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25. Edith Meets Harry's Parents

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@KilljoyMCRmy oh god no :0 nothing like that will happen Lolololol something better ;) and thank you do much!! xD
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After the day Harry told me I love you, things were different. We grew some different kind of bond. I am so much comfortable with him now and I feel like our relationship took a right turn and became more serious. 
Now is this a good thing or a bad thing? 
It's good because I love my relationship with Harry and I really do love and appreciate him. 
It is bad because if it gets too comfortable, it's going to be harder to tell him my problem. It'll hurt him more.
And I still have feelings for Gerard..

"hey Edith!" Carlos calls me. He's in the kitchen brewing up some coffee. 
"want some doughnuts?"
"doughnuts?" I walk in the kitchen. 
"yeah. Annie brought them before she left. She said a friend gave them to her." I check the box and read it: NJ's Best Doughnut Shop!. It brings a little smile to my face. 
"oh Frank." I laugh and take a bite off a doughnut. 
"Frank?" Carlos repeats.
"yeah. My friend Frank gave them to her."
"oh okay." the coffee brewer stops brewing and he serves us. We walk over to the table and sit. 
"when are you leaving?" I ask him drinking my coffee. 
"in 2 weeks."
"oh alright. Having fun with Annie?"
"yeah. I love her so much. But I just hate that we're going to have to go back to dating through a freaking computer."
"well, what can you do." 
"hmm.. There has to be something I could do.."
"you can't leave AV ballet and she can't leave her job."
"but what if I do want to leave AV ballet.."
"do you really.." he slams the table. 
"no. But I want to be with her."
"why don't you give it maybe like.. Another year or something. Get to know her more and she could visit as well as you. And if everything turns out okay, you can leave the company or she can work over there as an artist."
"hmm, good idea but that's too long!"
"well.." I sip my coffee again and there's a knock on the door. 
"I'll get it." Carlos volunteers. I continue to eat my doughnut peacefully.
"oh hi. C'mon in." I hear Carlos say and comes back to sit with me. This person touches my shoulders. I turn around to find Harry looking very differently. I get up and inspect him. 
"so you're wearing a men's tank top that says Hang loose and Be Cool and you're hair looks longer for some reason..?"
"yeah. I combed my hair today." he replies biting his lower lip with a cheesy smile. 
"what's up with that? Trying to look younger?"
"pfft, no." he scoffs posing like a model. I squint my eyes and hug his waist looking up at him.
"why are you dressed like that anyway?"
"I was at the beach with Kate taking a yoga class."
"and why didn't you take me?"
"it was a short notice and Kate invited me."
"oh okay," I look into his eyes and down at his lips. "me like." I say and kiss him. I pull away and step a few steps back. 
"look at us, we both look laid back. I'm still in my shorts with my hair in a messy bun and no make up and barefoot. At least you have your hair combed"
"so? We're perfect anyway." he walks closer to me and hugs my waist. 
"I have a proposition to ask."
"go on."
"I want you to meet my parents." I gasp and he smiles widely. 
"yeah, they're flying over from Michigan. I told them about you and they said they want to meet you."
"what time?"
"later in the day."
"alright." I hug him and step on my tippy toes. "I'm a little nervous." We let go of the hug.
"I dont know, they're your parents."
"oh c'mon, you'll be fine." He kisses me slightly and lets go.
"mind if I hang out?" he sits over on the couch and plops down. 
"no. I'm still eating breakfast so you're going to have to wait." I giggle and sit back down with Carlos. 


"what are your parents like?" I ask Harry. I'm sitting in front of my mirror blow drying my hair. Harry lies on my bed playing with my teddy bear.
"they're nice, I guess. They're very classy though so watch what you do. But knowing you and them, I know they'll like you."
"hmm.. I'm scared.." 
"don't be! I've told you a-" he throws me the bear and it hits my head, "-billion times." 
"ugh I know.. But.. Ugh.." I slam my blow dryer on my desk and start to fix my make up. 

