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Lean on me

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Franks a vampire. Gerards in love with someone else. Read it an see what happens dummy xD

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Hey guys. Remember me? LOL well I've been off the map for some time & I decided to start writing again, Lifes been shitty so lets see if this can help me like last time okay?
I love you guys.

Frankie's POV

Remember the days when you were pure? I can hear the thoughts in my head. I don't listen, I just keep running.

Running where Frankie boy? I couldn't answer that even if I knew.

Stop running Frankie boy I winced as I ran through the trees.

Stop. Running. Frankie boy The voices were screeching in my brain, my eyes closed for a split second but re-opened quickly.

STOP RUNNING FRANKIE BOY I collapsed on the cold, forest ground with a thump, and laid there on the ground. Wiping blood from my mouth, I curled up and attempted to think of something besides those moments. The moments that occured only minutes before.

Gerard's POV

"God damn" I called from inside the bathroom.
"What?" Mikey, my younger brother opened the door to see me holding my hand and the bottle of hair gel on the floor.
"What did you do?" He giggles.
"I dropped the bottle, an cracked my finger over the counter in the process" He laughed an grabbed the bottle of the ground. I cleaned up the remaining gel off the floor as Mikey applied gel to my hair.
"Thanks" I wrapped my hands around his skinny, mousy-brown haired figure an hugged him tightly.
I dropped him as he scowled an fixed his "ANTHARAX" T-shirt from the wrinkles I applied.

I might want to introduce myself right? Well, I'm Gerard Way. 18 year old emo. I am gay. Its not the hardest thing to live with. I mean come on, no one cares right? WRONG! I get my ass kicked every day for it, but I dont care. I fight back sometimes too. If they dont get me good enough. Well, this is the story of how my whole life changed. This is the day it all went wrong.

We sauntered down the stairs, bags slung over our shoulders. I grabbed my "MISFITS" hoodie an threw it on over my Green Day shirt. I tucked in my shirt to the black skinny jeans an made my way over to the closet to grab the converse waiting for me.

I heard Mikey pull on his converse and run to answer the ringing doorbell. In the hall-way looking down at me was Mikey's best friend. Kellin.

Kellin Quinn. Short, black haired skinny boy. Always wearing glasses an a hat, stood in my hallway giggling as I struggled with my laces. I've liked Kellin for a while. He's gay, I'm gay. I always thought it would work in the end. Apparently not.

We walked out the door an I watched as Mikey locked it. I walked down the path an they walked ahead of me. I turned on my IPod an let them do their own thing. I stopped at the crosswalk an across the street stood a guy, he was amazingly cute. Short, hair that slung over one side of his face, buzzcut around, the buzzcut part was red, while the long hair stood black. He wore black skinnies an a plain black t-shirt, he wore skeleton gloves across his hands, an black converse on his feet.

Frank Iero. The school Emo. Yes, I was emo. I didn't cut, but that was my 'label'. But Frank was different, he wore tattoos all up his arms, though he was only 16. He didn't care about opinions of anyone else. He was the school loner also, but he didn't seem to mind. It took me a few minutes before he noticed I was staring at him. I crossed the street with Kellin & Mikey. We walked by Frank an for a second, it looked like he brushed blood off from the corner of his mouth.

"VAMPIRE" Kellin yelled. We had the same English class together in the morning, though he was a year younger.
"WEREWOLVES" I yelled back. I my like him but nothings more better then a Werewolf. Right?
"You know nothing" He giggled as we walked into the room an took our usual seats at the back.
The class went about its usual muttering. We all stopped an turned when we saw Frank enter the room, he always sat infront of me. We had atleasr 3 out of 4 classes together. I didn't mind so much though, he was a cool kid. But really misunderstood. Everyone knows he lives with his grandmother, shes a sweet old lady, an living in a small town like this. Everyone knows everyone. She's a nurse at the school. She's extremely nice. I know her well because I'm always in there for the bruises an the blood. Shes the lady that takes my blood tests all the time to see if I'm healthy from the fights.
He walked to the seat an slid in. He threw his bag on the floor an slumped down in the chair.
I took out my binder an ripped out a small piece. Grabbed my pencil an wrote.

You okay?

I threw the note past his head, landing perfectly on the desk, he opened it an read quickly, grabbing a pen an scribbling back.

