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24. Hailey&Hailey

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*@KilljoyMCRmy thank you! And trust me, you and everyone else are in for a surprise between Emma and Frank! It's going to be so rad! 
sigh I don't understand either, I do wish I got more readers and reviews.

Edith's POV
Eating with Harry in the morning is a perfect start for my day. I love when we do this..
But unfortunately, he has something different planned for me today. I slept over his house yesterday and he woke me up at 5 in the morning. 
"ugh.." I groan as I drag myself out of bed and go in the restroom..

"are you almost done Hales?" he yells from outside the shower. It makes me wake up as I am almost falling asleep in here. 
"yes." I turn the shower off and step out..
"why are we up so early?" I say between yawns as I slip on a sweatshirt and Harry's sweat pants. 
"we're going to run." he says smiling in an enthusiastic creepy way.
"run? I'm not a runner. I'm a dancer." 
"so? Any human being with legs can run so that makes you, a runner." he pokes my shoulder making me stumble. 
"oh c'mon Edith! Have some life in you!" he opens up the curtain and the bright morning sun burns my eyes. 
"ugh.. The sun.." 
"come on you vampire! You're so pale!"
"I'm lighted tanned okay?" I fall and hang on him pulling his shoulders down. 
"please... Don't kill me.." 
"oh c'mon you drama queen! Get up. Let's go run." he pulls me up and drags me down the stairs into his car. 
We drive pretty far for about an hour. Harry decides to be nice and gives me a chance to sleep a bit. 
"alright, we're here." I wake up do to the sun hitting my face and Harry's pull on my arm when he opens the door for me. 
"where are we?" 
"in the woods. There's a trail near by and we're going to run it."
"ugh.." I groan but I'm pretty awake now and not so lazy. 
"sure.." I say in a bored manner and start to run. 
We start to jog on the trail and enter a path where there are high trees all around us. The morning air feels fresh and smells of fresh pine and rain. You could here the birds chirp and along the way I see foxes and squirrels, wild dogs and insects. As we keep running, I get warmer and warmer by the second causing me to sweat. Harry slips his sweatshirt off along the way and I do the same.
"how long.. Have we.. Been.. Running?" I ask gasping for air. 
"about..a mile and a half. Don't worry.. We're almost there." I shake my head in exhaustion. I can't believe I'm gasping for air after a mile and a half. I'm a dancer for crying out loud! 

We seemed to have run for another half hour till we hit a cottage huddled by trees. It's a pretty decent cottage. For like a summer vacation. Harry and I stop running and reach down to our toes and stretch our backs and legs. 
"what is this?" I ask him as he grabs my hand and leads me towards the front entrance. 
"it's my father's vacation cottage. Cool huh?"
"very." as we step closer, I notice how pretty and old the house is. It's design seems to be from the 40's. He takes out his keys and opens the door to this house. We step inside and I am shocked of how clean and well organized it is. 
"wow.. It doesn't look this new from the outside."
"ha, yeah." he laughs. 
"I use to come here every summer with my parents for vacation." he leads me up a flight of stares and into a small room with a small bed, toys, dust, and boxes. 
"this was my old room." he picks up a broken batman toy. 
"oh man.. So many memories. I remember I jumped out of the window and sprained my ankle. I didn't dance for quite some time." I walk over to the window and notice it is pretty high. 
"are you suicidal?! You could have died!"
"yeah but there use to be a trampoline there. I sprung back up and fell."
"weirdo." I laugh and keep looking around. We exit the room and go down the hall to our right and into a bigger room with a rather large bed with velvet red blankets and pillows. The walls were a caramel color and there is dried up roses everywhere. 
"this is my parents room." I walk over to the bed and sit. The cushion is so soft. I look on the bookshelf on the side and pick up a photo frame. 
"these are your parents?" he walks over to me and takes a look.
"yeah.. Who do I look like?"
"you're dad.."
"really? People say I look like my mother. Anyways, let's move on." 
"okay." I set the frame back down and he leads me down the stairs outside into a small patio. There are chairs around and baby toys, beer bottles, cigarette studs, and paper. The air is cold and the wind is pretty strong making the Autumn leaves swoosh around. I look at Harry, who's cheeks are blushing red from the cold. 
"when was the last time you were here?"
"hmm.. I think last year for my parents anniversary. We had a small party with family and friends."
"that's nice." I feel a pair of arms wrap around my waist making me smile as I hold them tight to me. 
"why'd you bring me here?" 
"I wanted to show you the place. Maybe we can come here sometime you know?"
"yeah. It would be nice." I turn around in his arms and kiss him. 
"I have breakfast for you."
"oh really? Let's go in then."
"alright." we step back inside and head to the kitchen.  