"I dont know what to wear." I say standing in front of my closet. Annie, Harry and Carlos are now in here with me on my bed. 
"you have a shit load!" Carlos yells eating the bag of chips I was eating earlier. 
"no I don't!" 
"ugh.. Women."
"why don't you wear the dress I gave you?" Annie says. 
"hmm.. I dont know if it's right for the occasion."
"yeah it is. It's classy and sexy." 
"ooh, I want to see." Harry interrupts. Course you would. 
"fine." I walk in my closet to change into the dress.

"what do you guys think?" I come out and stand in front of the bed. They all sit up in the bed and wake up from their boredom. Harry raises his eyebrows. Annie smiles and Carlos acts neutral like always. 
"turn around. Let me see your back." Annie says and I turn around. My whole back is exposed. 
"nice. But you could see part of your tattoo." Annie blurts out. 
"you can cover it up." Harry says. 
"here." he gets up and moves the hem of the dress covering up that little exposure of the tattoo.
"there. It's fine. And I want you to wear it. It's sexy." he places a hand on my bare back sending shivers through my body and kisses me. 
"Kay." I smile and let go.
"what shoes?" I ask Annie. Harry still stands next to me with his hand stroking my back with his fingertips. 
"wait, let me just say you two look great." Harry was already wearing his formal cloths. He's wearing a dark brown blazer with black skinny jeans and dressing shoes. He wears a normal white t-shirt.
"thanks." we both say and he sits down on my roller-chair.
"wear your spiked boots." Annie comments with a mouth-full of chips. 
"no. Do you not see that they're spiked?"
"just wear heels then."
"fine." I slip on my black heels and take a look at myself in the mirror. 
"I guess I look fine." I turn side ways to look at my bare back and butt. 
"yeah it's fine. Dress isn't so short so it isn't bad. Thumbs up?" I ask everyone nervously. They all hold up a thumbs up. Even Carlos who's almost falling asleep. 
"Kay good."
"so let's go?" Harry says and stands up slipping on his dressing shoes. 
"yeah." I bite my lower lip and grab Harry's hand. 
"but what if?!" 
"oh my god.." 
"no.. Just think about it.." I've been arguing with Harry about the same thing through out the whole ride. 
"okay fine... No. But let me just say my mom is strict and she thinks a lot of things are taboo but it's okay! She'll like you as long as I'm happy. And I am." he caresses my hand. 
"fine. I'll try to calm down." I grab his hand tightly and look out the window. 
I mean, who doesn't like me? I'm awesome and nice! But I've never dated anyone like Harry. He's very different and that means his parents have raised him in a strict way. Just think about it... Wild girl + polite slash semi wild = good relationship. In my point of view. But what if his parents don't know that side of him? They'll think I'm the crazy one! It was different with Gerard. At least his mother knew her two sons were crazy. 
We arrive at the parking lot of a really fancy restaurant. We step out of the car and the valet person takes his car and parks it. 
"good evening, Carson. Party for 4."
"right this way." The waiter leads us in. This place is nothing like the castle-like restuarant Harry took me. It's full of higher class elegancy. I'm starting to think that Harry is probably too rich. I hope his parents aren't snobby or I will not be having fun tonight.
"what kind of food do they serve here?" I whisper to Harry. 
"Italian." he responds. In the distance, I see an old couple staring at us with joy. Those must be his parents. 
"hi mom.. Dad." Harry says as we approach them. His parents get up and greet us. His mother--who's a lot shorter than I am--hugs me first. 
"oh hello, you must be Edith." she says with an overjoyed smile. Thank god. 
"yes I am. Nice to meet you Mrs. Carson." I give her the best smile I've got. She cups my face and kisses both cheeks. 
"you are so beautiful. Exactly what my little boy has said." she giggles. 
"you are very correct Harry." his dad now takes a look at me. He looks at me from head to toe and smiles. 
"you are a very pretty young lady. Hi, I'm Ronald Carson. Nice to meet you." he says and extends an arm towards me. 
"hello Mr. Carson, I'm Edith Lynn, nice to meet you." I shake his hand and he has a strong hold.
"pleasure is mine young lady. So? Shall we sit?" he orders and we do. I sit next to Harry--of course--and his mother sits in front of me next to her husband.
"do you like Italian?" his mother asks me. 
"yes, I love the pasta." 
"ooh! I do too!" she giggles again and picks up her menu. 

