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Help a poor 'ol fella out please?

by OhmyGee 7 reviews

'Cos you guys are just so freakin' terrific and awesome and smart and amazing...ya'll read this?

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Okay, so my problem is that, in English class, we need to write a persuasive essay...i know, right? My first topic was, "Can we ban all children ages seven to eighteen from Disney Land?" Then the bitch right in front of me just had to say "Why would you wanna do that? You're so mean!"...ugh, she always does shit like that... Anyways, my second topic was, "My Chemical Romance is not Evil." But no, English teacher said no.Then i was going to do topics 'bout FicWad but, nobody at mah school knows what it is so, no.

Basically what I'm saying, or asking, or pleading,is i need desperate help on finding a topic for the essay. I also wanted to do 'Obama Care' but, too hard...I also only have like, a day or two for it to be finished and handed in.

So if you would be so kind to help me out with a topic or idea, i will bow at your fucking feet...literally. I will love you forever if you do. Please?

P.S. Sorry for blowing up Ficwad with all the damn spamming...i hate to do it, but I'm really this desperate.
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