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3: WOAH! I have to do WHAT NOW?!?!

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SOOOO.. Tell me guys, Im writing the third chapter, I feel bad about the second... Kinda shitty. Hope this makes up for it :D

"Nope, nope, nope, nope, nope.." Frank walked down the aisles of the deserted grocery store, silently scamming all the items.
"What are you looking for?" Mikey smirked as I shot him a dirty look.
"Something, now shut it" We weren't in the food aisle if you were wondering. We managed to find ourselves in the pharmacy section.
"Frank, dude. Can we go? Its like they can tell" You could see Mikey shiver as we walked down the aisle further.
"You idiot, they can. Every single one of them are Trolls. The best doctors out there" I looked stunned. Could this mean my family doctor was a troll?
"Well, grab whatcha need an lets go, This place is freaking me out" I frowned as Frank squealed with delight, holding a little red box.
"I GOT IT!" He threw the box in the air an caught it giggling like a kid with a lollipop at the New York fair.
"What exactly?" Mikey smirked.
"They make cough syrup taste better" Mikey & I stared blankly at him.
"You-We never get sick, why do you need them?" I hesitated but remembered. We are the same
"Have you tried Centaur blood? That shit is NASTY" He called out, I hushed him lower but then was reminded. We were the only ones here.

We walked to the counter an Mikey an I stopped dead. The cashier, was none other then Kellin Quinn. I stared as Mikey an Kellin got into a conversation, I watched Frank place the box on the conveyer belt, heard the beep of the machine an still. Just stood there.

Kellin Quinn. All I could think was "Man, hes fucking FINE"
I was shoved out of the store by Mikey who giggled as he did so. He knew my gay-antics sometimes got the best of me. Even with Kellin.
"Someone still has a crush" Mikey laughed as we walked to the Volvo car sitting in the lot.
"Uh huh" I blushed a little. I cocked my head to the side just intime to see Frank wipe a depressed look off his face. I wondered but didn't continue on the thoughts.

We drove back to my house. I was able to stay there, Vampire or not. Frank an his grandmother helped me train. Mikey wasn't in high school yet, I was only grade 10. I thought he was going to New York Youth Academy. A private school for younger kids his age. NOPE. He goes to New York Youth Academy. A private school for the Supernatural kids his age. The school focused on the training, an histories of the species that were there. Mikey explained everything about it. The figure of the building, the uniforms, the School Crest an how it was a werewolf, a Shadowhunter, a vampire, and a Faerie holding a Phoenix lighting up in flames, surrounded by the trolls, centaurs, an other creatures that attended the fancy Academy.

We walked into the backyard to begin the training. Yesterdays, Wall jumping didn't go as planned. I kept asking Frank why he didn't go to the Academy for kids our age, he shrugged it off an kept teaching me how to throw daggers.
"I took Archery in summer camp dude, they teach you knife throwing too"
"Oh really" He grabbed a blade from the backyard table. Silver dagger.
"ALACAMIA" He yelled an the blade shone with the light of a thousand suns, so naturally, extremely blinding.
"A Silver blade, carved from the silver that only the Metal-Brothers can touch when it is so pure. Shadowhunters would kill for a blade like this, but they can only use Merana blades" He talked quickly about the Shadowhunters, an the blades. I absorbed every word he spoke.
"GEEEEEE" Mikey called standing in the backyard doorway. I looked over to see Mikey handing me the house phone.

"Hello" I placed the device to my ear, it was warm so Mikey must have talked to this person.
"Gerard? Oh hey" KELLIN !!
"Oh umm hey Kel-Kellin" I tried hard not to squeal at his deep voice, even if it was deep because the speaker in the phone was broken.
"Hey, So. Mikey told me you liked me an I was wondering if you wanted to go out Friday night cause I like you an-" He was talking so fast it was hard to keep up, I squealed, accepted the offer an hung up the phone. I was acting like a 14 year old fangirl but I didn't care.
Kellin & me were going on a date.

With all the excitement I didnt realize I had fallen to the floor. Frank stood laughing at me, he couldn't catch a breath he was doubled over in laughter.
Man hes adorable when he laughs.
WHAT, no I didnt just think that.
But he soooo Is

I watched laughing myself as Frank laughed harder. I stood up an helped him catch a breath, while he was still huffing for air he managed to ask what had happened.
"Kellin asked me on a date Friday, I said Yes" I smiled from cheek to cheek. Frank heard this, sucked in a breath an frowned. Clearly the laughing stage was over.
"Come on, lets get back to work" He walked into the house an came out with a box of more daggers to show me. I stared into the box an all I could think was...

What the hell just happened to Frank?

[*Soooo.. Whatcha think, was this any better? hope you liked. R&R guys, love you
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