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Chapter Four.

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"It's okay" Gerard grinned. "I can do it, maybe you can help out another time"

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This is really short and really bad and I apologize. What happened was I had written a really great chapter and, honestly, I loved it, but then my computer decided to restart before I saved it and it was lost. Like, Gerard was really extra happy and weird in it, and when I tried to re-write it, it sucked complete ass. So I wrote this instead. He was going to help Gerard, but then then the chapter was lost I decided to change it into the piece of shit below. Basically, I changed it into a filler that is lamer than Mitt Romney. -Max

Frank was more than disappointed when his dad came out of the streets busy crowd, arms flailing with a small wrapped gift in his hand embarrassing Frank. While Gerard laughed at the sight in front of him, Frank hid his face behind his hair, blushing and hoping the ground would suddenly crack open and allow him to fall to the depths of hell. This was why he refused to go anywhere with his dad.

"Frank!" his dad exclaimed, grinning widely at his highly embarrassed son. "I took your advice and bought her a baking book. She'll love it! And, you know what baking means, right?" he asked, looking at the almost non-breathing Frank suggestively. "Cakes! We get to feast on all the cakes!"

Gerard, who was standing there trying not to burst into a fit of laughter, shifted his hands around on the bicycles handles as he sucked his lips.

"Cool, dad" Frank almost said through gritted teeth. It was only then his father noticed Gerard's existence beside him.

"Oh, hi, I don't believe we've met" his dad said, holding his hand out to Gerard. "I'm Frank,"

Nodding with a smile, Gerard took his hand and said "Gerard" with a shake of the hand.

"Franks friend I'm guessing, right? He never talks about his friends" Frank Snr laughed. "Sometimes we like to joke around and say he has none"

Frank, who was doing an extremely great imitation of a tomato, was ready to run. He wanted to grab his dads shirt and drag him home, then lock himself away in his room until he shrivels into non-existence. He was convinced he had created a whole new level of embarrassed.

Gerard laughed. "Yeah, I totally get that. That was me in high school" Frank almost smiled. "And I don't know what Frank and I are, we just sort of talk when we run into each other" he nodded casually.

Frank Snr nodded and looked at his son. "Well, I think that we should get home before your mother thinks we've run away with the circus" he said. "Come on Frank"

Frank frowned. "But I said that I'd help Gerard carry his boxes to his office" he said quietly. People don't just recover from embarrassing episodes quickly.

"It's okay" Gerard grinned. "I can do it, maybe you can help out another time" he patted Franks shoulder gently, making him smile. "I'll catch you whenever then, bye Frank, bye... Frank" he laughed.

"Bye" both Franks said together. "There's something weird about him" Frank Snr said as they turned and started back into the crowd. "I just don't know what it is"

Frank shrugged. "Maybe it's that he's happy" he said quietly, sighing. He felt bad about not helping Gerard after agreeing to. But he was also smiling. Gerard had touched his shoulder, and as cliche as it sounds, he swears he felt a spark. But then again. It might just have been a small static shock.
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