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Get us out of the closet!

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I mean this in the straightest way possible...

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Frank's P.O.V

I went to Hozzie’s room as quick as I could. She was snuggling her teddy bear under her covers while watching the TV.

‘Hey Hoz-dog. Listen, you know those people we ran into this morning? Penina and Molly?’ I asked.

‘Yeah.’ She answered.

‘Well, they’re downstairs right now. They’re really nice. Molly’s drawing with crayon’s and I’m sure she’d let you use them too.’ I told her. She looked terrified. ‘What if I said you could stay at home all the time?’ I asked. Her face lit up.

‘I can?’ She asked.

‘Maybe you can. Penina’s an awesome person. She looks after Molly like I look after you. If you like them, they might be moving in with us, and Penina will look after you while I’m away. Please just give her a chance? Talk to them with me? She’s really nice.’ I said.

‘Can I take Teddy?’ She asked. I smiled.

‘Of course you can. You can tell them all about him.’ I answered. I held her hand and we walked downstairs. She hid behind me slightly as we got closer to the couch.

‘Hi Hozzie. How are you?’ Penina asked brightly. Hozzie smiled but didn’t say anything.

‘She’s good. She wants to tell you all about Teddy.’ I answered for her. Hozzie let go of my hand and sat on the sofa as far from Penina as she could.

‘This is Teddy. He’s a boy, and he likes chocolate chip cookies if I eat them for him.’ She said. We giggled.

‘Hi Teddy. I’m Penina.’ Penina said. Hozzie smiled again.

‘His eyes are faded because I spilt milk on them, and then Frank had to wash him in the spin cleaner.’ She said pointing to the washing machine. We smiled at her.

‘I did the same thing with my teddy.’ She said.

‘When?’ I asked. She looked down at the floor in shame.

‘2 years ago.’ She answered. I smiled. She’s so awesome. She’s cute. I just want to hug her. My phone started ringing so I left them in the room to bond while I answered it.

‘Hello?’ I answered.

’Frank, it’s going to kill me!’ Raven Vannacut said. Raven is Ray’s girlfriend. She lives closest to my house, so I asked her to dog-sit for me.

‘Sweet Pea is a beautiful girl, and she’s nice too. Why do you think she’s going to kill you?’ I asked.

’Because it is staring at me.’ She said. I rolled my eyes.

‘Just give her some food and she’ll stop staring at you.’ I said. She started screaming and I could hear her running. I could imagine her shoulder length, blood red hair with a full fringe getting in her hazel eyes as one of my innocent dogs tried to get attention from her. I hung up and just decided to wait for the call to say that everything was alright because she called Mikey’s girlfriend, Amanda. I went inside to see Hozzie getting excited while drawing with Penina and Molly. I smiled.

‘Hey Frank.’ Penina greeted.

‘Hey. You and Molly are okay with dog’s right?’ I asked. She nodded her head.

‘That’s good, because I’ve got 4 of them.’ I said. She looked up at me.

‘4? You’re so lucky. I’ve always wanted a dog.’ She said. I smiled

‘So Hozzie, do you like these ladies?’ I asked. She nodded.

‘They’re awesome.’ She said getting aggressive with her colouring.

‘I think so too. But it’s getting late. Do you think if we ask them really nicely they’ll come back tomorrow?’ I asked. Hozzie looked up at them happily.

‘We’d love to.’ Penina said.

‘Are we staying over for lunch?’ Molly asked.

‘Actually, that’d be great. Penina can cook for us.’ I answered. Penina looked scared.

‘I what?’ She asked.

‘I just want to see if you can. It doesn’t have to be anything massive. Besides, I’ve got everything you could possibly need.’ I answered. She looked slightly calmer, but still as fidgety.

‘We’ll be back tomorrow okay?’ She said sweetly. I smiled and nodded my head. We walked to the coat closed to get her coat, but then we were pushed into the closet, and the door closed behind us.

‘Damn it Hozzie!’ I said getting scared. I tried opening the door, but she locked it. No. I can’t be stuck in a small space.

‘Molly, can you open the door for us?’ Penina asked as calmly as she could. We could her grunting, but the sound of the door unlocking was unheard.

‘I can’t. It’s too hard.’ She said. I felt tears in my eyes. I’m claustrophobic.

‘Okay sweetie. Can you find a phone anywhere?’ Penina asked.

‘I’ll look.’ She answered. She began running around the house, and Penina noticed how scared I was even in this darkness.

‘Frank, are you alright?’ She asked kneeling down next to me. I shook my head embarrassed that she had to see me like this.

‘I hate being stuck in small spaces. I’m terrified of it.’ I admitted. She held my hand.

‘It’s gonna be okay. We’re gonna get out. Just breathe for me okay?’ She asked. I nodded my head and breathed deeply. ‘Why did Hozzie lock us in here anyway?’ She asked trying to take my mind off of it.

‘Because she likes you.’ I answered. Penina looked confused.

‘What do you mean?’ She asked.

‘If she likes someone, she locks them in places like this so they can’t leave.’ I answered.

‘Aw. That’s really sweet actually. While we’re confessing things, I might as well tell you that I can’t cook pasta without burning it.’ She said. Now I was confused.

‘Huh?’ I asked.

‘Well, you asked me to cook for tomorrow. I can’t cook. I could make sandwiches though.’ She said. I felt a lot calmer with her here. ‘So, what’s your favourite filling?’ She asked conversationally. I giggled.

‘Probably cheese. I’m a vegetarian.’ I said.

‘Mine’s probably Nutella.’ She said. I smiled. We stayed in here for a long time until we drifted off to sleep.

I just had this idea for a long time about being stuck in a wardrobe or something. I got my hair dyed by my friends today. I have one piece of advice for you if you ever choose to do that... don't. Seriously... Haha. I hope you liked this chapter! Rate and review! XD xx
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