozzie will like her, but I don’t want to ask her just yet. She might be a crazy fan that wants to kidnap me. I better get to know her more privately.

‘Sorry about that.’ I said.

‘It wasn’t your fault. We both knocked into each other.’ She said.

‘Yeah, sorry about that again.’ I said. She smiled.

‘Me too.’ She said. We sat there for a few seconds until she jumped up screaming at some stranger. ‘That’s my bag you idiot.’ She shouted. She took the duffle bag from his hands and beat him with it. Molly rolled her eyes. I got a phone call that very moment. I picked up.

‘Frank, where are you?’ Ray asked.

‘Crap. Sorry Gee, I’ll be right there. I’m only a few seconds away.’ I said. I hang up quickly.

‘She does this all the time.’ Molly sighed.

‘Listen, Molly, I have to go now, but give this to your sister okay? Tell her to call me any time she likes after 8 tonight okay?’ I asked handing her my phone number.

‘Okay.’ She said smiling.

‘You’re a life saver Molly.’ I said before running to the venue with Hozzie in my arms. Stupid perfect women with their stupid perfect charms!

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