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I sat in the music room with Jake and his friends even though I’d much rather be in the dinner hall with Eva, Gerard, Ray, Molly, Rees, Sara, Miranda and Mikey. Why did I have to agree with everything Jake said anyway? It wasn’t like he was even talking to me. He was sitting with his friends in a little circle talking through the lines of the play. I was annoyed to see that Karen was with them, saying all of Audrey’s lines. Most of the time I pretended to like Karen but honestly, I think she’s one of the most irritating people I’ve ever met. I especially hated it when she talked to Jake because she flirted with him all the time!

This was particularly annoying. I’d told Jake I disliked him talking to Karen so much and he’d told me to get over myself. However whenever I talked to my ex-boyfriend Joe, he’d throw a hissy fit and refuse to talk to me until I apologised. And Joe didn’t even flirt with me, not the way that Karen did with Jake. Sometimes I wonder why I’m even dating him.

My phone beeped with a message. I checked to see if Jake was watching and then pulled out my phone to check the message. I smiled when I saw who it was from I don’t care how far apart we are. We’ll be together Penina, I know we will.

“If you were so bored then why didn’t you just come and hang around with us?” Miranda asked when lunch was over and we walked into double English together “Jake wouldn’t have minded.”

“Oh listen to yourself.” I snapped “Of course Jake would’ve minded. Even if he’s not talking to me, he doesn’t like me going off by myself.”

“You wouldn’t have been by yourself. You’d have been with me and your other friends. I don’t understand, you have to hang around with his friends but he never bothers to get to know yours.”

“Miranda, it doesn’t matter.” I sighed “Let’s not get into this right now. You love Mikey and I uhh Jake. Now let’s just do some English.”

“Penina, how often can you be bothered to do work?” Miranda asked, sitting down next to me in our usual seat right in front of the teacher. We’re not nerds, we just happen to like our English teacher because she’s an old dear “And anyway, she hasn’t even started the lesson yet. Why can’t you just admit that Jake is a bit of a dick?”

“A bit of a dick?” I repeated, grinning as my phone vibrated in my pocket with a message “He’s a total dick.” I pulled the phone out of my pocket and sent a reply before shoving it back in my pocket.

“Who was that?” Miranda asked.

“Oh just Jake.” I lied “You know what he’s like.”

“He’s turning into a stalker!” Miranda cried.

“Look, it’s not like I haven’t tried to break up with him.” I sighed “Like I already told you, I tried to break up with him last Thursday. But the moment I said ‘look, this isn’t working out’ he started yelling at me and ran outside and started kicking and punching things. And then when I tried to walk home to get past, he started screaming at me and forced me to apologise to him and say it wasn’t true!”

“Break up with him over the phone? Slap him? You’ve slapped plenty of people before.” Miranda started counting on her fingers “Me, Karen, Joe-“

“In my defence, I wasn’t dating Joe when I slapped him.” I pointed out “He’d made you cry only a couple of weeks beforehand and he was getting on my nerves at the Alton Towers trip so I decided to shut him up by slapping him.”

Miranda groaned “Yeah but you’re missing the point. You can break up with Jake, it’s not just his relationship.”

“Well I suggested that we just take a week off from each other because we’re arguing nearly every second but he just got mad at me again.” I sighed “I don’t know what to do.”

We were snapped out of our conversation by our English teacher talking about ‘Lord of the Flies’.
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