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The next day at school was a boring blur of me not paying attention to anything that anyone said. Jake talked to me and attempted to kiss me but I just ignored him and pulled away. In English Miranda sat by Sara again but I didn’t really care, I just stared at the board blankly and listened to our English teacher prattle on about our next assignment. Several people kept asking me what was wrong but I just blanked them.

I couldn’t even cheer up in art because it was photography. Me and Ray were taking pictures of each other but I looked like utter crap and didn’t really want him to take photos of me so I mainly just took photos of him.

Ray was the one who finally got me to talk “Is it because you were sick yesterday?” He persisted, putting down the camera when I refused to let him take a picture of me “Come on Penina, you can talk to me.”

“You really wanna know?” I sat down and told him about Frank and how I wanted to get rid of Jake and how I thought Miranda really disliked me now “And now I don’t know what to do and I dunno if it’s depressing me or making me ill or whether I just generally am ill. I just don’t know what to do.”

“You need some time to think about it.” Ray sat down next to me and put his hand on my shoulder “You need to tell Jake that you need to think about your future with him. And ignore him if he yells at you or throws a temper tantrum. It’s your relationship too Penina, not just his. You need to make sure he knows that.”

“But he doesn’t know that. And when he gets angry, I get scared. I know I could stand up to him but I’d feel so guilty about it.” I ran my fingers through my hair “I suppose I can try and talk to him about it after school. Thanks Ray. I can’t even talk to Miranda about this kind of stuff anymore. She just seems really irritated with me.”

“Let’s face it Penina you haven’t really been treating her like a best friend recently.” Ray said gently “I mean you have loads of lessons with me so we talk to each other heaps. But outside of school we only hung around because it was my birthday. And I don’t mind because we talk enough in school and we sometimes hang out at break and stuff. But you barely talk to Miranda. You have like two lessons with her and you sit with me in one of them and then outside of school you practically ignore her.”

“But now she’s got Sara and Reece-“

“What choice did she have? Did you expect her to just hang around by herself waiting for you to realise that she’s still your best friend?”

“She’s got Mikey. Why is so bad that I have Jake?”

“Miranda’s been with Mikey for three years and she always made time for you. But let’s face it Penina, you haven’t done the same for her.” I opened my mouth to object but he continued “And I know Jake can be really bossy sometimes and practically force you to hang around with him but what does that tell you about the relationship you’re in?”

I sighed and suddenly burst into tears “Ray, I hate him!” I sobbed “But if I leave him then who would I hang around with? Who would I talk to? I’d have no one!”

Ray put his arms around me “You’d have me.” He whispered “And Miranda still wants to be your friend. But you can’t expect her to want to hang around with you all the time after all of this. The same way that you had Jake for that year and a half you dated, she’s got Sara and Reece now.”

“I’m such an idiot!” I sobbed into his shoulder “I should never have got with Jake. Oh my god, I’m so stupid!”

“Hey, we all know how you got together. He practically stalked you to make it happen.” Ray laughed “But now it’s time for you to stand up to him. And I know you can do it Penina.”

“Thanks Ray.” I wiped away my tears “I needed to hear that.”

After school I was ready to break up with Jake but he started talking loads when I showed up “Oh my god you should see the new kid.” Jake said in a disgusted tone “He’s such a gross looking guy. He’s got jet black hair, he’s really short and he has a lip ring. He wasn’t even wearing the black and white uniform, just a crappy band tee-shirt and a pair of black skinny jeans with black converse. He’s a real freak as well even if he is good at playing guitar.”

My brain was practically asleep as he described the new kid. I was too busy thinking of a way to break up with him until Jake hissed “Eugh, there he is now. Look.”

So I looked over to see this ‘stupid’ new kid. It took me a moment to spot him but when I did my eyes widened and my heart started thumping.

It was Frank.
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