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I felt so much better after my long conversation with Frank. We talked about Jake for a little while but then we started talking about random things. And then we started tweeting each other while talking over Skype. We tweeted each other all sorts of creepy things like I said to him ‘I peel your sun burn and make a table cloth’ and he said ‘I take threads from your clothes and create a teddy bear.’ This went on for a while until Frank said ‘I steal your underwear and make a scrap book of all the smells’ and then a whole user called ‘ScrapBookForever’ retweeted it!

“Why would they retweet that?” Frank laughed “Does it do it automatically if you say scrap book or did they read it and think ‘this will fit in great with my account’?”

“I like to think they read it and loved it.” I giggled.

Frank suddenly stopped laughing “I don’t like having this secret twitter account. I don’t like keeping all of this a secret from your ‘boyfriend’.”

“Neither do I, trust me.” I sighed “But I can’t tell him, not yet. I’ve told you what he was like today when I was talking to my friend Ray. He was so jealous that I thought he was going to hit me.”

“If he ever hits you then you tell me and I’ll get a plane ticket to London straightaway so that I can knock his teeth down his throat.” Frank hissed “Don’t think I’m joking Penina because I’m not.”

I went bright red and smiled at him “I love you Frankie.” It was the first time I’d said ‘I love you’ first and called him Frankie.

Frank smiled back at me “I love you too Penina, more than anybody in the whole entire world. Always remember that. This Jake guy doesn’t deserve you and soon you’ll realise that.” Frank blew a kiss at the camera “I’ve gotta go Beautiful. I promise to text you though. If you need to talk to me then don’t hesitate to text, phone or demand I come on Skype. I’d do anything for you.” I went bright red and smiled at him “Goodbye Penina.”

“Bye Frankie.”

And then he was gone and I was disappointed. I knew he had things to do other than talk to me and I had things to do as well but I just wasn’t in the mood to do anything else. There was some RE homework in my bag that I had to finish for tomorrow but Miss Berrynew hated me anyway so why should I bother to please her? My phone was flashing with messages from Jake but I didn’t want to talk to him even though I knew he’d get really mad at me the next day. Why should I bother to talk to him now when he just gets mad at me all the time?

I got up and walked over to the fridge. I’d been on Skype to Frank since I’d got in from school and now I was pretty hungry. But when I opened the fridge I found a sandwich that my Dad was gonna eat at school the next day (my Dad’s a teacher), some butter, some cheese and a mouldy tomato. I took a picture of the inside of my fridge and sent it to Miranda ‘So what should I eat?’

‘Eat that sandwich!’

‘My Dad would kill me. He wouldn’t be able to get any food for tomorrow at lunch.’

‘Eat whatever’s in that tin foil then. It looks tasty.’

‘I can’t wait to have a delicious dinner of cheese.’ I typed back ‘Whatever. I just won’t have any dinner then.’

Once I’d said that I still checked every single cupboard and draw. We literally had no food. Then luckily I found one slice of bread that didn’t seem to have any mould on it so I made myself a slice of toast. What a delicious dinner.

After dinner I stretched across the sofa and watched my ‘Big Bang Theory’ box set. It was pretty late and I was exhausted but I didn’t want to go upstairs to bed. I was okay with being left at home by myself but not overnight. I couldn’t sleep unless my Dad was in.

I did fall asleep in the end due to exhaustion. My Dad left me on the sofa so I was woken up by my dog Cookie jumping on top of me in the middle of the night. Cookie managed to fall asleep but I couldn’t. So I sent messages to Frank all night and ignored every last one of Jake’s.

“I love you Frank.” I whispered into the dark even though he couldn’t hear me “I hope you move here soon.”
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