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26. Guitar Lessons With Frank Iero

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*ugh everyone, honestly, in my own opinion, I'm not too fond of this chapter. I don't really like it. Except the ending..
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This time, waking up in between Harry's bare arms and chest was the best feeling in the world. And what made it more romantic was that it was pouring rain outside and it was cold. So I held on to him and the blanket tightly. I squeezed his torso and he moaned. I looked up at him but he still had his eyes closed. 
"good morning." I tell him with a grin. He slightly opens his eyes and looks down at me. 
"morning gorgeous. Your hair is all over the place." he laughs. He sits up and yawns. 
"Edith can I ask you something?"
"yeah." I sit up as well and hug his shoulders giving him light kisses. 
"you are on the pill right?" the question surprises me so I move around him to face him, covering my naked body with the blanket. 
"yeah. How do you know?" my stomach almost melts remembering my night with Gerard when I told him that.. How could he have known? I'm getting this guilty gut feeling again.
"well I snooped around in your restroom one day" he laughs, "but I wasn't sure. I just saw the pills but wasn't sure if you took them and I was scared since we didn't use a condom." I smirk remembering his drawer. I stretch over to the drawer and open it taking a condom out. 
"you didn't need this drawer huh?" I smirk again. 
"how did you know about that?" he smiles laying down on my stomach. 
"I snooped around." I giggle. He smirks and closes his eyes. Then he begins kissing my stomach and going further down into my lower abdomen. I close my eyes and gasp a little stroking his hair. He makes his way back up passing my breast onto my neck and then mouth. 
"hmm.." I let out a little breath as he starts to massage my right breast. 
"2nd time in a row?" he says in a flirty way. I nod in response and he scoops under my legs and moves me properly on the bed placing himself between my legs. We start to kiss when I feel his erection on my thigh making me more excited. I move my hands to his crotch and grab it placing it in me. I moan as he starts to thrust slowly in me as he bites my neck. I grip his back making him go faster. I start to pant harder as he moans my name in my ear in a low whisper. He says it in such a teasing way I bite my lip and arch my back. 
I scream louder than usual as I reach my climax. He kisses me playing with my tongue and bites my lip. He thrust slower and I push him on the bed and straddle him deep and fast. He grips my hips and throws his head back. I lower myself and kiss his chest as I start to slow down and go in deeper as he starts to groan. He screams through gritted teeth and pushes in me faster making me scream. He pushes me on the bed again and kisses my neck and moves down my stomach and licks all the way down me making me arch my back and tug his hair. 
I gasp almost panting as he licks and sucks all over my area sending shivering sensations all over me. He comes back up and looks at me licking his lips. He moans in my ear and kisses me again. He tugs at my nipple while playing inside my mouth. He enters me again with slow thrusts. He builds his way back to climax. I hit my climax and arch my back squeezing my knees on his hips. He keeps going faster making me scream. He then groans one last time and settles on top of me kissing my chest.
"let's hit the shower?" he says between pants. 
"yes.." I reply and kiss him once more gripping his back and squeezing my inner thighs hugging him. 
In the shower we play around with each other not being able to stop. Hailey's right. He is feisty. We kiss and play and waste the soap and shampoos by throwing it at each other. 
When we get out, we dry and dress ourselves. I check my phone and notice I have a missed call and a new text message from Frank.
"hey Harry, Frank says if you want to learn guitar today." I call from outside the restroom.
"oh hell yeah." he steps out of the restroom and reaches in his closet for his jacket. 
"what time?" he steps in front of his mirror and combs his hair with his fingers. 
"I dont know, I'm going to ask right now." I text Frank and throw my phone on the bed. I get up and walk to the mirror to fix myself. I'm wearing my high waisted light denim jeans with my black cropped v-neck and my combat boots. Harry also has his combat boots with black denim pants and brown leather jacket over a black t-shirt.
"can I cook breakfast?" I say out loud. Harry sticks his head out of the restroom and gives me a weird look. 
"oh c'mon, I can cook."
He chuckles, "fine." 
"yay!" I scream. I grab my phone and run to the kitchen. 
"so this.. Isn't so bad.." Harry takes a mouth full of what I cooked. I cooked scrambled eggs with juicy fried bacon. Heated some English muffins I found and made them into peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. My mom use to make this all the time for me every morning before school.
