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[A/N] - Sorry I didn't update again last night tdeeley but I was really tired :3 Oh well, here's my next update :D

Jake was mad at me the next day of course. It was annoying because I was in a bad mood after my sleepless night and I was still hungry because I hadn’t had any proper breakfast. I’d stopped at the corner shop on my way to school and had just about managed to afford a small bar of chocolate so I was still starving. And having him yell at me and forcing me to apologise for not texting me back was just making me feel way worse “Look, Jake, we’re clearly not working out-“ I started.

But he interrupted me straightaway “No Penina, don’t start talking all this shit again! We’re perfect for each other.”

“If we’re so fucking perfect then why are we arguing?” I snapped, storming past him and going to Maths. I knew he’d text me all morning and at break he’d be even worse but that wasn’t my fault.

I sat at the back of the classroom next to Ray. The only boy that I was allowed to talk to because apparently he was ‘ugly’. Whether he was ugly or not, he was sweeter and way nicer than Jake was. If Jake thinks I honestly only care about looks when it comes to guys then he obviously thinks I’m shallow.

Me and Ray talked about everything under the sun in Maths and I ignored all the buzzing messages in my pocket because I knew they’d all be off Jake. Ray managed to distract me for the whole lesson. But I couldn’t be distracted in History. I either had to listen to Karen prattle on about her stupid audition that was on Thursday or distract myself by thinking about something else. Unfortunately that something else happened to be Jake and how mad he’d be at me. Why did he have to get so mad at me all the time?

I tried to think of all the nice things he did for me. Like on Valentine’s Day he got me that large chocolate bar, bigger than my head and that teddy bear. He’d put all those sparkly sequin stuff in my card that went all over me. I kept finding it everywhere and I’m still finding bits of it now but it was still extremely sweet of him. And then there was that time one of the popular girls accused me of calling one of them a dumb bitch. A small group of them kept saying they were going to smash my face in. I was scared and so was Miranda but neither of us could do anything. But Jake wasn’t afraid. He went over and had a real conversation with me and got it all sorted out. They didn’t smash my face in.

Then there was the time on New Year’s Eve when I’d been at his house and since I had a head ache he let me go to sleep. When I woke up he was still holding me in his arms and he smiled at me and admitted he’d watched me sleeping. Miranda told me that she thought that was creepy but that was only because she hated him. Honestly, I thought it was kind of cute. Maybe I didn’t like the fact that Jake had done it but I wouldn’t mind waking up in Frank’s arms and having him shyly admit he’d watched me sleep.

I went bright red when I thought about Frank and I couldn’t help smiling. With a quick glance at the teacher to make sure she wasn’t listening, I checked my phone under the table. All of the messages were off Jake. None of them were from Frank. I frowned and put my phone back in my pocket. But what did I expect? He was probably asleep.

My thoughts were interrupted by Karen prattling on “Wouldn’t it be awkward if I got Audrey and Jake got Seymour?” She giggled “You wouldn’t get jealous, would you Penina?”

I was furious. I wasn’t allowed to talk to Joe yet Jake was allowed to talk to Karen. How would Jake feel if I got the part of Audrey and Joe got the part of Seymour? He got mad at me when mine and Joe’s photos were next to each other on a gifted and talented board for crying out loud. And Jake was the other side of me on the photo board. It wasn’t like I’d arranged the photo’s myself so it was ridiculous of him to get angry.

Maybe I did hate Jake just a little bit.

At break time I tried to avoid Jake because I didn’t want him to yell at me. I sat with Miranda, Mikey, Molly and Ray “Where are Reese and Sara?” I asked.

“They’re getting a form off Mr Circle to see if they can leave school at lunch time and stuff.” Miranda pouted “I’d go but I know by the time I’d walked to Oakengates it’d be time for me to walk back again. I’d just be late for lesson all the time.”

Mikey laughed and kissed her cheek “That’s just ‘cos you’re lazy.”

Miranda pretended to be shocked “Hey, I’m not lazy! Not like you who didn’t get out of bed until one in the afternoon on Saturday! I was so bored that I had to go downstairs and watch horror movies with Gerard. And I don’t like horror movies. Also, you got all jealous when you woke up.”

“Well I love you; I can’t help getting jealous sometimes.” Mikey pouted and Miranda giggled before kissing his cheek. Maybe Jake only yelled at me because he got jealous?

“Penina? Why are you in here? Come to the music room, you always hang around with me, you know that by now.” That was Jake of course.

I groaned but stood up obediently and followed him. On the way I checked my phone again. I grinned. Frank had finally text me back.
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