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I pestered and nagged Frank throughout the whole day over text messages but he refused to tell me what the secret was ‘I’ll tell you soon enough’ he’d put and then didn’t reply. What could he possibly surprise me with?

The day was fun at Birmingham with Gerard, Ray, Molly and Eva. We went to an art museum and looked at all these creepy art statues. I read a little plaque that said the mouths actually contained human teeth which made me feel a little sick. And then we went to McDonalds for lunch so we could sit around talking. Well, Eva didn’t talk; she just listened and occasionally laughed.

“Are you still trying to break up with Jake?” Gerard asked me, munching on a chicken nugget.

I shrugged my shoulders “I don’t even know anymore.” But I did know that if Frank was in England, I wouldn’t have wasted another second with Jake. I’d have dumped him straightaway to be with Frank “I don’t like him I suppose but it’d be so awkward to break up with him and see him every day. We’ve been dating for a year and a half.”

“Mikey and Karen dated for nearly a year. He still dumped her to be with Miranda.” Gerard nodded “It was the right choice. I hate Karen so much.”

“Karen’s under the impression that you’re her best friend.” I replied and Gerard scowled. Obviously Gerard was too nice to be rude to Karen even though he hated her. His politeness made Karen think they were best friends. In fact the other day she had been boasting to me that she was closer to him than Eva was. Eva was actually standing pretty close by and overheard which really upset her but she couldn’t say anything about it “Just start ignoring her messages. And then she’ll get the message.”

“What message?” Ray asked dumbly.

I rolled my eyes “The message that he doesn’t like her. She’s flirting with you Gee, haven’t you noticed?”

Eva went bright red and looked down. Gerard took her hand “No, I hadn’t noticed because I already have a girlfriend and she’s perfect.” Eva looked up again and now she was smiling. Gerard kissed her cheek “I love you Eva.” Eva’s grin increased and she mouthed ‘I love you too.’

“I think you should break up with Jake.” Molly said, sipping her strawberry milkshake “I mean, he’s really clingy and gets mad at the most stupid of things. He’s gonna start hitting you soon if you don’t watch out.”

“Jake wouldn’t hit me.” I told her but I wasn’t certain. How could I ever be certain when it came to Jake?

Molly shook her head in disbelief but didn’t push the subject “I think we should go watch a movie or something.” Molly said “I’m really bored.”

“We can see a movie in Telford.” Ray laughed, putting his arm around Molly “We’re in Birmingham and it’s my birthday, we should do something special.”

“What do you wanna do then birthday boy?” I asked him with a small smile.

Turns out that all Ray wanted to do was go sit by some crap river and talk. It was fun though, especially when me and Eva shoved Molly into the river. She was soaking wet and furious but when she tried to pull me and Eva into the river, she just fell in again.

When I got home Dad wasn’t there but he’d left a note on the side saying ‘I’m sorting stuff out with your Mom. Here’s a fiver to get dinner. I won’t be back until tomorrow evening – D.’

I sighed, put my shoes back on and walked to ASDA to get something for dinner. Unfortunately I bumped into Miranda who was with Sara looking at some books. She noticed me and waved so I had to go over “How was Birmingham with Ray?” She smiled at me. She seemed to have forgotten all about our ‘fight’ the other day. Why did Miranda have to be so nice?

“It was good. So you two have been hanging out all day?”

“Yeah, we’re hanging out at Reese’s house with Mikey too. They were too lazy to come with us. We just came here to get chocolate but we got distracted by books.” Miranda laughed “We’d better go actually. Have a great evening.” Miranda waved at me and Sara smiled politely before they went off downstairs.

I rolled my eyes. Were the three of them joined at the hip? They were always together. They were together today, they were together yesterday… I didn’t want to feel jealous but I couldn’t help it. So I left ASDA and brought fish and chips from the chip shop instead. It was another night of aimlessly watching TV and eating crap. Not that it was any different when Dad was here.

Once I’d finished dinner I text Frank and started my art homework. Frank text back straightaway to say ‘I’ll tell you the secret in two weeks, okay? So quit pestering me haha :)’
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