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At school the next day Miranda moved back into her normal seat as if nothing had happened. We weren’t allowed to talk to each other though because we were supposed to be taking notes on the book ‘Lord of the Flies’ for our exam on Thursday. After English Miranda had PE and I had IT which meant that I had to sit with Jake and Eva. Jake was being extra annoying, prattling on about our one year and seven month anniversary which was on Thursday.

“You don’t look too excited about it.” Jake told me with a pout.

I looked at him “It’s not exactly something to get excited about Jake.” His pout turned into a look of puppy-dog sadness “Well it isn’t. If it was our two year anniversary then I could understand why. But it’s basically just another day.”

Surprisingly Jake didn’t get angry, he just looked upset. But then his friend slapped him on the back and said something so Jake laughed and turned away from me. I looked at Eva who just shrugged her shoulders. I bit my lip and pulled a funny face making Eva giggle. But I couldn’t make myself laugh or smile. Everything was falling apart around me. Miranda was starting to prefer hanging around with Reese and Sara than me. Jake was getting on my nerves more and more every day. Now even Frank was starting to text me less and less.

I remembered how ages ago Miranda had told me that if I didn’t stop obsessing over Jake then when we finally broke up, I’d have no friends. At the time I’d just shrugged it off and not believed her. But she had been right all along. I still had Ray but he had Molly who didn’t like us hanging around so much by ourselves. I had Gerard too but he had a girlfriend too Eva who he preferred to be with alone because then she’d talk to him. And then who did I have? A boy I’d met over the internet who wasn’t replying to my messages as much anymore.

I guess I still had Jake but for how long? He was annoying me and I was still attempting to break up with him. Maybe the reason that I couldn’t break up with him wasn’t because he yelled at me when I tried to. Maybe it was because honestly, I hated the thought of being alone. What kind of girl did that make me? Staying with a boy that I hate just because I don’t wanna be a loner.

“Are you okay Penina Kitten?” Jake asked in a sickening voice.

I nodded my head quickly and carried on working on my stupid Halloween radio advert. Finally the bell rang for the end of the lesson and we could escape “Hey come on Penina, aren’t you coming to the music room?”

“I just need to use the bathroom.” I muttered “I’ll meet you in the music room.” I shoved past him and into the bathroom. Luckily I made it to the toilet just in time before puking.

“Are you okay?” A voice from outside asked. The voice sounded young. Maybe they were in Year Seven. Oh god, why couldn’t they just leave me alone?

“I-I’m fine.” I replied but I’d stuttered and my voice sounded choked. I definitely didn’t sound fine.

“I’m gonna go and get a teacher.” The voice told me worriedly.

“No, don’t!” I cried but I heard the door to the toilets swing open and then slam shut again. The silly little year seven had ran off to find a teacher. It took me a moment to realise that I was crying “I’m such a baby.” I muttered, wiping away my tears.

“I got Mr Coles.” The voice said, running into the bathroom “He can’t come in so he says you need to come out.”

“I told you not to get anyone!” I snapped, coming out of the bathroom. The year seven looked scared and hid inside a cubicle. I rolled my eyes and left the toilets.

Mr Coles was a History teacher, assistant principle and worked with the kids who were bullied… Actually he did an awful lot of stuff at this school even though he’d only been here a couple of years. He was great but it was hard to take him seriously with his funny accent and the way he always made jokes. He didn’t teach me History but he taught Miranda History and she said he told them more stories about his past than about the subject they were supposed to be working on “I didn’t want her to fetch a teacher.” I told him, wiping away the last of the tears.

“I know. But I think you’d better go to the office if you’ve been sick.” He looked at me properly “Or do you wanna come and talk to me?”

“No thanks. I’ll just go to the office. But thank you for offering.” I walked past him towards the office. How could I begin to tell Mr Coles everything that was bugging me when I couldn’t even tell myself how I felt?

“What’s wrong?” The woman in the office told me with a fake smile.

“I-I was sick.” I muttered, going bright red “My Dad will be at work and won’t be able to pick me up and my Mom can’t drive. Could I maybe walk home?”

“Of course you can.” The woman looked at me in a disgusted way as if checking for sick stains on my clothes or something “Just sign out.” She handed me the book and I signed myself out, grabbed my bag and headed for the back gates. They were locked so I had to wait around for Mr Starr to let me out which took forever. And then Jake saw me and started to come over but I couldn’t be bothered to talk to him so I ran out the gate and started running home. Jake couldn’t follow me obviously.

When I got home, I threw myself down on the sofa and cried my eyes out into the pillow.
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