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Shouldn't I Know that by Now?

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Eli's POV The questions still linger.

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As Claire and I make our way outside everything seems to move in slow motion. It was her he wanted…it has always been Brianna. The sounds of her blood chilling scream still ring in my ears as we exit the school; stepping into the cold night air.

"When I was nine there was this kid, Mike, his hobby was beating me up. No matter how fast I ran he was always faster." I explain as the EMTs bring Brianna out to the ambulance on a stretcher.

If it wasn't for the large gash in her right arm one would have thought she was merely sleeping, but I know the truth…and so does Fitz.

"You're not nine anymore," states Claire, placing her hand on my shoulder.

"Well neither are the bullies so what am I supposed to do?" I question as a handcuffed Fitz is led by.

Claire shakes her head, looking at a loss for words, "I don't have the answer, but if it's this –" Claire motions to what is going on around us, her gaze lingering on the ambulance Brianna is in – "I can't be with you."

I close my eyes, swallowing. Tonight wasn't supposed to end this way…I hadn't meant for the dispute between Fitz and me to escalate to this level. Yet because it has I'm in danger of losing Claire and Brianna.

"Someone want to explain what happened?" asks Principal Simpson from behind us.

Claire turns around to face him, "Fitz was going to fight some kids at school. So to stop him I set off the stink bomb. When you started questioning people I panicked." she explains, ready to take full blame for what happened.

"So I blamed Fitz," I butt in, turning on my heels to face our outraged principal. "Guess he got mad and decided to teach me a lesson."

"By stabbing Miss. Tyler in the arm?" questions Simpson.

"Um…I don't know what he was thinking," I reply.

"So you lied to me?" says Principal Simpson, turning his head to look at Claire.

"Yes sir," she replies, eyes glued to the ground.

"There will be consequences," states Simpson as a police comes ups behind him.

"Excuse me sir, I found this one stripping in an empty classroom."

I suppress a laugh. Holly J. stripping? This school certainly has gone crazy.

"Mr. Simpson I am so, so sorry," Holly J. says.

"I don't wanna hear it!" hollers Simpson. "I trusted you…all of you. I've never been so disappointed in my life!"

"We never meant for any of this to happen," explains Holly J.

Sure as hell they didn't. How can plan when a psycho is going to try to stab the kid he's been bullying, causing the school to be put under lockdown? And as for the stripping part, of course she didn't mean to get caught doing that. Holly J. is like a saint, or so I've heard.

"There has to be something we can do to make it better," says Sav.

The principal finishes climbing the stairs before turning to face everyone who is still standing in the parking lot; there is fire in his normally rather kind eyes, "No. It's too late. There's gonna be changes…big changes. When you get back from break you won't recognize this school at all!"

I sit, cell phone in hand waiting for a call from Adam who had somehow managed to convince his mom he was dating Brianna and felt it only right to accompany her to the hospital. Claire had refused the ride I offered her, claiming she had to get packed for her trip to her grandparents. So that left me…sitting here in my room trying to avoid more questions from my mom. Just as I am about to give up and go to bed my phone goes off…the call is from Adam.

"Is she up? Did they say she is gonna be okay?" I question before Adam has even had time to say hello.

"They stitched her up; the cut wasn't as deep as everyone thought. Bri is still asleep, but she's not normal. Maybe you wanna just come to the hospital now," says Adam.

"Um…yeah, I'll be there," I answer before hanging up.

Bounding down the stairs I slip from the house without my mom stopping me and within twenty minutes later I am sitting on the edge of Brianna's hospital bed, her hand clasp in mine.

I watch as Brianna's chest rises and falls, her head flipping from side to side on the pillow; she's asleep as Adam has said but it's not peaceful.

"At least she's a leftie," states Adam, breaking the silence.

"Yeah, that's a plus," I reply in a monotone.

Fitz has managed to put Brianna in the hospital twice now. Of course last time was worse but it just feels like a reoccurring pattern. Looking down at her I feel guilty again, like I could have prevented this from happening but instead I just did nothing.

"Eli, I almost told Claire today," says Adam coming to stand on the other side of Bri's hospital bed.

Letting out a sigh I tear my eyes away from Brianna, "You can't tell her, Adam."

"I know that as well as you do, but you can tell she knows something is up. You're not going to be able to keep your relations with Brianna a secret forever," explains Adam, merely preaching to the choir.

Of course I know we can't keep this from Claire forever, but there is two months in which I will spend my time with Brianna and devise a plan to make everything super for everyone. Ha, who are you kidding Eli, no matter what you do someone is going to get hurt. Shouldn't I know this already?
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