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Meet up at my place?

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Play date and interview at Frank's hotel room

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Penina's P.O.V

‘I don’t care how homeless you are. No stealing.’ I said glaring menacingly at the man who stole my bag.

‘Okay, okay. I’m sorry.’ He said. I turned away from him and walked towards the bench where Molly was sitting, and yet Frank and Hozzie weren’t there.

‘Molly, did you scare them off? He was my one chance at happiness!’ I said making me sound as emotionally painful as I felt.

‘No. He said to give you this and tell you to call him any time after 8 tonight.’ She said. I was shaking. I took the piece of paper from her hands and saw Frank’s number and a smiley face on it. Oh my god. Frank gave me my number?

Why me though? I’m pretty sure that whole noises in my bed at night story scarred him for life. It scarred me for life. Why did Molly have to make it sound sexual?

‘Quick. Let’s go back to the motel and cry about our happiness.’ I told her. She looked fed up, but she nodded. ‘Don’t be so annoyed with me. I’m so happy this time I’m feeling in a donut mood.’ I told her. Her face lit up and we went to the nearest Tesco. We got a box of chocolate donuts and some more crayon’s and notebooks. We then ran home, and I sat on the bed squealing silently in excitement and rolling around on it.

‘Penina, you’re embarrassing me.’ She said. I rolled my eyes and sat down next to her while she drew and ate her donut. I was still dancing around in my head. A long time passed after that and she groaned. ‘It’s 8 o’clock. You can call him now.’ She said.

‘No, it’ll seem too desperate. I need to wait a bit.’ I told her, and I did. ‘Okay, it’s 8:01. Time to call him.’ I screamed happily. I grabbed my phone and the paper and waited for the phone to ring. It barely rang once before he picked up.

‘Hey, Penina, is that you?’ He asked. I had the widest smile on my face.

‘Yeah. Hi.’ I greeted not sure what to say.

‘Did you get your bag back?’ He asked. I giggled.

‘Yeah, and I warned him not to do it to me, or anyone else again.’ I told him. He giggled too. He’s got the most adorable laugh.

‘Listen, can you meet with me as soon as you can? It’s at the Pandora hotel, room 132; you can bring Molly if you want. I actually think it would be better if you did.’ He said. I found it a struggle to find my voice, but when I did, it came out squeaky.

‘Yes. We’re on our way.’ I said putting on my shoes. I motioned for Molly to do the same, and she did.

‘That’s great. I’ll see you soon.’ He said before hanging up. I can’t believe this. I’m so happy. We ran all the way there, it wasn’t that far to be fair, but I was so happy I couldn’t slow down until I arrived at his door.

‘Be cool.’ I said to Molly, although, she wasn’t being in the least bit hyper. That was me.

‘Hey guys.’ He said when he saw us.

‘Good morrow to you young fellow.’ I said while curtseying. Yeah, I really needed to calm down. He giggled and invited us in. Molly ran to the table with her notepad and crayons.

‘I’m so glad you came.’ He said.

‘I’m glad I was invited. Why was I invited by the way?’ I asked curiously. He laughed and we sat down on the sofa.

‘Well, when you said that you needed a job, I got an idea. I need someone to help me with Hozzie, and you’ve got Molly like I’ve got Hozzie, so I think you’d be perfect, also, you’re really cool so that’d make you even more perfect.’ He said before blushing. I blushed too.

‘Perfect for what?’ I asked.

‘It’s kind of a long shot here, and you’d have to move to America to make it work, but if you get on with Hozzie, you and Molly could live with us, kind of like an au pair. I really need someone to look after her, and you’re my best shot at making this work.’ He said. I was kind of disappointed he didn’t say “perfect for me,” but I didn’t expect him to. Besides, this is an amazing idea.

‘I’d love to Frank.’ I said.

‘That’s great. I kind of need to interview you and stuff.’ He said. I smiled.

‘That’s fine.’ I said.

‘Well, you don’t hurt kids do you?’ He asked. I shook my head.

‘No. That dickhead who stole my bag deserved what he got, but I wouldn’t hurt them.’ I said turning over to look at Molly concentrating on her drawing.

‘Hozzie’s scared of the dark, so it’s kind of difficult to get her to go to sleep. She’s also terrified of strangers, so when you start off, how will you get her to go to sleep?’ He asked.

‘Well, I think we should get her a nightlight, and I’ll stay there until she goes to sleep so she knows there’s nothing to be scared of.’ I answered.

‘Penina, I think it’s safe to say the job is yours.’ He said. I smiled and hugged him.

‘What if Hozzie doesn’t like me though?’ I asked.

‘She will, and I’m about to prove that right now.’ He answered. He left the sofa and went upstairs to get the black haired beauty.

Oh yeah. The plot is forming! Sorry, this chapter was later than I expected. First Supernatural which was amazing! Then my babysitter since I was a baby came over to babysit and clean and stuff, and her daughter's famous in Greece so she bought over their edition of "Hello!" magazine and she was in it, which was pretty cool. Her name is Christina Pavlou by the way. Look her up! Then I ate dinner, then I wrote this, then my dad came over to bring me some stuff, and him, my mum, my sister, my brother and I were discussing our baby ways and I said oosh oosh a lot. I bet you don't know what it means! It means, well, everything. I used it for everything. Then I came back in to upload it, but I really needed the loo by then, so I went, and then came back, and here we are. Rate and review people! I'm gonna watch Russell Howard's good news soon! XD xx
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