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how far will Frank go to make Gerard smile……?

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Gerard Stares at his three band mates with an unbelievable amount of guilt covering his face.

“Oh my God!!! How could I forget about Mieky?!” He exclaims with wide eyes that look like he’s about to cry.

“Yeah that’s pretty bad, I mean his your brother.” Frank pipes up innocently looking at the distressed Gee who just narrows his eyes at the short guitarist and gave him a warning look.

Frank just holds his hands up in defiance while Bob grins evilly at Franks comments “I’m just saying! You forgot about your own baby brother.” He exclaims and then hides behind Ray as Gerard slips of the inflatable pool chair and paddles over to the side of the Gummy Bear pool with a look in his eyes that said 'if Frank said anything more then Mikey wouldn't be the only band member missing'. Ray just chuckles at the cowering Frank who is currently using him a shield. Bob turns of the gaming console "I'll go look for him inside the hotel." he states as he walks away. Frank watches the departing bob then turns back to Gerard "You Forgot about Mikey!" Frank exclaims trying to push Gerard's buttons.

“Seriously Frank! You’re not helping.” Gerard growls. Frank goes to open his mouth to make another comment before Gerard cuts him off with a hush glare "I mean it Frank! one more word from you and I'll call back that skittle cloud!" Gerard s threat quickly makes Frank keep his mouth shut and hide just that little bit more behind Ray and his shielding Fro'.

Gerard grabs his mobile off the pool side table and dials Mikey’s number with speed. After holding the device to his ear for a moment he growls in frustration and drops the phone harshly back onto the table. He turns to face his two band members who are watching him and waiting for an explanation.

“Either he has his phone turned off or he has no serves.” Gerard sighs sadly and slumps down into a nearby chair. Ray is the first one to move and comfort the lead singer.

“Hey, I’m sure his fine. He’ll turn up sooner or later.” He says as he reassuringly pats Gerard’s shoulder. Frankie come rushing over and jumps into Gerard’s lap.

“Yeah Gee! Don’t be sad!” he cheerfully exclaims as he sits on Gerard’s lap and wraps his tattooed arms around the singer. “He’s probably just out in the forest playing with his pet Unicorns.”

Gerard just looks blankly at the small guitarist and pouted his lips.

“I don’t know Frankie, What if he has stuck a fork in a toaster again and he is laying electrocuted on the ground somewhere? When was the last time you seen Mikey?” He asked trying not to focus too much on the fact that his best friends ass was sitting on top of his crotch.

Frankie pouted his lips and looked up in deep thought, completely unaware of how much the man underneath him was trying not to get a hard on.

“Ummmm.” Frankie finally looked back as Gee “Last time I seen Mikey was with Ray.” He announces and looked up at the Fro’ owning guitarist.

“Yeah! The other day you two were mucking around wrestling or something. Then I left to get coffeeeeeeeeeeeeee!” Frankie dragged out the letter ‘E’ and smiled like he was on drugs at the thought of the delicious, hot, light brown liquid that contained caffeine.

Gerard licked his smiling lips at the mention of the word coffee. But then his face fell as he remembered that Mikey also liked coffee too. He missed his skinny, unicorn and hair straightener loving brother.

Frankie took one look at the sadden Gerard and pouted. He didn’t like seeing his friend looking so sad. He swiftly grabbed Gerard's face in his hand and squished his cheeks together.

“Stop looking so sad! I bet you he is completely and utterly fine, he’ll probable show up out of nowhere in like 10min. OK? Now smile!” he told the unconvinced singer.

When Gerard just stated at his energetic fellow band member unsmiling Frankie squeezed his cheeks and pulled a face at the raven haired boy. Gee couldn’t hold back the small sounds of giggles that escaped his lips. Frankie was just too cute when he pulled that face.

Frank smiled a self-satisfied smile as he accomplished to make Gee at least laugh. Ray just rolled his eyes at the two fools.

“I’ll go help Bob look for him inside.” He announced as he left the pool area and walked up to the set of escalator’s that led to the Hotel of many, many crazy wonderful, weird and scary rooms.

You see this hotel isn’t just any ordinarily hotel…oh no. This hotel had thousands of rooms. The first two floors are like any normal hotel with normal rooms and facilities. But the third floor upwards had many very different rooms and the my chem boy's were the only ones to be staying there at the moment …but I’ll explain more about that later.

As soon as Ray had left Frank turned back to Gerard to find that he had stopped smiling again. Frank sighed out loud. Gerard looked up at him with sadden eyes.

“You listen here Gerard Way!” Frank puffed out his chest and poked Gerard in his chest “You smile right now or I’ll make you smile.” Frank threatened. Gerard just rolled his eyes at his friend.

“I’m serious!” Frankie exclaimed with wide eyes. Gerard just shifted uncomfortable underneath the cute boy who was still sitting on his lap. It was taking all of Gees concentration not to get excited. Frankie noticed the awkward light tinged of pink covering the pale singers cheeks. He smiled wickedly to himself as he wiggled his ass down on Gee who gasped and turned ever so slightly more pink in the cheeks.

“Frankie…” Gerard started but was just shhhhed.

“Smile.” Frankie simple stated and Gerard half heartily smiled. Frankie smirked to himself, pleased that Gee no longer looked as upset but still not satisfied. He wanted to see the cute Gerard smile with all his small teeth on show. So Frank shifted himself around on Gerard’s lap until he was practically straddling him in the chair. Gerard just looked up dumbstruck at the evilly smirking Frankie.

“Smile…” Frankie demanded sweetly, demonstrating his demand by smiling an over exaggerated grin.

Gerard just raised one questioning eyebrow at the younger boy and wondered to himself how far Frank would go to make him smile……?

A/N Hey ya! This is completely random bullshit but hopefully it entertained someone XD I am going to add more to this and include ‘fatherfuckingmeese' a.k.a. 'Mia' comment from the first chapter in the next chapter XD

OH and could someone maybe think up of the Hotel name for me plzzzz because I suck so badly at thinking up of names XD
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