"did you have this planned out already?" I tell him eating a yogurt cup he gave me. 
"kinda. I thought about it 2 days ago."
"what made you think of it?"
"I dont know.." he comes back to the table with 2 plates of food, "I just have a lot of memories here and I wanted you to be one of them." he winks and hands me a plate. This reminded me of the first time Gerard took me to the shack. He also told me he wanted me to be part of his memories there..
"wow, this is so good. I'm going to hire you to be my personal chef." We both laugh at my joke. He made us pancakes with home-made syrup and yogurt with trail mix. 
"don't forget we need to run back.." I drop my fork and look at him shockingly.
"I'm kidding, we could ride bikes over there if you'd like."
"fine." I laugh and continue eating. 

So like he said, we do ride bikes back and now the sun is put but still very cold and windy. We slip our sweatshirts back on feeling warm and cozy. The ride isn't so long which kind of sucks because riding the bike was pleasant. He leads me into a little shack close to his parked car and we leave the bikes there. We walk back to the car and leave. 
Then I start to wonder, is this sometime of park or.. Is the shack his property too? We exit a gate and I turn around to look. There's a sign that says CARSON on it in bold letters. Then I realize, this is all Carson territory... 
"Harry, is this.. All your father's territory?" I question. 
"umm, a few acres yes."
"oh, interesting."
"my dad's father was a rich old British man who loved to buy land. He passed this part of his land down to my father and soon I'll be the owner." he laughs. 
"is all your family rich?"
"hmm.. It's been past down from generations." he looks at me with a smile.
"that's very cool." I comment caressing his hand and look away. 

"okay feeling warm?" Harry calls as he just had taught us a new exercise that works for your lower abdomen and inner and outer thighs. It's a killer movement. 
"now grab you're closest partner and we're going to Contact Improvise again." I turn to my left and my closest partner is Hailey. She smiles and I smile back but try to hide how awkward I feel. Harry goes around the left side of the room behind Hailey and raises his eyebrows at me. I glance at him and back at Hailey.
"start whenever you'd like." he says and Kate turns the music on. Hailey and I start to improvise when she starts to speak. 
"hi Edith, how are you?"
"hey Hailey, I'm good. You?"
"great. I was watching you dance the other day and thought you were really great and flexible."
"oh thank you, you're great too. How long have you been dancing?"
"since I was 9. You?"
"ah, cool." we somehow end up on the ground in such an awkward position and Shanelle gives me the "look." She gets off me and I lift her off with my back and we end up standing again moving like entangled snakes.
"does anyone feel uncomfortable? Anything strange? Play a little. Take it further in contact." Harry yells passing next to us.
So everyone does as he says and some end up looking sexual and others end up looking like two small cubs play fighting. 
"do you like this kind of dance?" I ask Hailey.
"a little. It's a little awkward don't you think?"
"yeah.." I laugh, "but you're pretty light on your feet. It's so easy to dance with you."
"oh thanks." she says and giggles. 
"now stop and face your partner. Mirror their movement" I notice Hailey starts to mirror my movements so I start to dance. Out of fun, I do a funny face and she laughs. 
"what was that?" she asks. 
"I dont know. You're turn." I chuckle.
So I start to follow her movement. She then also starts to do funny things making me laugh. And that's all we do till Harry starts to speak again.
"okay.. Some people are having a little bit too much fun." he looks over at our direction and we snort. 
"okay.. Our point of doing this is because, I'm preparing you for a new production coming up after Thanksgiving. I'm still working on choreography but I'm training you to feel comfortable with a partner. 
For this production, we will be having a partner. Partnering list comes up next week. Okay thank you, class dismissed." everyone claps and walks back to get their stuff. 
"hey you're a cool chick you know that?" I tell Hailey who's putting on her sweater.
"thanks. You're cool and funny too." she comments back with a laugh.
"thank you. I have to go so I'll see you another time." 
"where are you headed?" she asks making me take a step back.
"to eat a sandwich at Starbucks."
"oh I was going to Starbucks too. Can I join you?"
"sure! That'd be fun." 
"Kay, let me just go to the locker room." she grabs her bag and we both walk out. It was only Harry, her, and me in the room. Harry was standing by his computer and I look at him through the mirror. He glances at me and smiles so I smile back and step out. 
"I can't have lunch today with you, I'm sorry :(" I text Harry. Moments later, he replies. 
"I know, I heard. You have fun ;)" he replies which brings a smile to my face. 

