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The next day I had to hang around with Jake. I made it up town on time but when I saw Jake I told him that he had to go straight home. You can always tell when Jake’s ill because, and I don’t know why, his lip swells up. His top lip stays fine but his bottom lip swells up huge. I shook my head at him “You’re ill Jake; we can’t hang around up town. Let’s just go back to your house and we’ll play Sims or something. But you can’t stay out like this.” So I brought him straight home and he got into his bed. I sat on the same bed and we played Sims all day.

He didn’t get mad at me at all. He was really sweet to me all day long. I didn’t go home until eight o clock but that might’ve been because I knew my Dad was going to my Mum’s for the day. It didn’t make a difference though. When I got home I was all by myself with the dogs.

I fed Cookie, Cracker and Biscuit then went to feed myself. Yet again, there was nothing in the fridge for me to eat. I groaned and went out to the corner shop even though it was already dark since it was winter. I brought myself a large bar of chocolate because I couldn’t afford any decent food that didn’t contain meat and went back home. For the rest of the night I sat in the living room watching new girl and eating chocolate.

Molly started texting me about how I was hanging out with Ray tomorrow on his birthday. I guess I can see why she’d be a little annoyed. I’d be pissed off if Karen insisted she was spending the day with Jake on his birthday even though I didn’t particularly love Jake that much anymore. So I text Ray to tell him I was inviting a couple of our friends to Birmingham. I invited Molly, Gerard and Eva. I considered inviting Miranda but her pm’s on BBM were getting on my nerves today. They shouldn’t have got on my nerves but they did. They were all about how she was hanging out with Reese and Sara and how great the day was going. Well, good for her. I was gonna have a great day without her tomorrow anyway.

I bit my lip at how selfish I was. I’d spent the day with Jake after all, why shouldn’t Miranda hang around Reese and Sara? After a while, I was fed up of sitting alone in my house not talking to anyone so I decided to phone Hozzie “Hey Hozzie. I need your advice on something.”

“No, don’t go on another diet.”

“I wasn’t planning to go on a diet.” I said, raising my eye-brows “No, you know that guy Frank I was talking to? I think I love him more than I love Jake. But I’m not sure. Frank keeps saying he’s going to come over to this country to be with me but I highly doubt he will.”

“Well, why don’t you stay with Jake for a while?” Hozzie suggested “Until you figure out what you’re doing with Frank. It’ll be a while before he shows up anyway.”

“Oh, okay.” We talked about random crap for ages until I was too tired to talk anymore. I laid back on the sofa and wished my Dad would come home soon.

I must’ve fallen asleep at one point and I woke up at seven to my alarm going off “Dad?” I yelled. He’d normally be awake first thing in the morning to finish marking some stupid tests. But he wasn’t home. I sighed and got up to get ready for Birmingham. Why did my Mom have to be so annoying and crazy? Poor Dad still had to put up with her. And they couldn’t get a divorce because he knew Mom would take all of his money and he’d have to pay her more than he does now.

I checked my phone but still no messages from Frank. So I decided to send him another one saying that I was at home alone and I was worried about my Dad to see if he’d reply. But he didn’t. I tried hard not to cry as I went upstairs and got into my favourite dress.

On the train on our way to Birmingham I got an angry message off of Jake ‘You invited Gerard, Eva and Molly but you didn’t invite me? What the fuck Penina?’

I groaned. He’d been so sweet yesterday. What had gotten into him? ‘You’re ill,’ I replied ‘Besides it’s Ray’s birthday and you know that if you were there I’d practically ignore Ray and just talk to you.’

My phone buzzed and I sighed, preparing myself for another stupid text from Jake. But it wasn’t from Jake. It was from Frank – ‘I’m sure your Dad will be home soon, don’t worry. Everything will be okay. I have a surprise for you but I don’t want to tell you yet. Just wait a while.’
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