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Life is Good

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Brianna's POV Moving on after what happened.

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*A week later*

A single tear trickles down his colorless face, his hunter green eyes a pit of sheer fear. I can feel Fitz’s hand over mine, forcing the blade closer and close to the gut of the dark haired boy he has managed to back up into the corner. With one quick thrust the blade slides into the boy's stomach.

"Eli!" I gasp, sitting up in my bed; a cold sweat covering my body…I am shaking.

A groan can be heard from near the window and I watch in curiosity as a black figure walks across the room; flipping the lights on. "Again, Brianna, I thought it was getting better."

I blink a few times, certain what I am seeing isn't real…Fitz stabbed Eli, he can't possibly be here. As Eli sits down next to me on the bed, I move closer to him; pressing myself up against his side, my head resting on his shoulder.

"What was it this time?" Eli asks, wrapping an arm around me, pulling his fingers through my hair.

"The same as every other night…you die. Look, Eli, I'm sorry I keep you up. Maybe you should just go home, you don't have to stay here at night," I say, pressing myself closer to him, still not exactly believing he is really with me.

Eli shakes his head vigorously, "I'm fine. You need me here so I'm staying."

I had been released from the hospital almost a week ago and my arm is heeling perfectly fine just like the doctor said it would. Yet, no matter how many pain pills or anti – depressants I take before bed the horrible images of Fitz stabbing Eli haunts me every time I close my eyes. Of course I like having Eli here when I am awaken in the night by these nightmares but I can see the nights of no sleep wearing on him. He has the beginnings of bags under his eyes, his normally clean shaven face has slightly noticeable scruff on it and he has been wearing the same shirt for three days now.

"Go home, get a new shirt and anything else you might need and then come back. I won't be able to go back to sleep so I'll be okay. I don't need you right now," I say.

"I'll only be gone for thirty minutes at the most," explains Eli, standing in the door way.

"Take as long as you need," I state, gesturing for him to go.

I listen for the front door to shut before I jump off my bed, heading to the bathroom. I haven't showered since Monday and today is Wednesday…I feel gross. Stripping out of my night clothes I step into the glass shower, turning the water on high, letting the warmth of it envelope me. After washing my hair and body I reluctantly switch the water off; wrapping myself in a towel.

Almost thirty minutes later I am fully dressed in a pair of red, black and white plaid skinny pants, a white tank top and a black vest; waiting for the toaster to ding letting me know my waffles are done. Obviously Eli has decided to take me up on the 'take as much time as you need' thing I mentioned earlier.

Pop. Ding. The toaster and the door chime as the same time, causing me to stand in the hallway looking between the two for a moment. "It's open!" I holler, grabbing my waffles from the toaster, dropping them onto a paper plate.

"What are you cooking?" asks Eli, nodding towards the plate with his head.

"Waffles," I reply. "What's with all the stuff?"

Eli hadn't just brought a bag full of clothes he has also carried in a red shopping bag and another smaller bag.

"I bought you something," he says carrying the red bag along with the smaller one into the kitchen; setting them down on the table.

This of course spikes my curiosity. I walk over to the bags, looking in the larger one first. "Ice skates, Eli?" I question, pulling the new pair of black skates out of the bag.

"Size eight, right?" he questions, stealing one of my waffles, shoving the whole thing into his mouth.

"Yeah, but what am I going to need these for?" I say, rummaging around in the other bag.

Eli swallows before answering me, "I talked Adam into coming along too. Drew offered to bring Alli along…I don't think it's such a bad idea Bri. You need to get out."

"Right. What's this?" I ask holding up a white circular object with feathers hanging off of it.

"A dream catcher; it's corny I know, but it's supposed to keep the bad dreams away," explains Eli.

"Of course. When are we going to skate?" I ask, setting the dream catcher on the table.

I've ice skated before but it's been years. Why in the world would Eli spend his money to buy me skates and then suggest we go to the skating rink with Adam, Drew, and Alli? I don't even think Eli can rollerblade let alone skate on ice. Oh well, he wants me to get out of the house so I'm not going to argue.

"Ten minutes," says Eli almost too quickly for me to catch.

Shaking my head I start to laugh, "Well we better get going then." I state before heading up stairs to brush my teeth and get my shoes.

Sitting on the bench I watch as Eli, Adam, Drew and Alli finish lacing up their skates, holding back laughter. This will be by far one of the most humorous outings I have ever gone on with Eli and Adam. We are really the only people in the building, minus the two or three other couples that are sitting up in the bleachers; sharing coffee or hot chocolate.

"Let's go," Eli says, helping me up from the bench.

"Dude, can you even skate?" questions Adam as everyone stands there, holding onto the railing around the rink.

"I guess we'll find out," replies Eli, letting go of the railing. Within the first few seconds of moving forwards he falls on his butt.

With a laugh, I glide towards him; offering my hand, pulling him back to his feet. "I'll take that as a no."

After about twenty minutes of skating around everyone looks as if they have mastered the art of moving about on ice. I skate backwards, one hand clasped in Eli's the other in Adam's as a Beatles song plays over the speakers. Biting my lower lip, I glance over at Eli who is smiling at me. He was correct; I do need to get out of the house…I like being with my friends.

Suddenly, someone pulls me away from Adam and Eli. Letting out a squeal I realize my kidnappers are Drew and Alli.

"Come and get her," says Alli, as Drew and she continue to tow me around the rink.

Eli skates towards me, his hands stretched out in front of him. Letting out a laugh I reach for him; curling my fingers around his wrist. With a gentle tug, Eli pulls me away from Alli and Drew, wrapping his arms around me. Laying my head on his chest I continue to laugh…life is good.
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