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As you know. The dfficulties might be fixed. Im not exactly sure yet.

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So, I got a new laptop like a week ago, an i've been adding some shit, an transffering stuff an downloading new songs an going to school an everything in my life now so this actually should work now. Lets try shall we. If this doesn't work. Look for LEAN ON ME PT 2. Okay. Them im complaining to this fucking site an everything will be good. So dont hate me IM TRYING PEOPLE!!!!!

Frank, Mikey an I sat on the couch, in total silence. No one wanted to speak of the minutes that just passed. Frank was sitting on the couch opposite me, Mikey on the arm chair. My mother came down a few times, not wanting to speak either as she could sense... Awkward moment.

"Soo.." Mikey pipes up from behind the glasses.
"So" Frank replies sharply.
"Yup" I add.
"What did I just walk in on?" Mikey placed both feet on the ground an hunches over to better here the story. He would probably be recalling Frank on top of me, making out, hands exploring my cold body. Wandering where they wanted, anywhere he wanted. Mikey had to pry Frank off me, when Mikey went to shove him off Frank reacted on instinct and dug his nails into my back. I got really turned on by this and kissed him harder. Mikey gagged a little before finding the strength to separate us.
"Well.. When 2 people have the hots for one another th-" Frank blushed at my words but Mikey gave me a dirty look.
"Gerard. You kissed Frank"
"Im well aware who I place my lips on" Frank giggled quietly.
"Bu-But if Kellin finds out, he'll kill Frank"
"Franks a blood sucking demon, no offence babe" I placed a hand over the couch to rest on his knee. I felt his blood suddenly go really cold as it raced through his veins.
"Gerard, you kissed Frank. Your little vampire tutor person" Mikey wasn't trying to be rude, he just couldn't grasp the concept of his gay brother making out on his couch that he can happily play video games on all day.

"Don't worry Mikey, that was a one time thing" Frank looked into his lap as he spoke, I felt my heart shatter, well, if it still beat it would shatter. I couldn't even breathe. Next thing I knew, Mikey an Frank were standing over me, I Was on the ground.
"Gerard can you hear me?"
"He cant die so hes fine, but GEE" Mikey screamed. I opened my eyes, I felt so groggy.
"What happened?"
"You, ugh blacked out an fell over when Frank was done talking"
"I'm sorry Gerard" Frank spoke quietly as Mikey headed into the kitchen to make some tea, Frank helped me onto the chair an he sat close to me. I let my head fall over on his shoulder, I felt him start to brush my hair. It felt comforting.
"I'm sorry I made you do that"
"Do what Frankie?"
"...kiss me" I looked into his golden eyes. I couldn't breathe again, but I wasn't gunna pass out.
"Frank" I took his hands into mine an I could see him looking at my eyes. Maybe he felt the same warmth in mine as I did in his.
"You didn't make me do that. I meant what I said, I should have noticed how you felt. I hate Kellin. I honestly do, your the only person I want to see right now, that I want to kiss right now" He leaned in an connected our lips, I could feel that hotness from before, every emotion I had before was now flooding back. We could hear Mikey run upstairs for cover but we continued getting hotness out of this moment.
"mhm Gerard?" Frank bit my lip an made me moan a little.
"Yah baby?"
"Will you go out with me?" I deepened the kiss, allowing my tongue to explore, fighting for dominance as he pushed me to lay down on the couch, bringing our bodies closer.
"I'll take that as a yes" He giggled as I pulled down on his head bringing him closer. I didn't want to hear his soft voice, I wanted to feel his warm, cigarette, minty breath on my skin. I moaned into his mouth an he dug his nails into my back pulling our bodies up against one another. We broke the kiss only for a second, I was able to get his form fitting black tee off his body quickly. He helped me with mine an he threw it carelessly across the room before we slammed our bodies back together. He started kissing down my neck, sucking lightly. I could feel his fangs press against them. I didn't whine or anything. I felt him bite a little, I could feel the warm blood brushing down my body, onto the floor. I could feel his cold, wet tongue licking the blood up to the marks, licking the wound clean. I shuddered under the touch. Not caring what he did at this moment.
"Sweet" He laughed a little as he licked the last of the drops, making me whine because the hotness of that was over.
"Enough for today baby" He pulled himself off me, I could see he didn't want to but that didn't matter.
"Aww.. Frankie why?" I whined like a child which made him giggle.
"Im hungry. Lets go hunting" I havent gone hunting yet, only with small animals. It was quite easy actually. He wanted to take me out human hunting soon but didn't think I was ready for it yet.

