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Are you interested? I'm interested!

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I really hate to leave the story as is, and it was never supposed to be this way anyway. I just got stressed out and figured it would be easier to permanently pause the story. Now that things are better (not really, but I have more writing time at least) I'd really like to give this story a proper ending. There is still so much more, and I still have auditions to put in to the story... gory deaths, and romance. I still have so much more for this story!

So I guess I'm just asking... Is there anyone out there that is still interested? I'll write it if you'll read it, and give me feedback. I'm kind of terrible in the way that feedback drives me to continue.

But please, do let me know.

And in the time being... here is a taste of how things will be if the story is continued:


Gerard woke with a start, finding himself unable to breath. He let out a strangled cry, which woke Rian from her deep slumber. She stopped mid-yawn as she realized something was wrong. “Gerard?” She whispered his name, causing shivers to run through his body.

It was just a dream. No, not a dream. It was a fucking nightmare. Gerard gasped, breathing in air violently as he tried to force the realization that Rian was still alive. He hadn’t killed her. She was safe, and she was his.
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