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In IT I had to sit in between Jake and Eva. When Jake’s around his friends he acts like a total dick and it gets on my nerves. I’d talk to Eva but there’s no point. She’s a sweet girl and I love her but she doesn’t talk to anybody except Gerard. And even then he says she only whispers to him. So she pretty much relies on Gerard and her friends to talk for her. Only Gerard knows why she doesn’t talk and he refuses to tell us.

“Who are you texting?” Jake asked nosily as I pulled my phone out of my pocket and checked my messages.

“Just Miranda.” I lied, feeling my stomach twist with guilt as I said it. But surely this didn’t count as cheating on Jake, did it?

“Why do you have to text your friends when you’re with me? When you’re with me, that’s our time.”

That was so unfair that I couldn’t stand it. Last year just before Miranda’s fifteenth birthday her and Jake had had an argument about the amount of time me and Jake spent together and how Miranda was fed up of it. At Park Live Jake had been crying by the arena about how bitterly unfair his life was and Miranda had been crying at the grass bowl because I’d promised to meet her at three but Jake hadn’t let me go and tell her I needed to be with him right now. So obviously, Miranda hadn’t been happy and had bitched about him to Karen who had had to open her big fat gob and tell Jake. And then a huge argument erupted. It took me forever to convince them to be friends again.

So when it was Miranda’s birthday, I went over to her house for a sleepover and Jake had text me every two seconds and got mad at me when I didn’t reply. I’d managed to convince him to leave me alone for Miranda’s sixteenth birthday but he hadn’t been happy about it at all. Every time I was with Miranda or someone else then he insisted on texting me. Why couldn’t he just leave me alone?

“You’re not even talking to me!” I snapped “You’re just talking to your friends.”

“Are you saying I’m not allowed friends?” He asked me, getting angry.

Well I was getting angry too. How dare he be such a hypocrite? But Eva pulled on my sleeve so I just sighed and turned back to my IT work. She doesn’t like arguments and people yelling at each other. Jake went to argue with me again but I just turned to him and said “I’d rather talk about this in private so we’ll talk about it after school.” The last thing I wanted to do was argue with Jake again after school but I couldn’t let him scare Eva. So I just sighed and tried to concentrate on the lesson.

After lesson Miranda was waiting for me with Ray so that we could hang out with each other before choir. There was no play rehearsal tonight because they were still auditioning us so we had to hang around until quarter to five “Are you coming?” I asked Jake with a small smile, sort of praying that he’d say no. But he nodded and followed us to the art room silently.

When we got there, he might as well have not have come. He just on at a table at the edge of the classroom and didn’t make any effort to talk to me, Miranda or Ray. I know he doesn’t like me talking to other boys but he says he doesn’t mind Ray. Jake said that partly because Molly’s dating Ray and also because he said that Ray’s ugly. Which is not true, Jake’s just a shallow prat.

“Why are we here exactly?” Miranda sighed. She hates art but she likes hanging out with me since we hardly ever do that.

“We have to make a display for History and it’ll be up for open evening. It’s for our History club that me and Ray started.” I laughed “Karen said she wanted to join and then never showed up. Which I’m actually pretty happy about.”

Miranda giggled. She hated Karen just as much as I did even though she often hung round with her outside of school. ‘To act like we’re still friends’ she’d told me.

“I tried to convince Molly to join but she said it sounded nerdy and that she didn’t want to.” Ray shrugged his shoulders “I can’t force her to come.”

“That’s nice of you.” I grinned, flashing a look at Jake. He’d answered his phone. I think someone asked him to hang round with them but he said ‘no I’m with Penina.’ What was the point? He might as well have gone with the person who wanted to hang out with him because he wasn’t talking to me. Was he here just to keep an eye on me? God, how pathetic.

“Are you seriously Karen’s nephew?” Miranda asked Ray. He frowned and nodded “Well then that means Karen’s sister is your Mom. What’s your Mom like?”

“A lot like Karen.”

“Does she encourage your weirdness?” I asked him.

Ray shook his head “I don’t think she likes me or my sister but I don’t care. She was the one who got pregnant at sixteen. Her fault I’m here, not mine.”

“Well I think you’re awesome.” I said and earned a glare off of Jake. Why did he have to get jealous just because I’m complimented him?

At choir Jake was horrible. I sat down and he started yelling in my face about how I’d taken away ‘our’ time. Then he’d turned around to talk to his friend so I’d leaned over to talk to Miranda. She was sitting a couple of spaces away from me to avoid our argument because she probably thought it was all her fault. We weren’t talking about anything special but when I was in mid-sentence, Jake grabbed my arm and pulled me back to continue our argument. My phone buzzed in my pocket and my stomach did somersaults. Jake might be a complete dick but at least I had Frank’s text messages to make me feel better.
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