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I hope you had the time of your life

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Okay so I literally am sick.. But apparently when you dont use your computer for week it doesnt like to work. So This chapter might be a little short. Sorry guys.

I sat in the living room. Waiting for the bell to ring, the ring that decided my whole love life. Frank an Mikey sat in the living room with me. It was the night of my Kellin date. I was in black skinnies, a Misifts tee, an I even drank like 3 bags of blood before I got Mikey to do my hair.

Being a vampire means I cant eat anything for the life of me. No pasta, no burgers, no nothing. Its very rare that I can get something down without it coming back up. I can drink things though, anything I want to drink I can. Ever seen a drunken Vampire? I could be one ya know !!

I slipped on my converse waiting for the door bell.
"You don't have to do this ya know" Frank came up behind me in the hallway.
"Why? I want to"
"I know, but think of your training, He could get in the way of everything" I looked at Frank so puzzling. He stood with his hands in his pockets, not really noticing me.
"Frankie? Whats wrong?" He looked down at me as I tied my shoe.
"What? nothing Gee, why do ya ask?" I stood up an grasped his hands, he was kinda sweaty but I just flicked his hair away from his eyes an didn't bother about it.
"Whats really wrong?"
"Gerard, I cant lie to you. I think I-"

I dropped his hands an whipped around to open the door. Standing there was Kellin, in blue jeans an a Green Day top. I shuddered an stepped outside, waving goodbye to the brother an Frank.
I saw Frank looking sad before I shut the door behind me an walked to Kellin's car.
"You look nice" I said to Kellin as we crawled into the black Camry at the end of my driveway.
"Thanks, you too" We both could see one another blush as we pulled away from the house an made our way down to the restaurant.

15 minutes later Kellin pulled up outside an old Italian restaurant an we made our way to the door.
"Table for 2?" The lady asked. Eyeballing Kellin an I. Gayness wasn't yet something people could deal with. But we didn't really care.

We sat at the table an we ordered drinks. Root beer for Kellin, Iced tea for me. When the lady came back with the drinks, Kellin an I ordered some pasta. She glanced almost lovingly at Kellin before she made her way back to the kitchen with the slip of our order. I didn't pay to much attention until the waiter at the next table did the same thing. I started to wonder what was going on. Was he a regular here? Did he have something special with all these people?

I placed those negative thoughts out of my head before I did something I'd regret. We talked about music, school, Mikey, an then the subject of Frank came up.
"Well, What do you want to know about Frankie?" I could hear his voice harden as he replied.
"For starters, why are you always with him?"
"We're friends"
"I know, but I can see the way he looks at you. Do you have something going on with that twerp?"
I didn't know how to respond. So I took a deep breathe an assured him nothing was going on with Frank an I.
"But hes so weird. Why are you hanging with him? You could hang with me an Mikey but you don't"
"He's not weird" I whispered just barely.
"Your right" I looked at him, maybe those 3 little words changed his mind.
"Hes fucking crazy" Never mind.

I rose from my chair, slamming the cup I was holding until it shattered onto the table. Kellin just stared as I grabbed my jacket an headed for the door.
"He's more a man then you'll ever be Kellin" I swung open the door an made my way down the street to my house.

~~~~~~~~~~~ GEE'S HOME~~~~~~~~

I slammed into the front door as it swung open to reveal Mikey an Frank watching some monster movie.
"Gee whats wrong?"
"Kellin is an asshole" Mikey stood up an looked puzzled before heading into the kitchen to make us some coffee.
"What happened?" Frank sat me on the couch an placed his hand on my lap as he sat beside me.
"He made fun of you" I whispered.
"What was that?"
"He made fun of you" I yelled. Frank jumped back at my tone.
"You didn't have to defend me Gerard. I know how much you like Kellin" I thought I saw a tear drip from his hazel eyes an I held his chin in my grasp. I could feel him shudder under my gentle touch an I blushed a little.

"Why did it take me so long to know that the guy I love is right here" His eyes widened as I placed my hand on his head an forced our lips together, seconds later we were wrapped in each others arms. Our tongues fighting for the dominance of the other.

We stopped the make out session when we heard cups shatter. We turned around to see Mikey pretending to gag as the cups crashed to the ground in the kitchen doorway.

We sighed an Frank placed his cigarette tasting tongue back into my mouth. I fought back until I lay over top of Frank, his tattooed hands exploring under my shirt.

Thats when I knew it.
I loved him.
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