Why do you care?

He threw it behind him an I caught it. I wasn't going to toss these notes back an forth so obviously, knowing we could get busted. So I grabbed my shit an moved into the empty seat beside him. No one ever sat beside him. But no one noticed me move either. He looked at me with his hazely eyes an just looked so confused. He chewed his lip ring nervously an I smiled.

"Hey there" I whispered.
"I'm Gerard" I smiled an held out my hand. He looked at me puzzled an just said;
"I know. Why are you here?"
"I just- I wondered if anything was up? I saw you this morning an you looked.. down"
"I umm-Yah. But why do you care? I'm the gay fag remember?"
"Your not a fag, I like you. I think you is a cool dude" I stopped talking immediatly to register the words that I just spoke. He smiled an I knew it didn't matter at all.
"I'm Frank"
"I know"

We spent the rest of the period talking. Turns out we have alot in common. I offered to sit with him at lunch an he just smiled. We walked to the cafe an I saw Kellin an Mikey right away.
"Hey du-" Kellin stopped. I got lost in his eyes to not hear what he said next but Mikey snapped me out of it. I looked beside me to see Frank was gone, he had turned an left.
"Why did you bring that fag?" Kellin repeated. (Sorry I love Kellin, but someone had to do it)
"I didn- What?"
"He's such a loser" Kellin giggled and I just stared. I turned on my heels an ran to Frank who was storming off.

"Frank!" He spun around as he exited the cafe into the deserted hallway.
"Why? You knew he was gunna make fun of me. So why did you do it? Did they pay you? was it a dare? God Im so stupid for thinking someone like you would ever wanna talk to me" I looked at him, open mouthed.
"What? No. I genuinely like you. Kellin, Kellin is just a dick. I didn't know. I'm so sorry" He looked at me.
"I- I'm sorry I flipped" I grabbed his cold hand, an dragged him outside to the deserted benches outside the school.

We talked about more stuff. Nothing important actually. He went into his bag an grabbed a brown box, it was a juice box but just brown. Nothing on it. I looked confused an asked what it was.
"Nothing. Just juice"
"Can I have some?"
"NO" He blurted out as I went to touch the box. I snapped my hand back.
"Woah, dude. Don't get your knickers in a twist" He sighed.
"Sorry its just. No one- ugh drinks my fruit punch" He hesitated but I giggled.
"What are you 7?" He giggled. He nodded an grabbed his bag.
"I'll be right back okay?" I nodded as he threw his bag on the table an ran inside the school. I sat wondering what to talk about next. It wasn't hard to talk to him though.

I moved his bag over to sit on the table an by accident knocked over the juice box. The red liquid dripped from the straw an I whipped the box into a standing motion. I got some juice on my hand an licked it off. It tasted delicious. Better then any fruit punch I've ever had.

Go on, take more, you know you want to my head called to me.
No.. It's Franks
Franks not here now is he?
I guess
So just take a little more

I smiled to myself an grabbed the little box, bringing the straw to my mouth an sipping a little. Then a little more, then a little more, until the box was dry. Frank came out the door an smiled. He walked to the table an grabbed the box that was set down carefully.
"It's empty"
"Ugh. Yah sorry" He looked shocked, grabbed his bag, threw the box an demanded we go see the nurse. He dragged me down the corridor until we stood outside the nurses office. He whipped open the door an shoved me on the chair. For a little dude he sure is strong.

His grandmother came rushing out of the little door only seconds later.
"Frank honey whats wr-"
"He drank my box" Her eyes got wide as she told me to lie on the table, I did as she asked an she ran into her office. Moments later she reappeared an told me to bite a towel. I did so as she jammed a needle into my arm. I winced with pain, an accepted the pain knowing it would stop soon. I looked over to see her draining my veins of the blood. Well, not draining but you catch my drift.

I looked over an saw Frank watching with worried eyes. I didnt understand anything until she sat me up and gave me a drink of water. I looked over at the needle in her hand to see it. It wasn't red, it was a thick, foggy white liquid.
"Frank? What's that?" I asked, my body starting to shake.
"whats she gunna do with it?"
"Give it to you"
"To kill what you just drank"
"Oh okay" I laid on the table an she jammed this needle into my other arm. I felt the liquid heading into my veins. I felt stabs inside my body and blacked out for seconds.
I heard voices coming from around me. Knowing who they were I sat up a little. But was pushed down again.

