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How Do U Get Here Under My Skin? (Motley Crue)

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A 15 year old runaway is slowly dragged down into the world of sex, drugs, and rock n roll by her rockstar boyfriend.

Category: Motley Crue - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Angst,Drama,Romance - Published: 2012-10-09 - Updated: 2012-10-10 - 1309 words

"I HATE YOU!!!!" that's something that's constantly said in my house. Mostly from me to my mom. This particular incident that I said this...something totally unexpected happened. "If you hate me so fucking much,why don't you leave and never fucking come back?" she screamed angrily. "Fine! I'll leave and you'll never see me again!" I yelled back "Fine,see if I give a fuck!" she said. I stomped upstairs to my room and took out my backpack. It was all I needed for my stuff since I didn't have anything worth anything. I threw all my underwear in,only my favorite clothes,and my makeup. I zipped it up and then went and grabbed my piggy bank off the top of my dresser. I dropped it at my feet and it shattered into various pieces,I heard my mom yell something unintelligible. I didn't give a damn. I had been planning to run away for a while,and now was my perfect chance. I scooped up my very little money,only $50 to be exact and stuffed it into my jeans pocket. I looked out the window,it was snowing. Hard. I wished my mom would've waited for summer to kick me out,Indiana winters suck like hell. It was December 23rd 'this is an early x-mas present' I thought to myself. I pulled on my sweater and put my peacoat on over it. I was tightened the laces on my combat boots. I put on my thin gloves,thinking about how mistreated and uncared for I was. My mom wouldn't buy me winter boots or thick gloves. She said my peacoat would keep me warm,but it was like a fall coat. I stormed down the steps and went into the kitchen,where me and my mom had just been fighting. She wasn't there,I was relieved. I took a couple bags of chips and a few bottles of soda,that was the only thing we had anyway. I stomped to the front door and opened it,the cold wind blowing in my face, hard snowflakes pelting my face. I turned around an screamed as loud as I could into the house "GOODBYE MOTHERFUCKER!" and with that I slammed the door so hard it might've unhinged a bit. I started running,I was worried she'd try to come after me,I was also worried if I was too slow I'd freeze to death. After about 4 blocks I was sweating like mad and wheezing. I put my hands on my knees and took deep,shaking breaths. That was when it hit me: What the hell am I doing? Where exactly did I plan on going?! I just couldn't wander around Lafayette,Indiana forever or even for just tonight. Not to mention I was a vaunerable 15 year old girl. I had just turned 15,my birthday was December 11th. I looked around,the cold snow hitting my face like tiny daggers and getting caught in my hair,I just had a baseball cap on,it was the only thing I had left from my real dad. He died when I was 2,he always wore it, It was black and had a faded logo of a pizza place on it,which was where he worked. I remember him a bit,but I remember the hat on his head a lot more. I decided to walk more,but the snow was starting to really come down,there were deep trenches and the snow was at least 2 feet now. I constantly fell over,each time I did I got even more frustrated and defeated. I couldn't see ahead of me anymore and I was starting to loose the feeling in my feet. Then I hit something really hard and metal,maybe a stop sign pole,and I fell over, "Aahhhoowwww!!" I yelled head,hurting like crazy and just laid there in the snow. I didn't wanna be there,but I didn't wanna get up. I didn't care what happened to me,I just laid in the snow. Defeated.
-The Next Morning-
I woke up in an unfamiliar bed. I remembered what had happened last night. Then panic swept over me. Where was I?!?!?!?!?!?!?! I shot up from the bed and looked around,I assumed I was in a hotel because of the extra bed and the hotel-y look. This was confirmed when I looked out the window and saw the 'Best Western' sign. "Phew," I sighed in relief. But then I was confused...who had taken me to this hotel? Had they did anything to me? I wasn't wearing my jacket,sweater,boots,or hat. I went to look in the mirror and I screamed. I looked like an absolute mess!! My hair was all messed up and my makeup was smeared on my face. Then I noticed a slightly bloody bandage square in the middle of my forehead,I slowly peeled it off and under it was a nasty looking cut/bruise. I wrinkled my nose "Ow!" I said,wincing,it hurt when I did that since it moved my forehead. I sighed deeply and decided to stop trying to figure out who brought me to the hotel. I took off my clothes and got into the shower. I wanted to stay there forever,it was so warm and clean. The water in my shower was always cold and we couldn't let the water run for it to heat up because it'd run up the water bill. Plus sometimes it'd be rusty. I got out of the shower and wrapped one of their clean,crisp towels around myself. I decided to take it for myself. As well as all the other hygienic things in the bathroom. I dried off and blow dried my hair. Then I went to my backpack and pulled out what I could find that was warm. I cursed myself for bringing fishnets and shorts. As I was pulling on my knit tights I noticed a note on the nightstand. I took it off and read it,it said 'Found you in snow outside my house. You were unconscious and bleeding out on the snow,so I patched you up and checked you into this hotel for 2 days. That's all I could afford. Sorry. I wish you the best. - Matt' I didn't recognize the name,but I figured he'd just signed it to be nice. I smiled and thanked god for 'Matt'. I finished getting dressed and examined myself in the mirror. I was wearing my unflattering jeans that had flared bottoms and holes in the knees and thighs,I had on my knit tights under that,and a plain white long-sleeved tee. It wasn't my idea of good looking but hell it was the warmest outfit I had. I went downstairs in search of breakfast,I was always an early riser so it was only 8:30am. I had some granola mixed in with a fruit yogurt. I drank some orange juice,I considered coffee but decided against it. I had the hotel room until tomorrow,so maybe I should look for a job or some way to make money. But seeing the cold,cold snow made me shiver and just want to crawl under the covers and watch tv. And that's exactly what I did. Everything was okay until I was watching the news and guess what one of the top stories was? Missing/Runaway child. I was mortified as the newscaster told everyone my name,age,height,weight,and a picture of me appeared on the screen. I slammed my palm into my head and groaned. I immediately started packing my bag and within 15 minutes I was out that door. I knew there was only one thing left to do: I had to leave Indiana. I had to go somewhere far,far away. Somewhere like...California.
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