"I told you so. My mom showed me how to do it."
"wow, I'm impressed. But I just gotta say.. Coffee's too dark babe." He drinks it softly and puts it down with a smile.
"well you're welcome anyways.." I giggle, "Anyways, Frank said we can go at any time." I get up and take his finished plate and place it in the sink. I walk back and sit across from him.
"why don't they come here?"
"I dont know, just. I'll cook something up."
"alright that sounds cool. I'll text him right now." 
"ready to go?" he says and gets up.
"sure." I follow him in the living room and grab over-larged wool sweater. Harry and I are suppose to go "chill" at the park today. He says it'll be our first normal date. Let's see how this turns out. 
"let's walk over there." he suggests and puts his keys back on the key holder. 
"walk?" I question and grab his hand as we walk down the street.
"yeah, you don't like walking?"
"not really. But I'll give it a try." I smile and rest my head on his bicep. 
We walk out of the residence into the small town he lives in out of all the city lights. It's a cute little town. There's a flower shop at the corner I've recognized every time I pass by in car. It's cute and small and the owner has beautiful roses. There's a dog shop on the other side of the street and what seems like an elementary school as well. There's a farmer's market where I recall coming to one day with Harry. We came to shop for groceries and it was nice. They have fresh fruits and vegetables. We turn the corner and in the distance, I see a park with a small playground and pathways all over the park with benches along the way. It has tall trees and small shrubs with flowers. 
"is that the park?" I question. 
"yeah." He smiles. We cross the street and enter the park. We walk slowly at first just admiring the silence and soft breeze hitting our cold cheeks and the leaves falling from the trees. 
"isn't this park pretty?" he says taking a deep breath in. 
"yeah, it's nice."
"do you want to keep walking or do you want to sit."
"let's sit." I giggle and we sit down on our nearest bench. I inhale and exhale the cold breeze and throw my head back looking up at the cloudy sky. 
"Edith, I know I said I wouldn't question it but.. I've been thinking about it.." uh-oh.. Here it comes.
"what happened with your ex?" Blech I just barfed in my head. 
"well.. Okay look. How about this.. I'll tell you soon. I promise, okay?"
"fine.. It just really.. Worries me.." I grab his hand tighter in mine. 
"no Harry, everything is okay. Nothing will ever happen between me and him again alright?" He looks at me with sad eyes. "alright." I kiss his lips lightly and throw my head back again but this time, I close my eyes as I barf in my head again. 
I hope nothing happens. I can't really control myself around Gerard. It's hard to not be affectionate with the one you love. 
But I also love Harry, and I love showing him how much I love him because he is a great guy. Is it possible to love two guys at once?
"you've never talked to me about your sister." Harry says making me open my eyes. 
"I want to know about her. What's her name?"
"Her name is Jade. She's older than me by almost 2 years." 
"When is she coming back from England?"
"Oh! She's coming on Thanksgiving. I'll present you to her then. And, Frank is hosting a party. Want to go?"
"sure, I bet it'll be fun. What else is your sister like?"
"well, she's nothing like me that's for sure. She's more into her work then I am. Well, I'm passionate about dancing so that doesn't count but she has always cared about school more than I did. She always got the higher grades and stuff. Umm, well.. I haven't bonded with her in so long I'm not sure what she's like now but I'm sure she's still sweet old Jade."
"that's nice. I wish I had a sibling. It was awesome to be an only child because my parents bought me everything I wanted but it was lonely."
"right.. I miss her a lot though. I can't wait to see her for Thanksgiving. But tell me, how's the new production?"
"well, it's going to be a mix of contact improvisation and contemporary ballet. It'll be a lot of fun. Kate is helping me with it."
"oh that's great. I can't wait to see what it's like."
"yeah, it's going to be amazing." my phone starts to vibrate again and it's a text from Frank.
"oh he's asking what's your address."
"go through Brooklyn st. And make a right on 35th. My house number is 3511."
"alright." I text Frank the address. 
"alright, he should be on his way."
I put my phone back in my pocket and look up. For some reason, A jogging girl that is coming our way catches my attention. She looks down at the ground. When she gets closer, I know exactly who it is.
"Victoria?" I say stopping her. I stand up and walk to her. A smile spreads across her face and she unplugs her head phones. 
"hi Edith, what a surprise."
