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Brianna's Plan, Eli's Action

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Eli's POV Everything goes exactly how it's supposed to.

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Glancing over at Brianna I can still see a hint of fear in her eyes…Fitz's words have really shaken her. I place my hand on her bare shoulder wanting nothing more than to see the light come back on in Bri's crystal colored eyes.

"Hi everyone, so now for the moment you've all been waiting for," starts Sav fumbling with a red envelope, "got it right here…your king, Drew Torres and your queen, Alli Bhandari."

The entire cafeteria bursts out in applause…no one comes to the stage.

"They are here, aren't they?" Brianna questions, her eyes sweeping over the crowd.

"Has anyone seen our queen?" questions Sav. "Drew?"

After a moment's pause Sav continues on, "Okay well…while we wait for our lucky couple to take the stage there is something I've been needing to say…."

Not wanting to sit here and listen to whatever it is that Sav feels the urge to talk about I take Brianna's hand in mine, "Let's go."

"Where?" asks Brianna.

I roll my eyes, leading her out of the gym. I just need to get away from it all…the loud music, the games, Fitz's malicious glares.

"The hallway…very impressive, Eli," says Brianna, looking as if she might burst into laughter at any second.

"Yeah…" I reply, pressing my lips to hers.

Our lips move together as if performing some kind of dance. I have gotten over the guilt of kissing her; I simply let it happen…it's a natural thing. Feeling Bri pushing on my chest I pull away, wondering what it is I have done incorrectly.

"Claire is in there, Eli. Let's just go play dice or something, okay?" she says her eyes boring into mine.

"Right," I respond knowing she is completely correct.

Closing my eyes I focus on what I want the numbers on the dice to appear as, "Lucky seven," I say letting the dice fall on the table.

"Eli…Claire," Brianna whispers, drawing my attention from the dice that have let me down once again.

"Having fun on your date, Judas? Bet Fitzy's a real dreamy kisser," I say as Claire stops beside me.

"You're here with Brianna?" questions Claire, glancing over at my date with a look of disproval.

"That's beside the point," I reply not wanting to discuss who I came to Vegas Night with.

"You can't be mad at me just because I won't slip ipecac in Fitz's drink," states Claire.

"Can I be mad at you for being with him?" I question for in truth this is the real reason I am upset at both Claire and Fitz.

"He threatened to hurt you," says Claire defending her reason for the decision she made.

"And Eli is a big boy, Claire, he can fight his own battles," announces Brianna standing up for me once again.

"So you're making me poison him? I don't really think that's Eli fighting his own battles," answers Claire, still giving Brianna the same disapproving look my mom gave her the first time she came over.

"Fitz is a bad guy, Claire," explains Bri, her voice holding absolutely no expression.

"You're only saying that because he beat you up," fires off Claire.

"Enough!" I shout Claire has now taken it too far. She shouldn't have brought up Brianna's prior involvement with Fitz and how it ended. "Just let me handle it. Like Bri said, I can fight my own wars."

Claire rolls her eyes, "Because that was working out so well. Fitz isn't the monster you think he is. He is willing to bury the hatchet…he just wants one thing."

I swear I am going to hurt him. Out of everything he could have done this is by far the worst, "You're going to sleep with him?"

"Eli!" exclaims Brianna, hitting me in the arm with the back of her hand. "Gross!"

"No!" laughs Claire her nose all scrunched up, she looks adorable. "You're going to apologize."

Brianna comes to stand by my side, looking outraged, "Eli doesn't have anything to apologize for."

"Exactly. What do I have to apologize for?" I question thinking if anyone should be apologizing it should be Fitz.

"Anything and everything he wants." replies Claire, placing her hand over mine. "Please, Eli."

Taking in a deep breath, I let it out slowly, "Alright."

"Really?" says Claire, her eyes wide with disbelief and excitement. "You'll apologize?"

"But I won't mean it," I remark, wanting to clear any confusion up.

"As long as it sounds sincere," states Claire before walking off to go collect Fitz.

"You're not going to just let him get away with this, are you?" Brianna asks as we head over towards the drink table.

"No," I respond pouring two glasses of fruit punch. "I want you to do it," I continue pulling out the bottle of ipecac.

Brianna gives me a quizzical look as she takes the bottle from me. She's not chickening out is she? I am positive Bri wants to see Fitz hurt just as much as I do and I wouldn't mind playing a game of poker with Claire before the night is over.

"She'll have us switch glasses," I state.

"You're positive?" questions Brianna as she pours the ipecac in one of the glasses.

"Calm down," I say putting an arm around Bri's waist. "It's Claire, she'll expect something is up."

"I just…if she…" stammers Brianna, a look of worry in her pale blue eyes.

I kiss her quickly on the lips before replying, "It will be okay. This was your idea…it'll be fine."

Just then Claire stops in front of us, Fitz following closely behind her, he wears a smug look on his monkey like face, "Okay, we're here. All set for the apology."

"You know in some places this is considered blackmail," I state still not entirely pleased with the idea of apologizing to Fitz.

"Eli," says Claire giving me a stern look, "stop procrastinating."

"I'm going to find Adam, come find us when it's over. I'll text you," whispers Brianna in my ear before walking away.

Great, there goes my only means of support.

"Yeah, Eli, do what the lady says," Fitz mocks.

Glancing over at Claire for support I receive nothing back but a stern 'you have to do this' look, "I'm sorry. For everything."

Fitz frowns, shaking his head, "That's not good enough. You said the words, but I'm not feeling it."

"Okay, enough. Fitz, you got your apology. Now shake hands," instructs Claire.

"Or…" I start, picking up the drinks, "we could toast, to seize fire."

Fitz shrugs taking a plastic cup from me. We toast, and then each of us brings the drink to our lips.

"Stop!" exclaims Claire. "Trade cups. It's an ancient Roman custom." she explains doing exactly what I suspected she would.

"She's the boss," I state handing my cup to Fitz, and I accept his cup, "Lahyme."

Each of us take a drink, instantly Fitz twists around, throwing up behind the drink table. I let out a laugh, wishing Bri was here to see how well her plan had worked out.

Claire gives me a disappointed look as Fitz makes his way quickly out of the café.

"What did you do?" demands Claire, turning to look at me.

"You're the one who made the switch," I state with a shrug.

"Oh, don't you dare try to pin this on me. Whatever Fitz does to you, you deserve it," Claire says angrily, before walking away.

Not giving much thought to her words I take another drink of my punch before setting off to find Brianna…she'll be happy with the success of her brilliant plan.
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