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Enemy Territory

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Brianna's POV None of this is a good idea.

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That will be my personal hell for however long my mom decides to force me to stay. I don't want to move. I do not want to be forced to abandon everything I've come to know so well. It's not fair. How can she even think that will make things better? Another tear spills from the corner of my eye as I throw more clothes into a suitcase I haven't used since sixth grade. Unable to do any more I sit down on the bed, allowing memories of this break to flood over me.

The second Eli pulled the silver sharpie from his pocket I knew my black messenger bag wasn't going to make it out of this one unscathed. Eli made the first mark; 'E+B' in a tiny silver heart.

"There now everyone will know," he says handing me the sharpie.

"Only if they have a microscope," I remark, writing out the chorus of my favorite Dead Hand song.

"I've got more sharpies," announces Adam, handing Eli a silver sharpie, keeping one for himself.

By about twelve that afternoon my entire bag was covered in song lyrics, stupid things we had said, and terribly drawn pictures.

"Now it's one of a kind," I state.

"Just like you," answers Eli, leaning over and kissing me.

"Gross," laughs Adam.

I begin to laugh, eyeing the sharpie bag at my feet. I wasn't leaving this one behind; it is a part of Eli and Adam I can take along with me. I'm going to miss them and no matter how late into the night we text of how long we sit IMing each other it won't be the same.

Throwing the marble I had found in a draw across the room I let out a frustrated sigh. This cannot be happening. Canada is all I've ever known. Now I'm being uprooted and dropped into farm town.

Standing up I throw my door open and rush down the stairs, finding my mom sitting on the couch; watching the news.

Standing in front of the TV I begin trying to persuade her for the fourth time today. "I won't go."

"If you don't go you'll have nowhere to stay," my mother answers coolly.

"You're not selling the house," I state.

"Yes, but you cannot make payments on it."

"Then I'll stay with Eli."

"That cutter boy you hang out with? He's not a good influence on you."

"Eli doesn't cut himself, mother."

"He's still a bad influence. You never dressed like this –" my mom motions to my dark wash denim skirt, and black tank top – "before you met him."

"I've dressed this way since ninth grade. If you where home more than once every four years you'd know that!" I holler.

"Do not raise your voice. I don't see why you can't be more like your brother. He's doing something with his life."

"David isn't even going to law school! He's working at the coffee shop you disapprove of!" I announce before storming back upstairs.

At this point I don't care. So she gets her feelings hurt. Do witches like my mother even have feelings? Plugging my Iphone into the stereo system I find a Dead Hand song, turning it up to full volume. If my mother thought I was rebellious and bad behaved before she is in for a rude awakening.
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