"yeah it is. You come here often?"
"yeah, I run here a lot because it's such a beautiful park."
"I know, it's my first time coming here."
"really? Are you here alone?"
"oh no.. I'm with my boyfriend." I point at Harry and he gets up with a smile. Victoria's face lightens up in surprise and she smiles. 
"Victoria this is my boyfriend Harry. Harry this is my friend Victoria." she grins at me when I said friend and she shakes Harry's hand. 
"nice to meet you. Sorry, my palm was probably sweaty."
"oh it's okay. I'm use to sweat." she giggles in a weird way.
"we're both dancers." I comment. She raises her eyebrows. 
"oh I get it. That's great."
"do you still dance?"
"a little. Not ballet though. I'm more into modern and yoga now."
"oh that's good. Well it was nice seeing you."
"nice seeing you too." she grins and starts to walk away. 
"wait!" I call. Both Harry and her stop. 
"yeah?" she says walking back towards me. 
"I just want to say.. I'm sorry for the way I treated you last time. Um, Gee told me about the way you feel and I felt bad." 
"oh it's totally okay. I forgive you. You have a reason to react that way. You don't need to apologize. In fact, I'm the one that should apologize." I walk closer to her and hug her. 
"it's okay though. It's the past and I forgive you too. Let's forget that and start new shall we?" I let go and extend my arm, "hi I'm Edith Lynn. And you are?"
"Victoria Beauté."
"hi Victoria. Thank you for coming to talk to me my first day of school and being my friend. It was great."
"your welcome." Her eyes get teary and she grins. 
"you're a great friend." she says and embraces me again. 
"you are too." I reply and stroke her back. 
"thank you Edith. I'll see you later."
"okay then, goodbye. Tell Gerard I said hello." 
"sure will. Bye." she waves goodbye and starts to jog again. I walk back to Harry and sit. 
"what was that?" 
I inhale and exhale, "I'll tell you another time." I say and rest my head on his shoulder.


"what's up man?!" Frank bursts in through the door hugging Harry. He's so short next to him. 
"hey Emma." I tell her and hug her leading her inside. Harry and Frank soon start to talk about stuff as Emma and I go into the kitchen. 
"how are things?" I ask her serving everyone some water. 
"we're okay. But I haven't told him anything." 
"why not?"
"I dont know, I'm still not ready. I tried.. But I just couldn't."
"well don't force yourself either!"
"I know, I'm sorry. But erm.." she looks over her shoulder at Frank, who's holding his guitar talking with Harry enthusiastically. He also brought a spare guitar for Harry. 
"I dont know.. I just can't."
"it's okay." I pat her shoulder, "do it when you're okay with it." she half smiles and looks at my wrist with wide opened eyes. 
"what the hell does that say?? How many tattoos do you have girl?" she takes hold of my wrist and reads it. Then grabs my other wrist.
"is that for Gerard?" she questions with a wide smile.
"shh!.. Any louder??" I whisper. 
"sorry but wow dude! I thought you only had the lace, the dragon, you're last name, the ballerina.. Damn! That's a lot already!" 
"I also have these two and the one behind my ear." I show her the feather and she gasps. 
"oh c'mon, you have tattoos everywhere too! Look, you're working on your sleeve!" I slightly slap her arm. 
"oh I know but I didn't expect this from you!"
"well I guess so.."
"when did you get your wrists done?"
"ohh, long ago. When I was still 16."
"I know.." I take a look at them and smile.
"you still love him huh?"
"what about Harry?"
"I love him too but... I'm just going to stick with Harry. I don't want problems anymore."
"oh.." she gives me a pity look then looks back at Frank. 
"let's go sit?" she smiles. 
"sure." I smile back and we join the boys in the room with the cups of water.
".. No, hold your- there we go." Frank smiles and adjusts Harry's fingers. Frank looks at Emma and laughs. 
"he is just like-"
"I know." Emma cuts him. I look at Harry who's struggling to play. 
"you should have brought Ray." I comment telling Frank.
"I should have. He's such a better teacher than I am."
"or I probably just suck." Harry laughs. 
"it's okay dude, you'll get the hang of it." I laugh at the way Frank and Harry are bonding. It's just very childish since they're both immature at some extent. Emma looks at me and grabs my right wrist again. 
"I just think that is really cute." she passes her finger through the tattoo.
