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He Has a Knife

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Brianna's POV How does this even happen?

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The second Eli is close enough I throw my arms around his neck, pleased that he isn't sick.

"Missed you too," says Eli, wrapping his arm around me. "Where is Adam?"

"Sorry, I didn't find him," I reply, looking over Eli for any sighs that he might get sick. Yes, my plan had been executed perfectly but I still feel as if something is going to happen.

"Right," says Eli, holding me an arm's length away, "I'm not going to hurl so you can stop looking at me like that," he continues before putting his arms around my shoulders.

Letting out a sigh I find some way to answer him, "I'm just…I'm okay," I state, wrapping my arm around his mid – section.

Eli smirks, "You worry about me too much."

"Guilty," I say with a smile.

Seconds later Adam walks up to us, "I saw what you did to Fitz. I bet Claire is pissed."

"Let her be. She's too sensitive," I answer not letting Eli talk.

Adam rolls his eyes before turning to Eli. "If I said Brianna looks really hot tonight would you throttle me?"

"It's a possibility," responds Eli with a laugh. "Um…now that I think about I might wanna go find Claire and…apologize."

With that Eli leave me to stand with Adam. Who I am I fooling? Eli belongs with Claire…he loves her. It's just when I'm with Eli everything is so different. I'm not afraid, everything just seems right in the world…like no matter how screwy my life is things are just right in those moments I share with Eli.

"I'm a bad person, Adam," I announce after a few seconds of silence.

"I don't think so. You just want what you want…you deserve Eli," responds Adam. I can tell he is only saying what I want to hear.

"That's not true," I respond but am unable to elaborate due to the fact Claire has just appeared out of what seems like nowhere.

"What's up, Brutus," Adam asks, turning to look at Claire.

"Where's Eli?" she says, sounding a little frantic.

"If you're gonna lecture him again, just don't," I answer, tired of her harping on him.

Shaking her head Claire continues on, "Fitz has a knife."

"Shit," I whisper before tearing from the cafeteria…an uneasy feeling in the pit of my stomach.

My heels continue to make annoying clicking noises as I quickly make my way through the maze of hallways towards Eli's locker, hoping he will be there.

"Eli!" I exclaim, upon seeing him walking a little ways ahead of me. Rushing towards him I spin Eli around by the shoulder; throwing my arms around him. "Thank God."

Eli places his hand on the back of my neck, kissing me, "Everything okay?"

I bite my lower lip…I can't lie to him, "Not exactly."

Eli lets out a sigh, leaning against his locker, taking my hand in his. I stand there, hand clutched in Eli's; tears streaming down my face. How is it possible that a night that is supposed to be so simple and fun filled can turn into a horror story?

"Come with me, Fitz has a knife," says Claire coming around the corner.

Eli's grip on my hand tightens at Claire's words but he doesn't make a move to follow Claire who is heading back up the hall.

"This is where we run. Let's go," Claire continues, motioning for Eli and me to come with her.

"I can't let Fitz scare me," announces Eli, his jaw set.

Claire looks at Eli in disbelief, "Eli, he has a knife."

I close my eyes, unable to bring myself to look at Claire, "He won't use it," I state, as tears continue to stream from my eyes.

"Shh…" Eli whispers, pulling me close to his chest, "it's fine."

"Aww, don't you three look cute," sneers the ever familiar voice of Fitz. My head still rests at the base of Eli's neck, I have no desire to lay eyes on Fitz, but he sounds close.

"You should go," says Claire, moving a little closer to Eli who has managed to move both of us up against the doors that connect this hall with another.

"And let pretty boy have fun with my date?" questions Fitz, walking towards us.

"Please, Fitz, don't do this," begs Claire.

"Shut up, bitch!" snarls Fitz, shoving Claire out of the way before grapping me by the wrist, pulling me roughly away from Eli's protective hold.

I begin to shake; obviously Fitz doesn't want to just get back at Eli, he also wants me to hurt. Swallowing hard, I close my eyes letting out a raspy breath; hoping that whatever Fitz has in mind he will just get it over with.

"Let her go, Fitz. She's not in this," says Eli, I can hear the worry in his words.

Suddenly, I feel the cold blade on my neck, "Shut up, Goldsworthy. She's got more to do with this than you think."

Just as quickly as the knife was on my throat it is taken away, and placed in my hand. Fitz forces my fingers to curl around it, placing his hand over mine as we move even closer to Eli. My eyes fly open…I won't let him force me to do this.

I can see the panic in Eli's eyes as he tries to reason with Fitz, "Look, I'm sorry about before…about everything. Just, please, let her go."

"I've heard that before," remarks Fitz, pushing Eli up against the wall with his free hand.

Tears stream down my face, the only thoughts running through my mind are those which involve saving my friends, "Please, Fitz, don't."

"This time I mean it," states Eli, trying to press himself further away from Fitz and the knife blade.

"So do I," answers Fitz.

Eli give me a look of pity, but it is merely a mask for the fear. My heart is beating so fast and loud that I am almost positive it can be heard. It'll come down to a matter of if I can be faster and stronger than Fitz…I sure as hell hope I can be.

"What' wrong, emo boy?" jeers Fitz, "out of smart ass comments?"

"Please don't do this," pleads Eli.

I place my hand on Eli's cheek, "I'm sorry," I whisper, tears rolling down my face as Eli places his hand over mine.

"Someone needs to shut you up," announces Fitz, thrusting my hand forward.

"No!" I holler, twisting my hand; driving the knife into the wall.

"You'll pay," announces Fitz grabbing the knife from the wall and running it down my arm.

Letting out a cry of pain I watch as the blood flows from my arm, dripping onto the floor. I manage to slide down the wall as the hallway becomes fuzzy. Eli yells my name but it sounds very much like he is underwater…without warning everything goes black.
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