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I dunno why Jake dragged me to the music room. He didn’t talk to me, just sat with his creepy little group of friends and read over all the parts in the play. Not that I cared. I just sat in the corner texting Frank, smiling to myself whenever he replied “Who are you texting?” Jake demanded to know when the bell rang for third lesson.

“Just Miranda.” I replied, shoving my phone in my cardigan pocket quickly “I’ll see you later.” I went to walk away.

But Jake grabbed my wrist and pulled me back “That’s it? Just ‘see you later’? You’re not gonna say ‘I love you’ or anything?”

‘It’d just be a lie.’ I thought in my head but I apologised, told him I loved him and kissed him and then finally he let me go. This meant I was late for Science and got into trouble. Jake never got into trouble because all the teacher’s loved him even though he was pretty stupid. Nearly every teacher hated me even though I tried my best in nearly every lesson. The teacher who hated me the most was Miss Berrynew who taught me RE. I forgot my RE book once and now every lesson she nags at me to leave my book behind because apparently I ‘always’ forget it. When I got a B on my RE test she yelled at me for ages. And now I’m in bottom set for RE, PE and IT.

“Why are you so late?” Ray asked me.

“Because I have a boyfriend.” I replied, texting Frank under the table.

After school we had our auditions. I sat in the corner of the room and watched Jake rehearsing his lines again. Miranda came in and grinned at me “I’m gonna go practice the chorus dance. Do you wanna come and practice too?” I went to stand up but Jake shot me a look and I sighed, sat down and shook my head. Miranda rolled her eyes “Alright fine. Your loss.”

“Don’t Miranda.” I muttered, lifting up my words and starting to sing the solo song as she walked off to practice. My throat started to feel a little funny but I ignored it. I’d had a cold and bad throat for a few days now but it had been feeling better today. So I kept on singing. I smiled. Maybe this year I’d finally get a decent part.

Miranda went off to her audition and I wished her good luck. While she was gone, Jake and some of his friends started rapping the song ‘downtown’ from our school play little shop of horrors. I suppose it was pretty funny but it wasn’t the way he’d act if it was just the two of us. He looked over his shoulder and saw me texting Frank “You can’t be texting Miranda.” He hissed, storming over to me “So who are you texting Penina?”

“You don’t tell me who you’re texting half the time!” I snapped, shoving my phone back in my pocket “It’s none of your business Jake, I’m allowed to have friends.”

“Oh so you’re cheating on me?”

“No, of course not!” I ran my fingers through my hair, trying to think of someone I could’ve been texting “It was just my Dad, wishing me good luck for the audition.”

“Well you’ve been texting him for nearly an hour.”

“Why is that a problem? Am I not allowed to talk to my Dad anymore? Are you afraid I’m flirting with him?”

“Don’t get sarcastic with me Penina; I’m just trying to look out for you.”

I was getting sick of arguing with him by this point so I just didn’t reply. He shook his head at me and returned to his friends. I sighed and pulled my phone out of my pocket, ignoring the death glares off of Jake and reading as Frank put ‘One day I’ll meet you and you’ll realise we’re perfect for each other, okay? We’ll buy a house, have a baby and live together forever. You know that I love you Penina!’

‘I love you too Frank.’ I replied with a small smile which made Jake glare at me even more.

“It’s almost your audition.” Miranda beamed, walking into the room.

“How did yours go?”

“They said it was the best audition so far. For chorus obviously.” Miranda smiled “I know I said I’d wait for you but you’ll just hanging round with Jake and I’m hungry so me and Reese are gonna walk home together, okay?”

I minded a little because Miranda was supposed to be my best friend, not Reese’s but I guessed what she said was right. So I just smiled and said it was fine. All I seemed to do lately was lie to people about how I felt. Except for Frank who seemed to understand everything about me.

I got kicked out of the audition along with all the people who can’t sing or act. My voice disappeared during the audition and went all scratchy, croaky and quiet. So now I’m not getting a main part. But Jake was let through until the end of the auditions. Even though he can’t sing at all. And now he’s gonna brag about it all week.

After my audition I had to wait until Jake came out of his. Luckily I had Frank to text the entire time.
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