"everyone ready?" his dad asks about 10 minutes of looking at the menu. I want to say no but I don't want to be rude. I don't know what to order! I raise my menu higher and elbow Harry. 
"hmm." he replies. 
"I dont know what to order!" I whisper desperately. 
"just order what I'm ordering."
"kay, but you tell your father!" I say desperately again. He giggles and puts his menu down. 
"what would you be having tonight?" the waitress asks. His father orders and Harry adds. 
"and what would you like?" the waitress asks me. I open my mouth slightly not knowing what to say. 
"oh she'll have what I have." Harry answers. 
"okay. Would you like some water?"
"no thank you. Just right to our food!" Mr. Carson chuckles. 
"okay. I'll be right back." 
"so Edith, how are you?" Mr. Carson turns to me now and grins.
"I'm fine thank you. How about you sir?"
"perfectly fit! Overjoyed to meet you. You know, we flew from Michigan for you today."
"oh how lovely. Thank you. It's such a pleasure."
"ooh trust me, pleasure is ours sweetie." Mrs. Carson adds. 
"so I hear you're a dancer as well. What do you do?" 
"oh well right now I'm in Harry's company but I was the ballerina in American Vision Ballet in Canada."
"oh so you're from Canada?"
"oh no. I use to live there with my dad."
"only your dad?"
"yes." I reply. My guts feel all twisted inside. 
"your parents are separated?"
"yes." I grip Harry's hand under the table hard. He coughs and shifts weight on his chair.
"oh.. That's a horrible thing. My parents were separated too. I remember it was a horrible thing growing up with only one parent in the house. I understand your pain." I loosen the grip on Harry's hand and I sigh in relief and smile.
"is it hard for you? Or was it?"
"it was a little growing up. But when I turned into a teenager, I just got comfortable with it and realized they won't get back together so I had to live with it. It was always hard for my sister and me."
"aww you poor thing." his mother says, "my parents lived together and died together. But I can only imagine the pain to not have my parents together. Ronald use to tell me all the time when we were a lot younger." she smiles in pity.
"how was it like for you Mr. Carson?"
"it was hard too. My sister and I would cry a lot to our mother. My sister and I were also separated a lot too because one of us would be with our mom and the other with our dad."
"wow, that doesn't sound very fun."
"yeah.." he looks down at the table but then looks back up with a smile.
"enough about old sad memories. We're here for you guys today. So tell me, how long have you two known each other?"
"2 months." Harry replies. 
"that's nice. Very young love."
"remember when you and I had two months honey?" Mrs. Carson adds. 
"oh yes, those were the days." he grabs her hand and kisses it. Harry looks at me with a sweet smile. I smile back and kiss his lips slightly. 
"ooh, will you look at that?" his mother says. I pull away and smile nervously. 
"that's very sweet." his mother says and places her hands on her chest. I giggle to myself. I think I've made a good impression. 

