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Chapter Five.

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Frank, who had started walking to the nurses office again just whispered "Fuck"

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WHY IS IT GETTING WOORRSSEE? Okay, anyway, I think I'm going to do another chapter because I make you all wait SO long for them, I'm sorry. So ttyl.

Frank didn't sleep much. Not that he usually did, but this time it was worse. All his brain cells were screaming at him, making a noise louder than Godzilla's roar, deafening him and frightening away any sleep. He had tossed and turned, huffed and puffed; frustrated. He had school the next day. Or, as it so happens, in half an hour. Of course now that he had to be up the cells in his head had shut up, stopping their loud arguments over whether he was actually attracted to Gerard or not. It was like the stock market scenes in movies where their all yelling and throwing their hands up, holding up small rectangular pages. Picture that with squishy, pink brain cells. No exaggerations.

He had pulled all his clothes on lazily and was in the kitchen before his moms first coffee, which in the Iero household, was extremely weird. It was always hard for his mom to get him up. Usually he'd get up when the "I'll sell your guitar" threat comes out.

"Frank?" his mom said quietly, sounding almost as tired as Frank felt. He just looked up from the toast he had made. "Are you alright?"

He furrowed his eyebrows. "Of course I'm alright" he replied, throwing in a little shrug. "Why wouldn't I be?"

Had he accidentally screamed to the cells to shut up out loud? Perhaps his mom thought he was going crazy, because if he had, there would be no doubts that he was hearing things.

"Well, because... You're eating breakfast honey" she replied, leaning her elbows on the bench, coffee mug in hand. "You never eat breakfast" she paused. "And were up extremely early"

Sighing loudly, Frank dropped his toast back onto the plate. "You're right" he said, standing up. The chair let out a loud screech as it slid across the tiles. "I hate breakfast"

Frowning deeply, he turned and entered the living room, where he had left his school bag. It was still too early to go to school, but maybe he could finally catch up on 'Of Mice and Men'

In class, just as he thought he was safe from the screaming, rioting brain cells, they started screaming and yelling again.









"Excuse me Miss, can I go to the nurses office? I have a headache" Frank asked politely with a raised hand. He was afraid of having a melt down in class over this.

Mrs. Clevle nodded and waved him up to the front, so he gathered his things and stood silently beside the desk, ignoring the stares from his classmates. They were never allowed to go to the nurses office unless they were seriously hurt. Or there was blood. But then again, that was always their excuse to get out of maths.

He watched her scribble her messy signature on the bright pink nurse slip and checked the time on her watch. 1:28 P.M. It wasn't long until Frank got to- Oh that's right he thought, almost groaning. I have work.

He took the slip from Mrs. Clevle's old, bony hand and went on his way, almost dreading his work. Why had he even bothered to get a job in the first place? He was fine with money, he didn't need a job, he got plenty of allowance when he mowed the lawn or vacuumed the house. He didn't need a job at all. The only reason he had applied was because it was beside the Historic Center.He almost just wanted to call up the library and tell him he quit before he started, but that would look bad for his next job. They right that down, don't they?

The halls were deserted. There wasn't even so much of a shadow on the white, tiled floor. It made Frank feel uneasy and vulnerable to the annoyingly loud brain cells that were still battling it out. He almost pictured them in viking outfits wielding swords and axes in battle. He was almost sure he was going crazy. All because of that guide.

What did he even like about him? Was it his glossy, ebony hair? The way it fell around his face in a messy, yet neat manner? Could it be the chalky skin or the Center's uniform it mixed perfectly with? Or maybe his bright, happy green eyes, sparkling in the old, bright lights in the building. His smile? His pointed nose?

No. It wasn't all of that. All that beauty was just a bonus in this package. Frank decided it had to have been his personality. The way he acted-- his mind. Sure he thought Gerard was extremely good looking and, if he were to just walk down the street and glance at him, he'd shrug it off but think about the pretty face later. But because he had met him, actually talked to him, he felt connected. Like he knew something the rest of Jersey didn't. He loved the eccentric way his mind worked, how happy he was all the time and how he shared is open minded thoughts. Frank loved that. He loved the way Gerard thought weird was a good thing.

He froze in the corridor, staring down the empty corridor with widened eyes. The brain cells had fallen silent, almost as shocked as Frank had been. It was at that moment he realized no matter what he listed about Gerard that he loved, it was always going to come back to one thing. Him. He could say he loved his mind and quirky ways, but it was always going to come down to the fact it was Gerard he was talking about. He couldn't find one thing that he didn't like about him, and that only backed up his case.

TOLD YOU HE LIKES HIM! half of his brain cells screamed, cheering and jumping around.

The other side, clearly not amused said IT'S A PHASE. HE'LL GET OVER HIM IN A WEEK

Frank, who had started walking to the nurses office again just whispered "Fuck"
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