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Big News

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Eli's POV It's not what he wanted to hear at all.

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I made it through the worst day of my life…so why do I still feel like things aren't going to get better? Maybe I'm still just upset about the whole thing. I hadn't wanted Bri to see me that way again. That is the past though, today is going to be better; it has to be.

Sitting at a table in The Dot I wait for Brianna to walk through the glass doors. She's late and that's not normal for her. It makes me feel uneasy, on edge. Taking another bite out of the fry I have held between my thumb and forefinger I continue to watch the clock. Just as I am about to pull out my phone and call Bri to make sure she is alright the bell above the door chimes.

"Eli!" Brianna exclaims, taking a seat across from me.

"Brianna!" I reply in the same high pitched, girlie voice she used.

Brianna laughs, biting her lower lip; reaching across the table to gently swat my arm. She's adorable. Taking a second to look into her pale blue eyes I notice the light is back in them.

"Ouch," I say, giving her a hurt look. "No need to get abusive, Bri."

Brianna's smile transforms into a small pout, her arms crossed over her chest, "I am not being abusive."

"Are too!" I exclaim, sticking my tongue out at her. I'm acting like such a child.

Shaking her head back and forth Bri rolls her eyes but I can tell she is trying very hard not to laugh. "Real mature, Eli."

"That's me, Mr. Maturity," I state before popping the rest of the fry into my mouth.

Brianna laughs but it dies out quickly. She grabs a French fry out of the basket and chews slowly. Her eyes cloud over and a tear falls from the corner of one of them. Reaching across the table I wipe it away, wondering what changed her mood.

"Eli…I…I told Claire about us last night," she announces, the words spilling from her lips almost too quickly for me to catch.

Why? What we have is special. I like Claire…I do, but the way I feel when I'm around Brianna is just magical. I feel good inside, like maybe it really isn't my fault that Julia died. I feel so alive. Why would Bri do something to jeopardize what we share?

"How come," I ask.

"I've known for over a week but I couldn't think of how to tell you Eli." Bri starts, tears running steadily down her face now. "After everything that happened with Fitz my mom thinks its best if I move away from Degrassi."

Her words hit me like a knee to the groin. It can't be true. How can Brianna's mom, a woman that wants nothing to do with her kids, come in and dictate to them where to go? I cannot fathom what the last half of the year will be like without Bri. Obviously Claire won't talk to me and who knows about Adam…I'll be a loner yet again.

"When?" I question, intertwining my fingers in hers.

"We're leaving two days from now, October 7th, just up and leaving. My mom isn't even selling the house," explains Brianna, not meeting my gaze.

Swallowing hard I force myself to say something, "Well them I guess we should live it up now."

"Don't you want to know where I'm going?" Brianna asked, confusion etched on her face.

"Not right now," I respond, before placing a ten on the table and pulling Bri from The Dot.
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