"thanks." I reply. I know Emma isn't having this conversation with me to cause any harm but for some reason, I can't help but feel really guilty. I'm such a bad girlfriend. If only Emma knew.. She'd be ashamed at my behavior. 

About an hour has past and watching Harry and Frank try to play together is like watching a comedy show. They're just too funny together. 
"man.. I suck!" Harry laughs as well as Frank and the rest of us. 
"I can't believe it."
"nah you don't, you just need a lot more help." Frank giggles. 
"oh I forgot!" Harry puts the guitar down and gets up, "who's hungry? I made pizza." Frank jumps up and goes wild. "Man! I love pizza."
"we should watch a movie." I suggest. 
"oh hell yeah! I'll go pick one up with Harry. Come on!" Frank and Harry run out the door without even letting us girls suggest a movie. Emma and I shrug it out. 
"Frank never changes huh?" I tell Emma.
"nope. He's been the same all the time. Although, he is a lot more mature."
"really? Don't seem like it."
"I know.. But he's very serious about the band and school."
"oh that's great."
"yeah but.. He wants to drop out."
"he wants to focus only in the band. I told him not too. Even his parents told him but.. He's still thinking about it."
"wow, I hope he doesn't. Education is really important."
"yeah... So, want to give me a tour of this house? It's beautiful! You've got yourself a wealthy man."
"I guess so, come on."

Frank's POV
"how long have you and Emma been a couple?" Harry asks me as we drive somewhere in New York to a video store he says is awesome. 
"for about 8 years. Almost."
"wow, that's a long time."
"yeah. Her, Edith, and I went to school together."
"really? Interesting. And you have been together with Emma since then?"
"yup. I love her."
"that's nice. Tell me, how was Edith like in high school?"
I chuckle. I remember our old good times in high school when we use to spend every minute of the day together. Now we can't because things are different. She's an adult and has her own independent life and career. Sucks. 
"well, where do I start! She was an amazing girl. She still is, but she's a lot different. She use to have long hair, scene bangs, a septum ring. She was wild and a social butterfly. She use to drink and smoke a lot too. And I remember she was so good at ballet. She was amazing."
"And still is. She has great technique. I can't believe she use to drink and smoke. She doesn't do that so often now. She's an amazing person. I love her."
"you love her?" I look at him and he looks back at me. "yeah. She's great. She's sexy, beautiful, caring, hard working. God, I can go on." 
"pfft, yeah. Everyone loves Edith." I smile but for some weird reason, it pisses me off to hear him say those things. In my head, she's Gerard's. So it's only weird to hear it from someone else. 
"have you ever been here before?" He asks me. We stop in front of some video shop and my heart drops to the depths of the earth. 
"Once. I believe." I lie to him and step out slowly as Gerard's shop is standing before me. 
"you.. Come here often?" I ask Harry who comes around to the side walk. 
"I came once and I liked the movies they had. Come on." I follow him inside and I eagerly look around for Gerard. He is no where to be found. 
"I'm going to look over here." I tell Harry and walk somewhere else to look for Gerard. 
On my search, I come across some movies I want to suggest so I grab them. But I'm still in no luck in finding Gerard. I hope he's not here, but he has the night shift. Fuck!! 
When I turn around walking back towards the register, I see my worst nightmare coming to life right before me. Harry and Gerard are already talking. If only they knew the one thing they have in common other than they both suck at guitar. 
"hey." I say and approach them. 
"oh dude, what's up? What are you doing here?" Gerard asks me. 
"I'm here with my friend. Gerard, this is Harry. Harry, this is my best friend Gerard."
"oh.. What a coincidence." Harry says.
"yeah, I had no idea you knew Frank." Gerard replies.
"it's a small world." Harry laughs. 
"it really is." I whisper to myself. It really is. There's a love triangle right before my eyes. 
"so ready to check out?" Gerard says after such complete awkwardness. Well, it doesn't seem like it for them but in my head, I feel like I'm standing naked with a boner and they're looking at me like a freak! 
"yeah, you have anything Frank?" Harry asks me making me flinch back to life as we walk towards the cashier. 
"yeah, I have Horror Hospital." 
"what? Let me see that." he snatches the film from my hands and takes a look at it. 
"I have never heard of this movie."
"it's a British film."
