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After English, I couldn’t help but ask Miranda “Why did you sit with Sara instead of with me?”

“She’s having a bad day. You don’t know what she’s going through.” Miranda twisted a strand of her hair around her finger “Are you mad at me?” I shrugged my shoulders “Oh don’t give me that Penina. I didn’t get in a strop with you even when you left me by myself at Park Live.”

“That was different.”

“Yeah, it was. When you left me at Park Live my other group of friends walked off and I went around for an hour by myself. Then I phoned you off three different people’s phones and you still didn’t reply.” Miranda rolled her eyes “And that’s not the only time you’ve ditched me. You know that I could name heaps of times when you’ve ditched me. Sara was upset and wanted me to sit with her, is that such a crime?”

“I had to sit by myself.” I replied moodily even though I knew Miranda was right. I hadn’t wanted to ditch Miranda at Park Live; Jake had been sobbing his eyes out though. It was no different from Miranda wanting to comfort Sara. But I was in a bad mood from Jake yelling at me all the time and I couldn’t yell back at him in case he hit me.

Miranda didn’t get mad at me but just raised her eye-brows and said “Okay, why don’t you talk to me when you’re in a better mood?” And then she walked off to Science.

I rolled my eyes and went into Science then sat down next to Ray “Hey are we still going to Birmingham on Sunday?” Ray asked, smiling “Because it’s my birthday and I don’t wanna spend the day with my Mom.”

“Why not?” I asked.

Ray rolled his eyes “Because she just gets mad that I’m so weird. And she gets mad at my little sister too but I don’t really like my little sister either. She just moans at me all the time. She’ll be relieved when she hears that I’m going out to Birmingham for the day.”

“Well yes I’d still like to hang out with you on Sunday.” I smiled.

“Are you sure Jake won’t mind?”

“I’m hanging out with Jake tomorrow.” I replied “And anyway, you know what Jake thinks of you.”

“That he doesn’t mind me partly because I’m dating Molly and because I’m ugly.” Ray looked upset for a split second before smiling again.

“If it means anything, I don’t think you’re ugly.” I whispered “And neither does Molly.”

Our conversation was interrupted by our teacher starting the lesson. I turned around and started paying attention.

After school I had to wait outside Jake’s classroom for ages because he’d got an after school detention for not handing in his homework. I’d much rather have just walked straight home instead of waiting around for ages, giving him a quick kiss and then walking home. But I knew Jake would get really mad at me if I just walked off without him. I tried texting Frank to pass the time but he wasn’t replying to my messages. Had I upset him or something?

“I’m sorry I got caught up for so long.” Jake whispered, kissing me gently before asking “So what time are we meeting up tomorrow then?”

“I don’t mind, what time works best for you?”

“Umm about twelve? If you want to make it on time then maybe leave the house at eleven?” Jake laughed.

I never make it anywhere on time. I can’t help it. Even if I leave the house in plenty of time, something always happens to make me late. Like I’ll leave something at home and have to go back to get it. Or the bus will show up late. Or I’ll stop to stroke a cat and end up stroking the cat for half-an-hour. I just can’t help it!

I laughed and kissed Jake’s cheek “Alright, I’ll see you later. I’ve gotta go home now.”

“Okay, I love you Beautiful.”

“I love you too.” I grinned, kissed his cheek one more time and walked off.

When Jake acts like that, I can’t help but love him. When he doesn’t get mad at me and he’s sweet then I can’t help it. It makes me feel really bad about Frank. I checked my phone and felt relieved when I saw he hadn’t text me back.
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