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The Chosen One

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What I got from you. :3

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Okay, ya'll really, really did help me out A LOT. I have decided to go with two of them. Gay rights and why 'frerard should be allowed in papers.
Last time I wrote a frerard and turned it in, teach was all like "nu-uh. What is this? Is that a...Oh goodness thats a PENISES!" Then I get F's and sent to the office.

And the second topic that was submitted by Eveey, (Vi0lencet) 'In defense of Flogging'
So I wrote a three hundred worded paper on why Corporal Punishment is okay.

All of you were really fuckin' helpful, and you don't even know it. ya'll helped me with future papers....i can write papers...just not pervasive essays...mainly because someone is telling me what to write and I can't make it a fanfiction with "two penises"...

Anyways, thank you all for helping me out. It really means alot to me. Also, I would have done this as an indivsual author response, but i'm too,lazy and i'm on my phone.
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