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The next day I got a call back but not for a main part. I had to re-audition for chorus. Luckily Miranda was in my audition too “It’s gonna be fun.” Miranda said optimistically “Honestly, there’s loads of us in there and we’ll just have a laugh.”

I glanced at Jake. He walked into the music room with his friends, barely noticing that I hadn’t followed him. I grabbed Miranda’s arm and shoved her into the girl’s bathroom “What’s going on?” She asked, looking confused.

I waited for the little year seven girls to walk out of the bathroom before saying “Remember that I told you I was talking to some guy over the internet called Frank?” Miranda nodded “Well he keeps saying he loves me, that he’s gonna move here and we’re gonna get together.”

I nodded “Yeah and well, I kind of tell him that I love him back. And I think I love him way more than Jake. And honestly, if he’d moved here a few months ago then I’d have dumped Jake ages ago.” Miranda giggled “Please don’t tell anyone?”

“Who would I tell?” Miranda asked.

I didn’t say anything. I knew that Miranda wouldn’t tell Karen or Jake or someone because she didn’t like them just much as they do. But she was starting to get really close to Reese and Sara and I wasn’t entirely sure whether she’d tell them or not. Outside of school she was hanging around with them more and more all the time. Though could I really blame her? I never hung round with her outside of school because Jake got really mad at me.

One time Jake was playing football and I was so bored that I asked Miranda if she wanted to hang out after school. Jake then said he was gonna come and see me so obviously I said I was with Miranda and he started saying he wanted to hang around with me even if Miranda was there. I told him to leave us alone but he got his Grandpa to drive around St Georges looking for the two of us. Luckily we were at ASDA in Donnington and then went to the park. It didn’t stop him phoning and texting me continuously until I had to turn my mobile phone off.

“Hey, everyone’s coming over on Saturday to watch The Hunger Games. Do you wanna come?”

“I can’t, I’m hanging around with Jake.” I shrugged my shoulders “I’m sorry.”

Miranda rolled her eyes “If you don’t even like him, then why date him?” And then she left the bathroom.

I sighed and checked my phone. Another text off Frank Hey Beautiful, I just woke up! Hope you’re having a great day!

Well I wasn’t having a great day. And I wouldn’t have a great day tomorrow with Jake, I could tell.

“Who are you texting?” Jake yelled at lunch time.

“It doesn’t matter. It’s not like you’re talking to me anyway-“

“I’m with my friends, fucking hell Penina don’t you want me to have friends?” Jake snapped, turning away from me.

I rolled my eyes, put my phone in my bag and didn’t check it for the rest of lunch. I just sat at the table drawing but Jake didn’t care. He barely paid attention to me.

After lunch I went into English. Miranda wasn’t sitting in her usual seat at the front where I’d sit next to her. She was sitting near the back next to Sara. I looked at her but she avoided eye contact. I bit my lip and sat down by myself at the front, holding back tears.
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