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Chapter 6?

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(lean on me) Chapter 6: This is the moment.

We walked into the living room. Frank was holding Kellin like he was bride. A vampire hunter bride that just got partly drained by my boyfriend.
I sighed. I loved that word.


"It just rolls off the tongue" OOPS that wasn't in my head. Frank looked over at me puzzled an Mikey giggled a little as he came down the stairs.
"What happened?" He stopped dead in his tracks (see what I did there :D) when he saw Kellin's limp body in Frank's little arms.
"Umm... I- Gerard an I- Well just me- but I didn't mean to- I just- sorta"
"Sank his teeth into the innocent bystander. Who just so happened to be Kellin. Your best friend" Mikey stared at us for a few seconds. Then doubled
over in laughter. Apparently almost draining his best friend isn't the biggest issue in the world.
"Breathe Mikey" he stopped laughing like a duranged kangaroo long enough for him to help Frank get Kellin to the couch.
"So, why is he all shiny an purple?" Mikey asked taking some liquid onto his bony finger.
"Don't touch that Mikes. It's Vampire Hunter blood"
"You drank this?" He turned to Frank. Frank just simply nodded an took a seat on the chair. I sat on his lap, wrapping my arms around his neck, making
sure he was okay was the first thing on my mind right now.
"Frank, are you sure your okay baby?" He just simply nodded an buried his head into my neck, pulling me closer.
"Well, Im going to see how badly Mr.Quinn is fucked up over there" Mikey ran to the side of the couch. He more like skipped, but we're moving on from that.
He watched at Kellin stirred a bit, then with 3 blinks and a pain induced groan, Kellin was up off the couch an chilling on the chair, opposite Frank and I.
I kissed Frank passionetly, as I knew Kellin was watching. I heard a groan come from Kellin and I released Frank from my power grip. He smirked a little, an then
turned his attention onto Kellin.

We sat in silence, all 4 of us, for about 10 minutes. Before Mikey interupted the silence.
"So, anyone want some blood? I'll get it from the kit-" Everyone glared at him. To early for blood apparently.
"Can I leave?" Frank whispered in my ear.
"No" He stared at me like I was insane.
"GeeGee pleeeease?!"
"No Frankie"
"Okay, so I'm guessing no one wants to be here. Kellin? Do you want me to drive you home?" Mikey asked grabbing his keys from the coffee table an slipping on his
"Sure" Kellin stood up, wobbled a bit, then made his way slowly towards the door.
They left,
"Which gives us... Plenty of time alone" I turned to Frank an kissed him on the cheek.
"Um no" Frank shoved me off, I landed with a THUD on the floor. I scratched lightly at his leg like a kitten an whining like a puppy.
"Please Frankie. I miss you sooo much" I started to make my way up to his thighs, running my fingers over his zipper, then slowly creeping my hands up his shirt. He
pushed my hand away. I whined a little more an he had to look away so he didn't give in.
"No Gerard. Not tonight" I stood up, flicked my hips an walked to the kitchen like a sassy diva.
"Fine then, but when your craving this later. It's not gunna be there" I walked into the kitchen, I turned around just in time to see Frank turn on the TV an put his head in his hands.

He wants this.
He wants this BAAAAAD.

Whatcha think?
Sorry it was short, and it took so long,
alot more this weekend since im at my dads :D
Cant wait?!!??1
Neither can I!!
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