At Starbucks, Hailey and I have so much fun. She's such a sweetheart and free spirited. She's such a hippy it's cute. I wonder what caught Harry's attention from her.
"yeah I dance everyday with my mom at her house. She has like a studio in her basement. It's really fun."
"oh your mom's a dancer?"
"yeah. She's pro at contact improvisation."
"wow, no wonder you're good." 
"thanks. Yeah she taught me at a young age."
"I wish my mom would have been a dancer. She's more into art. But either way I think she's awesome at what she does."
"that's great." 
"how long have you been in the company Hailey?" I ask after a short moment of silence. 
"about 5 years." 
"oh how nice. How has it been?"
"it's been awesome. The company has evolved a lot in so many ways. We do more now. There's a lot more production, better choreography etc. it's just a lot more fun."
"that's really cool. I'm so glad to be here. Like, I love contemorary."
"yeah I love it too. How was AV ballet?"
"it was a lot of fun. I mean, for a person who loves ballet."
"do you like ballet?"
"I do. I really do. I've always wanted to be a ballerina but I was always told you have to be skinnier and have the thin legs and everything."
"oh right. But I'm not that thin. I guess it depends the director."
"yeah, my director was really strict so I just moved to Contemporary."
"good decision." I giggle. She smiles and looks out the window then at her watch. She looks hesitant; she licks her lips and looks at me. I smile and she starts. 
"Edith, can I ask you something?"
"you and Harry.." my heart starts to throb as I feel my face turn hot, "are together.. Right?"
"yes.. Yes we are." I'm going to come out with the truth just like I have planned.
"oh, that's interesting. How long have you guys had?"
"about 2 months."
"oh that's nice.."
"I'm really sorry Hailey.."
"for what?"
"um.. I kind of.. Heard about you two.."
"oh, oh don't worry." she chuckles, "that's the past. I don't mind at all."
"I'm glad but, I'm sorry if you've ever felt awkward."
"oh no. It's okay. It honestly doesn't bother me because it's you.."
"what do you mean?"
"well because you're so sweet and you seem to not worry about him when you're working. Like you both are independent when it comes to your jobs."
"oh yeah. I try to see him just as my artistic director at work you know?"
"yeah I understand. How'd you hear about us?" she sips her tea.
"he kind of.. Told me.."
"really? Did he tell you to keep the relationship a secret?"
"yeah. He told you the same?" 
"ugh, yeah." she scoffed. 
"weird huh? I wonder why he's so worried about it."
"well, I dont know if he told you but we did have some problems.."
"oh right.. Rumors?"
"yeah. They were very immature. I ignored them all the time."
"adults can be immature."
"yeah but.. Just keep it a secret. You guys don't want rumors and.. Just watch out.."
"okay. Watch out?"
"like for the rumors?"
"that too.. But.. He's.. I wouldn't want to be the one to say it but.. He's kind of a ladies man.." I choke on my water as I hear the words ladies man.
"yeah.. Not really though! Don't get me wrong. He's just.. Dated a lot.."
"what does he do.." this reminds me of the condom drawer..
"well.. I dont know how but you know.. And I'm sorry but he's really hot and has amazing muscular arms and abdomen. They're like, the perfect shape. Not so bulky and not so limpy you know?" 
I laugh, "I totally agree."
"but please, don't think I'm hitting on your man.."
"oh no.. I understand.."
"okay. Well yeah. The first thing he tries is to get you in bed." 
I remember he wanted to do it when I barely arrived in New York.
"go on."
"that's what he did to me. Oh god, I'm so sorry. It's awkward." she giggles.
"no it's okay. Keep going." 
"okay. Well, I don't want to make him sound like a bad guy. He isn't. He's very sweet and caring. He just.. Has his issues. Like one of them is he likes to get you in bed. He also likes to have a feisty relationship. He's very.. Convincing at times and acts superior around others but is also very creative, outgoing, humble and sweet. He's a great guy trust me just a little too aggressive at times."
"right.. I get you. Did you ever find out about his.. Condom drawer.."
"oh yeah.. I would see him reach out for it every time.. You know.."
"right. It surprised me the first time I saw it."
"oh how did he convince you?"
"oh we haven't.."
"what? Really? Weird. How do you know about the drawer?"
"I was snooping around." I giggle. 
"oh.." she laughs, "how are you guys?"
