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I couldn’t check my phone for ages. After choir Jake started following me home and yelled at me the whole time. But I didn’t care. I pulled out my earphones and shoved them in my ears. This was fine for about one song but then Jake ran up behind me and pulled them out “Fucking listen to me when I’m fucking talking to you!”

“Why are you always in such a bad mood?” I asked, stopping my walking and turning to face him “Why can’t you just be happy that I have friends? I mean, you have friends. You see them nearly all the time. Yet you get angry when I’m with my friends. I don’t understand.”

“I am not always in a bad mood. Why are you being such a bitch? Are you going to apologise to me for being so stupid?”

I sighed and muttered “I’m sorry.”

“That’s better.” Jake smiled, hugging me “I’ll see you tomorrow, okay? Bye!” He kissed me and then walked off back to his house.

God, I hate him so much. Then I remembered my promise to Frank and sprinted home. The moment I got in, I switched on my computer in the kitchen and went on Skype. Luckily my Dad wouldn’t be home for ages and my sister had moved into university so I had ages to talk to him. Great! He was already online, waiting for him. I clicked his name and he answered. His face flashed on the screen and he grinned at me “Hey Beautiful.”

I should probably explain. My best friend is Miranda but I also have another best friend called Hozzie. She moved to Telford ages ago and since I live in London we can rarely ever meet up. So one week I went over to stay at her house. We messed around on Omegle with the camera on for a while making fun of everyone. For example, there were two guys who were brothers and they told us to show them our boobs. So Hozzie typed in ‘Suck his dick and we’ll do that for you and so much more.’ We didn’t think they’d actually do it but they started to! So I typed in bye really quickly and switched it off. They were so desperate to see our boobs that they-

Anyway, back to the point. Then we got talking to a super cute eighteen year old boy from America whose name was Frank Iero. For a while I was making fun of him and talking in an American accent but then I realised he was actually really nice and really cool. Hozzie got a bit bored of talking to Frank and went off to make us some pop tarts while I carried on talking to Frank. He gave me his Skype name and I promised I’d make one and add him. Then we exchanged phone numbers. Because he was cute, funny and kept complimenting me. I felt really lucky to have met him.

I’d talked to Hozzie about him for ages afterwards until she was fed up of hearing about him “If you like him that much then go out with him.” She joked and I’d laughed it off. But then things got a little more serious.

Just recently Frank had been telling me how much he loved me and how much he wanted to be with me. He kept telling me he’d move over here and start at a college so he could be with me. Nearly every day he sent me long messages about how beautiful I was and that he loved me more than anybody he’d ever met before. Jake often sends me messages like that but it’s not the same. Jake gets mad at me nearly all the time. Frank never seems to get angry. Even when I told him I couldn’t talk to him on Skype because I was sleeping over at Miranda’s. I thought he’d get upset and insist that I try and text him but he just smiled and told me to have fun and that we’d talk another day. Why couldn’t Jake be that relaxed? Why did he have to get mad about every small thing I did?

I smiled at Frank and blushed bright red “Hey Frank.”

I’d told Frank that I was dating Jake obviously. I’d bitch to him about what Jake had done or said and whenever I was upset, Frank would stay awake for ages telling me it was okay. For example, if I woke up at seven and sent him a message it would be about one in the morning in his country but he always sent me a message back. Every so often he’d say things like ‘you’ll realise you’re in a relationship that’s not going anywhere and see that you want to be with me.’ Is it bad that if Frank moved here I’d break up with Jake straightaway? I’m only with him now because Frank isn’t coming for over a year and anything could happen in that time.

“You don’t look very happy.” Frank pouted “What’s happened?”

“Just another argument with my boyfriend.” I told him everything that had happened.

“He really needs to get a life.” Frank said sternly “Next time, just slap him round the face. When I move over there, I’ll beat him up for being so rude to you. You don’t deserve any of that Penina. You’re way better than him and can totally do better.”

“Are you sure about coming over here?” I asked nervously.

“Do you not want me to?”

“Of course I want you to come over! I want that more than anything! It’s just that you’d be leaving all your family and friends behind me for me.”

“I would leave everyone behind if I could only be with you Penina.” Frank smiled at me “Have you told anyone about me besides that other girl with the brown and pink hair?”

“Hozzie? No, I’m too scared to tell anyone else.” I admitted “I don’t want anyone telling Jake. I know that Miranda would keep it to herself… Unless she felt bad for Jake and felt she had to tell him. I don’t know how she’d re-act. Maybe she’d ditch me for being a bad person.”

“You’re just talking to me. We’re not doing anything wrong.”

“We tell each other that we love one another all the time though. Doesn’t that count as cheating on Jake?”

“Of course not.” Frank smiled “Don’t worry Penina, soon you’ll realise that I’m the only guy you could ever want.”
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