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2: I didn't mean that.. I promise

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Well.. Read it an find out xD

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Weeellll... Next chapter !! READ IT!!! ps. this is going to be written in Gerard POV unless stated okayy

I stood looking in the dirty mirror. I couldn't get that voice out of my head.

"Your mine"
"Your mine"

I heard the squeaks of the sneakers stamping through the doorway. I turned to see Frank standing in the doorway smiling. I forced a smile an he walked closer.
"umm.. Feeling better?"
"Besides the pain in my neck, mouth, an arm.. totally" I turned back around to the mirror an frowned.
"I know. It was pathetic to change you, I'm sorry. No one asks for this" I turned to him an walked closer.
"It's honestly not that. I love having these muscles, the powers, the abilities. I just hate not telling people. Especially my brother"
"Your brother? Wanna change him too?" Frank giggled an I couldn't help but giggle too.
"No. Frank can I ask you something?"
"How many people have you changed?"
"You." I stared with a blank expression.
"But.. how did you know it would work?"
"I didn't"
"So, you were just ready to take that expense. Let me die?"
"Pretty much" He smiled an hit my shoulder. He took my hand an led me out to the living room.

Frank an his grandmother lived in a small apartment, on the East side of the city. Not far from the school, but not close either. The living room was a modern look. Black leather couches, a crystal chandelier from the ceiling, the lamps were a black suede look. I took a seat in the couch an placed my feet on the glass coffee table. Frank let me use the spare bedroom, I couldn't go home just yet, for fear I would get hungry an go on a frenzy. He walked to the kitchen an threw open the fridge, taking 2 pouches out of the container an throwing me one.

"Thanks" I smiled ripping open the corner.
"Get up" I did as he asked an took a swig from the pouch. He placed his hand behind his back an almost as quick flung a pingpong ball at me from that hand. I felt my arms move swiftly an in milliseconds, felt the ball in my palm.
"DUDE" I flung the ball back an he caught it. He smiled an threw it back. We played a good game of catch for another 30 minutes until his grandmother walked through the door.
"Hey g-ma" Frank smiled
"Frankie, Gerard" She nodded to both of us an left for her bedroom.
"Ready to go?" Frank smiled.

Barefoot. Running through a forest in the dark of night. Nothing on your mind but the thrill of the hunt. I gasped for breath, not use to the speed yet, an Frank ran along side me. We marked a deer down an watched as it grazed swiftly through the grass. We stopped to see which way he went an Frank stopped quickly.
"Get down"
"Wh-" Before I could stop I smelt something so disgusting.
"Get. DOWN" He yelled an shoved me to the ground. The smell was getting closer, he stayed in the air an swirved when he heard a crack in the bushes.
"You shouldn't be here" Frank called.
"Ha, you going to make me leave?" a fragile voice spoke. Male, around our age. The smell was getting to me an I blinked for my eyes not to water.
"Enough Way. Get lost, this is fang territory. Not Faerie" Way? What did he mean Way. I heard the other clear his voice.
"Where is my brother?"
"Its nothing to you now"
"It very well fucking IS IERO! WHERE IS MY BROTHER?" He screamed, the voice was so familiar. So close to get to.
"Hes here. I can sense it"
"So what if he is, he doesn't belong to you Way"
"Frank. Please. He doesn't understand any of this. He doesn't even believe in fucking Twilight"
Frank shifted uncomfortably. He grabbed my arm an threw me up.
"This. This brother? The one you failed to tell for atleast 3 years" I stood, staring at the picture infront of my eyes.

Mikey Way. My 14 year old younger brother, the one I would die to protect. Was standing infront of me, crying. I reached out to him but he backed away.
"Gerard. I'm sorry" He skipped his foot an ran to hug me. I wrapped my arms around my baby brother, feeling him sobbing into me. I ran my hand over the back of his head an sat him on a rock.
"Te-tell me Mikey" He looked at my horrified then nodded.
"Gerard. Im a Faerie" I sat an looked at my baby brother. I couldn't believe this.
"Im a-"
"Dont repeat it. How did this happen?"
"Umm our parents know, I was born with it. Mom-Moms a Faerie too" I stood blankly looking at him.
"Why didnt she tell me?"
"She didnt think you were ready to know about that other world yet" I nodded my head. I felt weak knowing they didnt tell me. I felt as though I wasn't trusted.

We ran back to the apartment, Mikey explaining everything. The birth, the secret world I thought I would never know. I led Mikey to the living room. The stench wasn't as bad, knowing I would get use to it. Franks grandmother made some tea an left us to talk.

"so how do you 2 know eachother?" I asked looking at Frank.
"Umm Frank an I- we sort of- we don't like each other"
"Clearly" We all laughed an Frank explained the feud.

Mikey & Frank were once friends, before Frank was turned. Mikey told Frank about the Faerie thing, an the reason they weren't friends is because Frank told his grandmother about Mikey. Making Mikey feel like he couldn't trust anyone.

"So if mom knows about you.."
"Yes, you can tell her"
"Are you sure?"
I grabbed the cell phone off of the table an dialed the number quickly.

"Gerard? Gerard honey?"
"Yes mom, its me"
"oh thank god. Why didn't you tell me your a vampire?"
"Ugh, sorry?"
"Damn right you better be"
I laughed at my mother as I explained the situation that was happening. She understood everything, I was even allowed to come back home.

~~~~~~~~~~~24 hours later ~~~~~~~~~~~~ Saturday morning ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Gerards backyard~~~~~~~~

Mikey sat in the lawn chair, watching Frank an I train. He was showing me the strengths an weaknesses we have. The do's & Dont's of battle.
"kick him where it hurts Gee" Mikey called sipping the lemonade in his hand.
"Fuck you Michael" Frank yelled. Fists raised, teeth bared sharply from his gums,I was in the same stance. Waiting for an attack move. Frank went first.

He lunged at me with everything he had. He hissed at me as he flew through the air, he back flipped off the wall an landed directly infront of me smiling.
"See what I mean? So much more fun then jumping off the ground" We smiled an I ran to where he was, taking position an lunging forward, I ran face first into the wall an landed with a thud on the floor. Mikey burst into laughter along side Frank.

I tried it multiple times before I could get anything. I smiled at my last attempt, I was in the air, mid flip when Mikey dropped the glass an it shattered, making me fall tumbling to the doom. They laughed an Frank ran over to me.

"Its okay Gerard" I Smiled.
"Theres still lots to learn" I frowned as he giggled.

[*Well... Tell me, sorry this one is a little shitty. Not thinking straight today. Anyways R&R. thanks guise
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