"we're great. He's a very sweet guy."
"yeah see? Has he tried to convince you?"
"a couple of times but I stop it. I just pull away. But sometimes I start. Cause he is really good looking." we both laugh. I'm pretty sure we're not the only ones that think that. 
"what happens after he gets you in bed?" I ask.
"same thing. Kind of. Others time he wants it.. Feistier. Other times he doesn't. Other times he never feels like it. But his personality never changes. He's always been sweet."
"okay. Why don't you guys talk anymore?"
"well.. Because I don't want to and he doesn't seem to care anyway.."
"did you guys end bad?"
"hmm.. A little.."
"mind if I ask what happened?"
"not at all. He cheated." I open my eyes widely and gasp. My whole
mind went into some kind of blur.
"yup. But.. He was so convincing that I took him back. But after that it wasn't the same so I broke up with him."
"whoa.. How do you know he cheated?"
"well.. I caught them. But it wasn't like a thing like, they were having sex or anything. It's because we had a guest choreographer right. And she was really hot. Like no kidding. And from the beginning, I saw her giving him the 'look'. After class they were the only ones left. And I passed by and looked through the window. I saw them talking so I didn't want to interrupt. Then she was showing him some moves that didn't look like moves. She was basically making him touch her. Then she touched him.. Right there." she pointed at her crotch.
"why didn't you stop it?!"
"because I thought he was going to be a good boyfriend and back off. But no, they BOTH leaned in and kissed. And that's when I walked in."
"yeah.. He told me she came on to him and he couldn't control himself. He said the truth which hurt but he was so sweet about it it was so convincing. So we went back together but after that, he wasn't the same. He was more distracted."
"wow. That's horrible.."
"but I really don't want you to get influenced by me please. I'm not here to ruin your relationship. I just don't want you to get hurt either."
"no don't worry but this is really shocking."
"I know."
"thank you for telling me. I now know I should keep my guard up."
"you should.."
"yeah." we sip our last drink of water and tea. I look outside the window and notice it's getting late.
"we should get going."
"yeah we should." we both get up and go outside to fetch a taxi. 
As I was stepping out, I bump into my "new" friend.  
"oh my god, hey!" I say stopping him.
"oh hi Eddie. How are you?"
"I'm good Gerard. Look this is my friend Hailey. Hailey this is my friend Gerard."
"nice to meet you Hailey."
"nice meeting you too." they shake hands and then Gerard smiles at me. 
"wanna buy some coffee with me?"
"oh I'm sorry, I can't. I just spent my whole afternoon here and I'm full."
"oh okay. Then I'll see you another time."
"sure." I hug him goodbye. I wrap my arms around his neck embracing all the seconds I have hugging him. He squeezes my waist making me feel nice. I pull away and on the way, I plant a kiss on his cheek. I look at his face and it's blushing red. 
"goodbye." I say and step outside. 

Gerard's POV
I watched her go with her friend. She looks so beautiful. She always does. What a coincidence that I bumped into her. How I wish to walk home with her right now but I need to wait for Mikey here. Oh Edith, I'm really glad we can be friends but I still wish to be the one the holds you every night in my arms.

Edith's POV
Hailey and I get a taxi and she gets off first. I tell the driver to drop me off at Harry's address.
"thank you sir." I say and step out. I walk up the stairs to the front door and before ringing the bell, I take a long deep breath. Harry and Gerard pop in my head at the same time and then I think.. I have to tell him soon. But not yet. 
He opens the door and greets me with a smile and pulls me in with one hand. He holds a bowl of oatmeal in the other. 
"hey babe. How was your day?" he says planting a small kiss on my cheek with a full mouth. 
"it was good. I had a lot of fun with her." I sit down on the couch taking my boots off. 
"that's great. How was class?" he sits down next to me and rubs my calf.
"it was good too. I always have fun." I sit up on the couch and kiss him. 
"I love you." he says pulling away. He rests his forehead on mine with his eyes closed. I didn't respond. His breathing got shorter and quicker. I smile to myself and kiss his lips. 
"love you too." I reply and he sighs in relief. 
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