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Gummy bear swimming pool? Missing red shoe? Skittle raining cloud? And Ray Toro's Fro...Right. :) enjoy.

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Inspired by ‘imakilljoywannabe’ A.K.A. ‘Kathryn’ comments on my FanFic ‘Our lips touch’.

It’s just some crazy daydream funny stuff. I Hope you like it because it was fun to write:D

“Oh, hey Ray” Frank Iero said slightly irritated as he walked passed with a skittle cloud following him just above his head pouring down colourful skittles.

“Hey Frank.” Ray responds. Gerard then walk into the ‘Gummy bear’ pool area wearing black swimming board shorts and looking around for something, he lifts a pillow from the poolside lounge chair then drops it back after finding nothing. He stands up straight with one hand on his hip and scratches the back of his head.

“What you Lookin’ for Gee?” Bob ask as he walk towards Ray where he is seated at a poolside table. Gerard just continues to walk around in a circle.

“I’m looking for my sunglasses but I can’t find them anywhere,” he stops and turns to face his two band members “You guys haven’t seen them have you?”

“No, sorry Gee.” Bob say and Ray just shakes his head side to side. He shakes his head hard enough that a book flies out of his fro and lands at the drummers feet, bob looked down at the book with a ‘WTF’ expression.

“What the hell?” he turn to face Ray “did that book just come from your fro?” he ask with amusement as he point to the hard cover book now lying on the ground.

“Yep!” chirped Frank as he tried to dodge the skittle cloud. “It happens.” Stated Gerard as he dived into the ‘gummy bear’ pool. Ray just smiles. Gerard then surfaces and paddles over to an inflatable pool lounge in the middle of the pool “How many hair brushes have you lost in that fro of yours Ray?” he yells over his shoulder.

“Too many to count.” Ray answers and takes a sip of ice tea. “What else have you lost in that puff of hair?” Bob ask intrigued to find out. Ray looks up and thinks “Umm…” he starts, there is a long pause until he speaks again “A lot of stuff.” Bob roll my eyes “like what?”

“Well, I once lost my wallet and keys in there.” Bob grin wondering how the fuck you lose both your wallet and keys in your own hair. “There was also that time I found my lost CDs while I was brushing ‘the fro’” he announces as he patted the puff ball of hair, then something else falls out. Bob walks over and picked up the object from the ground. It was the left shoe of a pair of bright red converse. Bob hold the shoe up in his hand and ask “Is this your shoe?” Bob was expecting him to say ‘yes’ so when Ray gave him a puzzled look and said “No” Bob was surprised.

Frank then waltzed over and inspects the shoe, bringing with him his own personal skittle cloud “Hey that’s my shoe!” he exclaims. Bob give Frank his shoe and caught some of the raining skittles. As Bob is popping the skittles into his mouth Frank faces Ray “Where’s the other one?” he asked a little lost. Ray just shrugs his shoulder. “Maybe it’s still in ‘the Fro’,” the drummer suggest as he swallow the mouthful of skittles “can I have a look?” he ask Ray.

“Sure, go ahead” Bob moved behind the chair Ray was currently sitting in. First thing Bob notice about Rays hair is how soft his hair is. “Wow! It’s really soft.” Ray shifts in his seat with pried “I only use the best stuff for my Fro.”

Frank just rolls his eyes “Whatever ‘fro boy’ just tell your hair to spit out my right shoe” Ray just ignores Frank and takes another sip of his ice tea. “Hey I found something” Bob announced. Excitement washes over Frank as he bounces up and down on the spot “Is it my other shoe?” he asks eagerly, Bob felt bad that he had to tell Frank it’s not his shoe “Ahh, no. Sorry Frank.” Frank pouts his lips as disappointment dominates his adorable face replacing the excitement.

“What is it?” Ray speaks up. Bob smiles as he pull out the object “It’s one of those missing hairbrushes.” he place the discovered hairbrush on to the table. “I wish it was my shoe.” Frank mumbles sadly to himself as he tries to shield his head from the down pour of skittles with his jacket. “Don’t worry Frankie, I’ll find your shoe.” Bob promised as he continue his search. Frank smiles one of his cute smiles “yay” he exclaims.

Sometime later…

“Okay, so we have found…one bottle of shampoo, two cans of coke, A ‘Mad’ magazine, one light bulb, three bags of lollies, three odd socks, one wrist watch, an orange ‘ping pong’ ball, one set of head phones, my missing iPod…how the fuck did that end up in your fro?” Bob asked,Ray shrugs his shoulder and Frank giggles. Bob breathe in a deep breath before he continue with the list of items he had currently found in Rays ‘never ending’ Fro “four CDs, twelve hairbrushes, six books…” Bob stop again and give Ray a ‘seriously, what the fuck’ look, how could someone not notice these items in their hair? Bob thought to myself then continued “a bottle of shaving cream, Gee’s bat shaped belt buckle, eight of Frankie’s guitar picks, eleven of your own guitar picks, a teddy bear and my missing drum sticks.”

“Fuck that’s a shit load of stuff!” Bob exclaim “yeah” Ray says shyly. The drummer look over toward Frank who is clutching onto his one lonely shoe, standing in the skittle rain. “Where’s my other shoe?” he asks almost heartbroken. “Don’t worry, I’ll keep looking.” Bob told him. Gerard’s voice then catches the three band members attention “Where the hell did all that stuff come from?” he asks puzzled. Bob sighed, Gerard had obviously fallen asleep on the inflatable lounge and missed the whole expedition of pulling random items from Rays Fro.