"oh..weird." He places all three films on the register and Gerard checks them out for us. 
"have a nice night you guys." he says with such a sweet smile it aches my heart. 
"thank you." Harry thankfully smiles and we leave. 
"bye Gerard."
"oh wait Frank... Text me."
"kay, bye." I say and follow Harry out the door. 
"hey ladies." we enter the house and place the video bag on the table. I hug Emma and whisper, "oh my god." she pulls away confused but just nods. She'll question me at home. 
"what movies did you guys get?" Eddie says and grabs the bag. 
"really?!" she punches Harry in the arm. 
"ow! Sorry, I had to."
"ohh.. The scary films?" I question and Harry nods laughing. 
"it's not funny you guys!" she plops down on the couch away from us. 
"you're still scared?" Emma says and sits next to her. 
"yeah! It's like a phobia. Why scary movies anyway?"
"because they're the best! Right?" Emma and I say a proud yes. 
"ugh." she gets up and walks upstairs. 
"we popped popcorn." Emma tells Harry. 
"oh great." he walks over to the kitchen and grabs the bowl of popcorn and places it on the coffee table. He plays the movie and turns the lights off. 
"I'm going to get Edith. I'll be back." he says and runs upstairs. 

Harry's POV
I walk up the stairs and find her in my room watching TV under the covers. I lean on the door edge and watch her, holding back a laugh. She doesn't look at me once. I giggle a little to relief my stress of wanting to laugh and walk over to her and sit. 
"what are you watching?"
"what does it look like I'm watching." she says coldly. 
"the news. How cold will it be tomorrow?"
"I dont know, they haven't said." I roll over on the bed by her feet and look at her with a smile. I run my index and middle finger up her calf, then knee and when I reach half way up her bare thigh, she smacks my hand away making me giggle a little. I get up and make my way on top of her. 
"why are you mad?"
"leave me alone." she moves her head not looking at me.
"are you serious?" she grips her lips and smiles, "no." 
"then what the hell?" I laugh. She laughs with me and hugs my neck. 
"I'm a little pissed knowing I won't be having a good night watching scary movies but.. Ehh."
"ehh." I chuckle and kiss her soft pink lips I have been craving tonight. 
"you're beautiful you know that?" I tell her planting small kisses on her neck. 
"yes." she laughs, "you are too." she grabs my chin and kisses me again.
"let's go down stairs." I get off her and pull her up out of bed. 
We walk downstairs holding hands. I look over the stairs and watch Emma and Frank. They're cuddling under a blanket I had on the couch eating popcorn. She rests her head on his shoulder as he has an arm wrapped around her. I can tell they have a strong relationship. We reach the living room ground and sit on the opposite couch and cuddle next to each other watching the movie. 


"it was nice having guitar lessons with you Frank. You're really good at it."
"thanks, tell me when you want another lesson. Maybe if you get good enough, we can prepare a song to play." he giggles. 
"oh that'd be awesome. Sure thing. Goodbye."
"have a nice night."
"you too." I close the door and walk back to my honey who's sleeping on the couch. She fell asleep half way through the movie. I lift her off the couch and carry her upstairs into my room. Gently, I lay her so she won't wake. I kiss her cheek before getting up and walk to the restroom. Then I stop.
"what was that?" I say turning around. 
"hmm.." she moans again, "Gee.." she says in her sleep and turns on her side. 
"Gee? Pfft." I laugh to myself and walk in the restroom. I do my necessities and take my pants off and lay back down with Edith. When I'm comfortable in bed, she scoots closer to me and hugs herself close to my body. I embrace her, feeling her warm touch on me. 
She's been the greatest with me all this time. She's the girl I'm willing to change for.

Frank's POV
"so what happened at the video shop babe?" Emma says as we drive home. 
"you would not guess what video shop he took me to.."
"no.. Freaking.. Way.."
"yup! It was so awkward!! I didn't know what to do! Like, all I thought was about Edith!"
"oh my gosh! That's so- I dont know! Like, they already know each other. What's going to happen when they find out who they actually are?"
"it's going to rain cats and dogs." 
"yup.. On Thanksgiving.." I open my eyes widely and look at her slowly and back at the road.
"oh.. My.. God.." we both say at the same time. My party is already ruined and it hasn't even started. Does Edith know about this? I hope so.. So she can know what kind of mess she's in..
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