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Age Is But A Number

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Age doesn't matter when you're in love... or does it?

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New day at school, same old timetable, same old bullies, somethings never change. I made my way into the classroom greeted by Mr. Toro's warm smile.

“Sorry I'm late sir.” I mumbled.

“Take your seat Raven, I’ll speak to you after the lesson.” He said seriously.

I nodded and took my seat at the back next to Acantha, probably the only person who treated me like a human being at this school. Well the only student anyway.

“You're half an hour late to lesson, what happened?” She whispered.

“I got caught up in something.” I whispered back.

“This is the fifth time this week Rae, Mr. Toro isn't going to be impressed with you.”

“That's what I'm hoping for.” I mumbled.

“Right class everyone get on with your work, Raven, with me.” He said walking out of the classroom.

I sighed and followed him outside. I closed the door behind me before he dragged me over to the small store closet. He forced me into the corner and shut the door behind him.

“Mr. Toro, I-” He cut me off by forcing his lips onto mine.

I moaned in pleasure and ran my fingers through his thick curly hair as he gently ran his long fingers up my skirt and across my inner thigh. I gasped as I felt his warm finger run across my lacy knickers, gently brushing against my clit.

“Your wearing my favourite underwear.” He smiled.

“Yes sir.” I blushed slightly.

“Well as much as like them on you, I’d prefer them on the floor.” He laughed.

I giggled slightly and kissed him again.

Okay, so I was in a relationship with my teacher, it's no big deal, I was in my last year of high school, as soon as I finished it'd be alright for us to date. I mean, I'm eighteen years old, surly I'm aloud to choose who I want to go out with.

At times he could be really rough with me and occasionally it has left marks on my skin, but I liked it rough, I enjoyed it when he hurt me. But whenever I thought about what my parents would think or anyone else for that matter, it made my heart ache.

We made our way back to class and I took my seat at the back again while Mr. Toro continued with the lesson.

“So what did he say to you?” Acantha asked.

“What?” I snapped.

“Mr. Toro, is he mad at you or something?”

“Oh yeah, I got an after school detention with him again. He just said I need to learn to arrive on time, or something like that, I wasn't really paying attention.” I laughed making myself sound like a rebel.

Well I wasn't going to tell her the truth now was I?

“Okay class, we've only got a few minutes left of the lesson so you can all go home. Raven stay behind.” Mr. Toro said.

“When will you learn to be on time?” Acantha asked leaving the room.

“Never.” I laughed.

She giggled and left the room, leaving me and Ray alone.

“So!” He snapped. “You think it's funny not be on time huh?” I stayed quiet. “You think you can just turn up whenever you want?”

I looked down trying to hold in my laughter as he walked around the classroom closing and locking the door and windows. He pulled down the blinds so no one could look in and see us.

“Well I'm going to teach you a lesson you won't soon forget.” He hissed.

God I love it when he talks rough.

He grabbed hold of me and forced me on one of the tables. I shirked knowing it's what he wanted. He grinned as he pulled out the black scarf from my bag making my heart race. He forced the material into my mouth and tied it as tight as he could.

“I can't have you making any noises that would draw attention to us now can I?” He asked softly as he stroked my cheek.

I moaned and shook my head.

He laughed and placed a kiss over the gag slightly touching my lips.

I know it was dangerous doing it in the classroom but that's what added to the excitement. There was a chance of us being caught, but we knew we wouldn't.

He slipped his hand up my skirt and slowly pulled down my pants, teasing me with every movement.

He slipped one of his fingers into my vag and slowly moved it around.

My breathing increased and my moans grew louder but still muffled by the gag.

“Imagine if someone caught us right now.” Ray whispered. “We'd have to kill them wouldn't we?” He chuckled.

I laughed and nodded.

I loved his sick imagination, his wild yet sadistic fantasies, they always turned me on.

Kinda sucky start but it gives you an idea on what the story is about
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