Our meals arrive after a good chat about my relationship with Harry and his parents relationship. 
Honestly, they are the cutest old couple I've ever met. They've been married for 40 years and they still seem to love each other as much as a young couple would. They still share small kisses and hold each others hands and feed each other with much love. I watch them and wonder, how was it like to grow up with parents like this? I would never know. I was raised only by my mother.
"ooh look at this honey, they got that special parmesan cheese and it covers all my potatoes and it just looks so juicy! Hmm! They've got it this time!" she digs in her plates with such delight. It reminds me a lot of Harry.
"Mrs. Carson, do you enjoy food?" she looks up at me surprised. Harry starts to laugh and she looks at him weirdly. 
"why are you laughing?" she asks him.
"it's just funny because she asked me the same thing on our first date." they both start to laugh again and I realize he actually looks like his mother.
"oh you mean because we can make it sound great in detail?"
"yeah." I laugh.
"oh yes, I do love food in that case. My son is gifted with such creativity and I'm so proud." she sniffs and places her hands on her chest again.
"they were both the artists in the house. I can't even do a plié or whatever that means." Mr. Carson laughs. 
"he was more into sports." His wife adds. 
"Harold, tell her about your first ballet lesson!" Mrs. Carson says laughing at the end of the sentence. 
"no mom.." he blushes and drinks his pink lemonade. 
"oh you..ok well it was his first ballet lesson and he looked very uncomfortable in tights. He told me how he hated ballet and wanted to take the tights off. And so that day he was really mad about taking ballet class. I was in there with him and he kept throwing mean glares at me, but I would smile back and it would just kill him! Anyway, they were at center and He was super red, almost bursting in fury. Out of the blue, he threw a tantrum: He took his tights off very quickly, threw them at the ground and ran out of the room exposing his batman underwear!" she starts to laugh hard as Harry just drinks his pink lemonade without saying a word. I join Mrs. Carson in her laughter and pat Harry's back. 
"you were so cute!" I laugh. 
"shut up.." he says and buries his face in his arms. 
"it's okay!" I laugh again and kiss his cheek. 
"oh I went through some things with this boy you wouldn't imagine honey." 
"I don't think I can." I laugh. 
"your bill sir." the waitress comes around. 
"okay, ready to go everyone?" we all repeat a yes and Harry and I get up. I hug him extending my arms around his neck. I feel the hem of my dress move and I gasp.. As well Mrs. Carson. 
"Edith.." she says. I turn around to look at her, drawing a line with my lips. 
"Is that a tattoo?" her mouth wide open. I look at Harry who looks down at the ground while still having a hold on my back. 
"yes." I answer getting ready for the worst. I just ruined my whole life. She gasps again.. But then continues with a laugh and a slap to the knee. 
"oh lord! God bless us! I remember I was your age and always wanted a tattoo. I was a rebel myself." she smiles and winks. I sigh in relief and place a hand over my chest almost panting.
"wow.. That was surprising."
"what? Did you think I was going to yell?" she starts to laugh again. This time, Mr. Carson had to calm her down. 
"let's go." Mr. Carson says and leads us out of the restaurant.
"close one." I whisper to Harry who holds my hand tightly. 
"close one." he repeats and laughs. 


"what a night." I say plopping down on Harry's bed kicking off my shoes. 
"seems like my parents like you. Specially my mom." he adds with a laugh. He takes his jeans and blazer off and props up next to me on the bed. He studies my face with a slight smile. I smile back at him and caress his cheek which is so smooth. 
"how are you feeling?" he asks after a short moment of admiring. 
"I'm feeling better." 
"that's good." he lowers his head resting it on my shoulder hugging my waist. 
"what was it that what was bothering you?" he asks making my heart pound. I can't tell him yet. But he deserves the truth.. Might as well..
"I bumped into someone the other day."
"who?" I hesitate before answering. 
"my ex." I say with a loud gulp. He looks up at me and has a questioning look. I sit up and he gets off my shoulder. I look at him straight in the eye and take his hand in mine. 
"remember I told you about pretty girl"
"yes.." he replies hesitantly. 
"well, I bumped into that ex. And I realized.. I still have a tiny bit of feelings for him." he takes a deep breath in and closes his eyes and looks at me. 
"but I don't necessarily do. I mean, we had a talk. It was pleasant and I missed him but no, we're just friends. But Harry, no.. I love you okay?" I lean in and kiss him lightly. He kisses me back so gently and smoothly bringing me down on the bed. 
"I'm going to say it honestly took me by surprise. But I understand you. You told me it wasn't a good break up and I don't want to question it any further if you don't feel comfortable but.." he says all this with his eyes closed. He lowers his head and rests on my shoulder again. I hug him close to me stroking his hair.
"I don't want to lose you." he says with a groggy voice. It hits me. I shut my eyes tightly and tears role down my temples. I hug him even tighter. 
"I don't either." I repeat. I really don't. I really like Harry. Even though I still might love Gerard. Gerard is the past and we just can't happen again. I want to stay with Harry right now. It only feels right. 
He looks at me with watery eyes and kisses me deeply. And I can only deepen the kiss. 
And that night, we made love.. with no regrets.
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