“Ray’s Fro.” Frankie answered while pouring out the skittles that had filled his lonely shoe. He sighs than tries to hit the skittle cloud with his shoe “Fuck off.” Frank grumbles towards the cloud floating above him. “Oh!” is Gee’s only response as he lays back down on the inflatable lounge and flops an arm over his eyes, he muttered something about the sun been too bright but was too quiet for the other guys to hear. Bob went back to pulling random items out of Ray’s Fro.

“Hey look, it’s an umbrella.” He announce as he pull it out. Frank immediately jumps over to him “Can I use that?” he asks with big hazel puppy-dog eyes “Sure, here.” Bob says as he placed the umbrella in his open hand. “Yay, thank you.” He grins as he moves back a couple of steps.

Frank places his lonely red shoe onto the table gently and looks at it for a moment to make sure it wasn’t going to run away. Then instead of opening the umbrella he holds it like a baseball bat and threatens the skittle cloud above him “Alright you mother-fucking skittle shitter you,” he griped tightly to the umbrella then continued “back the Fuck off and leave me alone or I’ll make you taste the mother-fucking rainbow…” he growled and gave the cloud the evil eye “GOT IT!” Frank snapped and with that the skittle cloud dropped a bucket load of skittles then zipped away.

Frank relaxed and beamed a big cheesy self-satisfied grin. He dropped the umbrella next to the other discoveries from Ray’s hair and picked up his lonely red shoe. Ray and Bob just stare at him “What? You try putting up with been rained on by skittles for a couple of days non-stop and see how you react.” he defensively crosses his tattooed arms over his chest “It’s fucking annoying.” He huffs. Bob just giggle at him then when back to search for Franks lost shoe.

“OH” Bob's eyes light up and Frank jumps up and down “Is it my shoe? Is it my shoe? Is it? Is it?” Frank reminded Bob of an over excited puppy about to be taken on a walk. It’s not actually his shoe but Gee’s missing sunglasses “No, sorry Frankie it’s not your sho-” Bob cut myself off as he found another item and turned to face Frank with a huge grin on his face. Frank looks like he could sky rocket at any moment now as his hazel eyes widened to the size of baseballs at Bob's grin.

Bob held up his hands, one holding Gee’s sunglasses and the other holding Franks red converse. Frank practically squealed at the sight, he started behaving like some kind of fan-girl. He rushed over to Bob and embraced him in one giant, tight bear hug “You found it, you found it”. Ray laughed at Bobs expression. Bob just wanted to breathe “Frr…aa…nkie’t brrr…eeathe” he struggle to gasp. Frank finally lets him go and starts dancing around the gummy bear pool with both of this bright red converse in each hand.

“Hey Gee!” Bob yelled to the sleeping singer in the middle of the gummy bear pool. “Hu, what? Yeah?” he mumbles as he sat up. “Found your sunglasses!” Bob smiles widely and Gerard smile back with all his small teeth on show. Gerard then notices Frank dancing around like an idiot with a pair of bright red converse. He just chuckles at his weird short friend and motions for Bob to throw him his sunglasses. Gee catches the glasses with little effort “Thanks!” he yells to Bob as he slides them over his eyes the rests his hands behind his head with a big smile fixed on to his face.

“Whoop, Whoop!” came Franks voice. Bob turned to see Frank end his joyful dance and hug his shoes tight to his chest, Both Ray and Bob looka at each other as they swear Frank whispers to his shoes ‘love you’. Ray giggles at Franks excitement over getting his shoes back. Frank then bounces back over to Ray and Bob. he stops in front of Bob with a giant grin “Thank you, so much.” He beams. “Any time Frankie boy” Is Bob's only response. Frank then turns to Ray “Hey where the fuck did you get that cupcake?” he asks. Rays mouth is full of cupcake so he just smiles and points to his Fro. Frank and Bob both giggle at him.

“Hey guys,” they all turn to pay attention the Gee who is sitting up on the inflatable lounge “Yeah?” Frankie asks “Is it just me or are we missing something?” Bob look at Gee puzzled while Ray and Frank look at each other then back at Gerard. They all end up shrugging their shoulders “like what?” Bob asked. Gerard shrugs his shoulders and scratches the back of his head “I don’t know, it just feels like something is missing.” the My Chem boys all spend a moment tying to figure out what could be missing. They end up giving up “Oh well.” Gee smiled as he laid back down.

“Wanna play ‘guitar hero’?” Bob asked Ray and Frank pointing to the TV and Game console that was set up just over to the side. Both guitarists just grinned evilly at the drummer “Hell yeah!” Frank jumped with excitement, “Your all going down” Ray trashed talked. “AH,” Bob stated loudly “you keep trying to play the real notes on the guitar!” Bob grin and placed one hand on his hip and pointed at Ray with the other “You may be better than me when it comes to playing a real guitar, but I’m afraid you’re the one going down when it comes to ‘guitar hero’” They both turn around after hearing Frank snicker behind them “That goes for you to Iero, your both going down.”

After playing ‘guitar hero’ for about 20mins Gee suddenly springs up “Oh fuck!” they paused the game and turn to face Gee “What’s the matter?” Ray asks. Gee looked guilty “what?” Frank tries to get an answer. Gee stares at the three men for a moment that opens his mouth “you know how I said before ‘it feels like something is missing’?” they all nod their heads. Gee takes off his sunglasses and looks at them blankly “Where’s Mikey?” he asked simply.

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