"Its not working" a lady spoke. His grandmother.
"Isn't there a spell or something?" Frank.
"I'm afraid not. He drank it honey"
"I'm not turning him"
"Then let him die"
I heard a sigh an footsteps come closer. He bent down to my ear and whispered softly.
"Forgive me"
I felt him bite on my neck. I screamed at the pain and arched my back. It was a terrible pain, the teeth sank into me. I felt myself dying, he was killing me. He chose to kill me, not save me. I felt my body go numb an I saw his face before I blacked out, an felt myself die.

I woke with a start, I rubbed my neck and thought it was all a dream, until I saw the lights of the nurses office behind my eyelids. I sighed an opened my eyes to see Frank asleep on a chair an his grandmother no where to be seen. He woke with a start when he heard me sighing.
"Your- your awake"
"Yah what happened"
"you- you blacked out. You fell on the ground running inside with me an smacked your head" I saw him hesitate and I sighed again.
"Okay, now the truth" He sighed an sat me on a chair. He stood infront of me an started.

"Gerard. I'm a vampire. What you drank wasn't juice, it was Faerie blood. The only thing keeping me alive since I don't drink people. Only rarely I do. But it kills humans, like you. I panicked an brought you to my grandmother. Shes a.. shes a witch. She did some of her voodoo magic shit an thought there was nothing else to do, so she injected you with a small amount of my venom, trying to kill off the Faerie blood in you, It didn't work, an I wasn't gunna let you die. Since there are no werewolves in the school. I had to- I changed you"

I stared, open mouthed taking everything in.
"You- you changed me?"
"Yup. That pain in your neck. Yah its broken"
"Well, The way to turn someone, is inject them with your teeth, let them die, snap their neck an they come back as a vampire, I never really understood it either"
"So, what now?"
"Now, you stay an 18 year old boy"
"Is this the last time we speak?"
"Umm no. Because you dont know anything, Your mine Gerard. I'll tell you everything I know, an then you'll be good to go on your own"
"I dont want to be on my own" He wrapped me into a hug an I buried my head in his chest.
"I wont leave you alone"

We walked into the back office to see his grandmother.
"He told you?" I nodded.
"Well, honey. Its gunna be fine, it was this or you die" she laughed a little an I Smiled.
"Grandma, leave him alone"
"Sorry, if you boys need anything, let me know. Gerard, honey. I talked to your parents, you'll be an exchange student now"
"Excuse me?"
"I convinced them to let you come to Romania with us, you know. For your training, Frank has to go to, but it'll be easier to learn this way. You'll be gone for a few months but it'll be fine okay?" I nodded taking in all the information an just smiled.
"If you need anything, lemme know" She went to walk out the door an I Stopped her.
"Got any Faerie blood? Im hungry" Frank an her laughed as she left the room and Frank led me over to the supply room.

We stepped inside to see rows of boxes, filled with needles, medicines, gloves. Everything. We walked to the back of the narrow room to see a white wall. He grabbed my hand an suddenly felt a brush of cold air over my body.

We weren't standing in the supply room anymore. We were met with another narrow white room, but it was filled with little coolers. All marked with a word on the outside. We walked through the room an I looked at the labels.


"Is this all blood?"
"Yah, some of us only drink certain kinds if you dont drink humans, I choose Faerie, Its filling" I laughed as he pulled a cooler off the shelf. He opened it to show atleast 30 bags of red liquid. Faerie blood. He pulled 2 out an handed me one. He grew small fangs and ripped a hole in the corner.
"Aren't you gunna drink it?" I stared at him, then the bag.
"Oh shit, right. Okay kinda think, canine" I stared puzzled.
"Okay, imagine yourself drinking the blood" I did as he said, let his calm voice fill my mind. I thought of me opening the bag. I felt a pain in my mouth an felt my around my teeth. I felt my teeth getting longer, and Frank smiled knowing he did something right. I ripped a hole in the bag using my new teeth an chugged the bags contents. I felt my teeth shrink back to normal size an I smiled.
"Good job" he smiled.
I could do this. I could honestly do this.

[*R&R tell me what you think okay guys, cause if you dont like it, I aint finishing it
Love you guys
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