We pulled on our shirts an shoes an then headed for the back door. We would hunt at the forest not to far from here. We used the speed we had an were there in a matter of 2 minutes. Frank and I positioned ourselves behind a fallen tree, we could hear a deer not to far away. Frank was on about how it was exactly the same as hunting the little guys, every move you make is important to the kill. He ran to the deer an in one easy bite, had the creature on the ground, slowly letting the blood flow into his mouth. This didn't scare me anymore, knowing it was what I had to do next. I was waiting for the day he would let me get a person. We don't feed on humans often, only for training purposes or if theres nothing else left around us.

Frank returned wiping blood from his mouth.
"Your turn"
We could hear a smaller deer over by the edge of the forest. We chased him until he was roughly int he middle. Able to kill an not be seen by anyone. I quickly sank my teeth in an let the blood naturally redirect its course to my mouth rather then the slowing heart. It felt almost heavenly to taste something that wasn't bagged or bitter like the smaller animals he was use to.
"Frankie baby?" I asked walking up to the beautiful figure leaning against a tree.
"Whats wrong?"
"I want to have a person. An actual human"
"Eager much? okay, I think your ready. But there is something we have to get straight here"
"What babe?"
"We don't kill them, we take what we need an we let them heal. When I licked your neck during that kiss, it was so that the vampire saliva would heal it faster. You have to remember to lick it so the vampire spit will heal it faster. We. do. Not. Kill. Got it?"
"Got it" I nodded my head an we ran off out of the forest.

We came around the corner of the alley way just a little to see what we could target. We could hear drunk teens laughing, adults coming out of the near by corner store, an others just casually strolling through the night.

A young teenager. Boy, around our age, was walking through the alley, headphones blaring, killing my ears. Stupid sensitivity. Frank ripped out the headphones, pulling out the cord to make the music blare loudly down the street. No one came to investigate or pay any attention. Frank threw the boy on the ground an whipped back the hood far enough to allow his teeth to get to the neck, the boy was bleeding from the head. I licked the blood but had to run to a trash can to throw up. Frank took his mouth off the boys neck an leaned over to puke too.
"Ger-Gerard? are you okay?" Frank came over to me, still getting sick every now an then.
"The blood.. What was wrong with it?" I wiped my mouth clean, an sucking in cool air to get the taste out of my mouth.
"It was poisoned" He looked down at the body. I took out my phone to light the extremely dark alleyway. We leaned over the body to see the blood wasn't red, it was bright florescent purple, I took my phone away from the blood on the concrete an it started to shine.
"Frankie.. whats that?"
"V-V-Vampire hunter blood. Its poisoned so that an-any touch from one of us an it'll get us sick, enough blood in the system an it'll kill" I ran over to Frankie an wrapped him in my arms.
"Im fine Gee, I threw it all up" I kissed his forehead an bent down over the body, careful not to touch the blood on the hoodie.
"Lets see who this guy really is" I removed the black, blood stained hoodie carefully from his body, removing it all. I suddenly got a wif of the smell of him. It was so familiar. Like I smelt it only hours before. I took out my phone an shined it on the unconscious boys face. I fell back onto the ground hard, Frank gasped.

The reason the smell was so familiar, is because its recent to me.
The boy under the hoodie wasn't just anyone. Not just any vampire hunter.
Nope, this boy, was none other then...


WELL what do you think. I apologize okay, This is working now if you read all that..
But Im trying I got the new laptop an everything so its working now. I will update on Thursday, Im sorry it took forever. This fucking site, I will be complaining now so that it'll work properly. Wish me luck on the next fucking chapter people

I do love you.
Dont hate me.
I'll be back.
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