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Fourth of October

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Brianna's POV He needs me.

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Fitz should have stabbed me…Eli's words ring in my ears as I nibble on my toast. He can't possibly think that, can he? Eli has so much to live for, he's got friends, a girl who loves him and well, he has me. Glancing over at Eli for the hundredth time I notice he still wears the same emotionless facial expression as the last time I looked. If only he knew how much it pains me to see him in this state, how much I long to be able to do something to bring the smirk back to his face…to see that mischievous glint return to his majestic emerald eyes.

"Brianna," David says, waving his hand in front of my face, "don't worry about paying, I'll get it."

Not knowing exactly what he is talking about I nod, placing my hand over Eli's, wanting nothing more than for him to look at me…he doesn't. Had I done something wrong? Going through the events of the last few days I am unable to come up with anything that could have possibly made him act like this…then it hit me.

"David, what is the date?" I question in a hushed voice, hoping Eli is too absorbed in whatever he is thinking to pay much attention.

"The fourth of October," answers David before walking away to take someone's order.

Instantly I wrap my arms around Eli, knowing exactly why he is in such a depressed state. Today is the fourth of October…today, one year ago, Julia died. Eli was so broken after her death. I remember the countless days he locked himself in his room, all the lights turned off, Dead Hand turned up to a max. There were days when he wouldn't let me see him in such a state but I never left, missing more than half the school year just so I could sit outside Eli's bedroom door in case he needed someone to talk to.

"I have to go see her," whispers Eli, his arms wrapped protectively around me. "You should just go."

"You where there for me when I needed you so I'm going to be here for you," I state, he isn't going to get rid of me that easily.

Unwrapping his arms from around me, Eli gives me a feeble attempt at a smile. He looks dead, as if someone took a vacuum and decided to suck all the life from him until nothing was left but an empty, emotionless shell. I hate seeing him this way but it is one day a year, I'll handle it if it's what he needs.

Sitting next to Eli on the leaf covered ground in front of Julia's grave felt like intruding on someone's most private memories. I feel out of place and awkward there next to Eli, my fingers intertwined with his. I don't know Julia like Eli knew her…not enough to know what to say or to cry over her death. Instead I allow Eli to sit in silence for as long as he needs to, trying not to notice how broken down he looks…trying to comfort him when all I want to do is cry along with him. Not, of course, because of Julia but because of how terribly horrid he feels.

After about an hour Eli clears his throat, "Hey Jules. I guess I kinda broke my promise…I tried though. I wanted to be strong, but I just couldn't be. Bri doesn't care though…she's good to me Jules. You’d like her a lot…I like her a lot. I hope you’re proud that I’m working on moving on. I miss you."

I smile at his words. He cared enough to tell his ex – girlfriend, a girl who meant so much to him, about me…that makes me feel good.

Eli leans over to me, his lips inches from mine, "I love you," he whispers before pressing his full lips to mine.

Pulling away I smile at him, "I love you too."

Note: It's a bad chapter, I know.
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